Dance !!! has been such a long week. I swear I could hear my body complaining that it is going to break down anytime soon.

Twice this week, I fell asleep at 8 plus..all the way till 4:20 am , snoozed my phone alarm like a gazillion times ... before I dragged my still weary feet and body to go to the ironing board to get the clothes ready for yet another busy day.

Sigh . I feel depressed just thinking about it .

Anyway , the school's Speech Day was last week and I guess, it turned out pretty well. Very simple , nothing fanciful like all the Speech Days in my previous school. (But I am not saying I prefer it this way..hehe..once in a while, it's kinda cool to have the whole school bursting with activities and vibrancy!).

The students in the Ethnic Dance put up a rather good show, despite it being only their second performance. For a group that is only about 4 months old, you guys rock :)

While watching them perform on that day, I was somehow reminded of how I first started with the Malay Dance Club in the previous sch. I should count myself lucky that when I opened the application for a dance instructor back in 2004, I managed to get hold of Huda. She is one fantastic lady . I love her exotic looks, her passion for dance, her creativity and her resourcefulness. I have worked with a few others along the way but I stand by my statement, she is the best !

That's Huda on the extremely left, the reason for the
championship in our first Dance Explosion. It was a
crazy night , get the story here. Written by Ratnah.

Rat , a lady who is sorely missed. She was my partner-in-crime for about 2 years, I think. It is difficult to get someone whom one is able to work well with. But with Rat, it was pleasant at all times. We are both crazy (but I think she is crazier) but we could just gel and I think , those 2 years with her were the most memorable ones.

See? We even had the same top! Although this is definitely not the best pictures of us, it just goes to show that great minds think alike. ..heh... ok , here's a better picture (I hope!)

I have digressed, yet again . Job hazard ah....

So I was walking down memory lane and my thoughts went back to my darling girls whom I saw grow from cannot-really-dance-a bit-kaku dancers to confident and exemplary ones. Some are even attached professionally to Sri Warisan now, the well-known performing Arts group here. It is just heart-warming to see them grow up .

Heh...I sound like some frumpy old lady.

First musical 2005 : Metamorphosis

Fiestari Dance Competition 2006


Starburst Musical 2007

At the recent Anak Wayang Musical at Victoria Theatre

I am sure glad that in the current school , I am handling a CCA which I enjoy very much. That, itself, is half the battle won  :)

I shall try to put a video of the recent Speech Day performance in the next entry (which was choreographed by the same Huda)

Till then .