Off for a short holiday!

So tomorrow would be the first time we are going to drive up to KL. I have always taken the coach but this time round, husby has convinced me (or rather, I have no choice) that we are going to drive up. I shall see if we will take turns at the wheel.

I am famous for being a sleeper while travelling , u see...

We're going with his side of the family and are staying over at his aunt's place for the first 2 nights.

But I am looking forward to the third night because we are gonna book into the Piccolo hotel. Ok, I don't know much about this hotel except that it looked good on the exterior (when we passed it last March), the pictures on the website look great ...but best of all, it is super near to Pavillion Mall. I love that Mall.... so many nice things to buy  !

We shall be back on Friday late night ... then on Sunday , we are going for our luxurious sleep-chill-and-just-relax-in-the-villa getaway in Bintan.

Hmmmmm... fourth honeymoon ? :P

We have still not finished packing . Typical of us last-minute workers.Heh.

Not sure if I would have any internet access over there but I shall try! Meanwhile, wait for updates on Saturday!

Cheers! :)


jfook said...

Enjoy yeah!

KellyQueenie said...

**foot print**
Thanks for your visiting!
Nanged and clicked on ur adv..!!
Cya... Cheers!!