Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - recommended?

My date with Mr Potter did not start off well.

I had such a busy morning that stretched all the way till 12 plus and the date was supposed to be at 1:40pm. I was slightly late thus, had to rush through make-up, sped down the roads and frantically looked for a parking space.

Then, I was squeezed in the lift with about 10 or so students (forgot it's the sch hols for sec sch) in the same lift - ALL going to catch the same Mr Potter in action.

I was really glad when I was finally seated to catch the show. I shall talk about the characters first.

I know the characters have really grown up but I couldn't help thinking about the cute and adorable trio when they first started.

Super cute! 

All grown up

The media is always harping on Hermoine (Emma Watsons)... commenting on how she has transformed into a hot babe. Well, cannot deny that she is really pretty now....

A scene from HP and the Deathly Hallows

But I just prefer Ginny Weasley. She has this strong and silent type of beauty but still maintaining the sweetness. 

Or even Luna! 

But Ginny is still my favourite!!! :)

Anyway, my take on the movie? Well, I am not going to be among those who lament that the movie is not good, the book is much better etc etc... I mean, come on! Of course the book would be better! There is no way you can squeeze in that many details in just 2 hours or so.

There were scenes that I wished were slightly more detailed but I think , as far as trying to stick to the book as much as possible, it was a good attempt :) *smiley face and thumbs up*

I just do not like the ending . Because it is very anti-climax and you just wish it doesn't stop there! However, we all know why the ending is as such ....there is a PART TWO!!!! Yeah!!!! Too long to wait till June though.... 

On the other hand, I feel that HP fans who have read the book would probably be able to relate to the movie more. There were many characters / scenes that one may feel are insufficiently introduced / explained if one has not read the book. You'll probably wondering "Who's that?" , "What's supposed to happen?", "why like that?".....etc. 

Thus , my recommendation is to read the book beforehand. It is more exciting when you see all the actions you've been reading about being visualised . But if you are someone who doesn't mind the occasional confusions along the way, go ahead and watch. It is pretty worth it. 

Date did not start off well but definitely ended great.

I do not mind catching the movie again  :P


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