Hands-on Lessons!

My dear nephew has always been a very observant boy. He can just look at what you are doing and pick it up very soon after. Thus, we must always make sure we do and say the right things in front of him ,although that can be tough at times :P.

Anyway, the other day, when I felt that I had enough of doing work, I called my parents out for tea at the nearby MacDonalds in the neighbourhood. Now, this kiddo gets super excited whenever his 'Macnono' and KFC are being mentioned. He was in a very good mood that day (but he often is lah...) and it made the whole outing much more fun.

After the meal, we decided to just walk around the shops. Nothing exciting, or so I thought.

We walked past this particular shop that was selling household stuffs - buckets, brooms , pails etc . It was a rather big shop such that many items were displayed outside, along the pavement.

My parents were ahead and I was just 'chatting' with nephew as we walked hand-in-hand......when he suddenly stopped beside a row of baskets and pails. He was particularly fascinated with this small yellow pail/basket - the same one that we normally use to keep clothes pegs. He took it out from the stack and happily went forward to my mum , expecting her to pay for it. I was already giggling..... my dad took it out from his hands, only to replace it with a blue one instead! Doink!

See how happy he was! He was definitely
an attention-grabber that day. Tsk tsk....

I thought it would be good if he could put his basket to some use so I decided to bring him into Watson's.

He got into a super-frenzy-and-excited mode - picking out things and putting them into his mini-basket.... but only to find them missing soon after (I secretly put them back on the shelves when he was not looking....hehe...). He must have thought it was magic!

Look at his grumpy face! He was probably
irritated when I interrupted his shopping for a
quick photo  :P

Well, I needed to get some toiletries myself so I told him to help put the stuffs into his mini-basket. I then asked him to go to the cashier to make payment. Oh boy! You should have been there to see him in action! Like the Malays would say ," Macam real ajer....."

Such cheekiness! Such delight!

My mum went into Shop n Save Supermarket after that . And he went berserk for the second time! This boy is currently obsessed with learning the names of all the different fruits so what better way is there than to do it 'live'?

Here are more photos of him in action.


  Among his first few words - BANA-NAAAAHHHH!

His favourite 'A-Papa'! (No matter
how many times we say it is a

This was the only way he could have the
heavy watermelon in his hands.




Impersonating his favourite character
from the nursery rhyme 'Three
Blind Mice'.

I love the last photo - it totally cracks me up! You can even see the eyes smiling, behind those shades.

I think I am very lucky to have such a funny nephew to entertain me every now and then. See you soon, my lah-ling!

(Many thanks to daddy for always managing to capture the moments!)


Ken Wooi said...

haha.. cute =)

Jonshea said...

Extreme cuteness. XD