I woke up with the worst headache I have ever had in my whole entire life!

I felt like there were hard, constant throbbings at 3 different points of my head. Nothing I did could alleviate the pain. I tried lying down , sitting up , crouching... whatever I could think of, nothing worked.

It felt slightly more bearable while husby was massaging the head but the minute he stopped, the throbbings continued. OMG. It really felt like the head was going to burst anytime !

I took some painkillers and willed myself to sleep in order to escape the pain (sounds like taking drugs, doesn't it?). It was tough falling asleep but I eventually did, and woke up only at 11am.

I dreaded going to the doctor because the weather was just too hot and I knew it would probably my headache worse. I ended up taking a cab to my family doctor (but it was closed so I went to another one)  just to avoid walking to the bus stop.

I have just woken up from a short nap. The pain is still there but slightly less. Please please go away soon.....I still have a lot of work to clear.

Ok lah ... I need to rest the head again. Bye!