Saturday Lunch

We have always loved having friends over for lunch or dinner. It is way more cosy than meeting in restaurants.

You can laugh as loud as you want, move around, stay as long as possible, ease of using the washrooms, no irritating patrons ...and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, that is really a luxury - something that we cannot do often. I have only had my friends over about three times.

Yesterday , 6 of his colleagues came over for lunch. As husby was having a super busy week, I did the marketing on Friday and planned to prepare the ingredients and sauces that night.

BUT I fell sick ... had fever and mini-outbursts. LOL. Poor husby had to tolerate my nonsense for the night and nothing was done, which was bad as I had a medical appointment early the next morning.

So , I had an early night after eating the medicines and decided to wake up at 5:30am . And I did. Prepared the ingredients, sauces for the main dish , boiled the potatoes and did a super quick clean-up of the living room.

I had to leave by eight am for the hospital so cooking was left to husby (THANK GOD he can cook!) for the day.

Starters : Mushroom Soup & Potato Salad
Main Dish: Grilled Chicken with Herbs and Vegetables
Desserts: Chocolate Fudge Brownie with Choc Chip Ice-cream

Just a simple one since there were only two of us preparing everything . Luckily, the brownies turned out fine or I would hang myself.

And unfortunately, his friends were quite late so we had some time to rest after I laid out the table... :)

Okay, call me thick-skinned but I love my dining area! :)

It was definitely effort-worthy as his colleagues are very
 nice and friendly people. I didn't feel out of place at all!

Only managed to snap a pic of the
dessert. Too busy eating! :P

As part of the SIngaporean way of life, we are just too busy to indulge in such activities on a regular basis. I wish we could do this more often.

All in all, it was a great afternoon. I love the food (thanks Mr!), the company and the house (heehee.....)....

The only thing I hate is the cleaning up!!!! URGH