REVIEW: SEPHORA Smoothing Primer

I seldom take selfies , despite being a female, because of three reasons:

1) I have no idea how to pose. Others make it so easy to tilt their head, play with the hair , wink etc etc. I tried a few times, decided that I looked horrible and would probably not try again.

2) I do not look good without smiling AND I cannot smile properly without a reason. Haha. I realise that the few moments where  I like how I look in photos are when I am taking photos with my husby, friends, nephew or anyone / anything that I truly feel happy about that particular moment. Then , you will see the happy glow in my face and the light in my eyes. Other than that, I always look quite lifeless. 

3) Sometimes, I simply feel embarrassed to snap a shot of myself. Yup, I am shy like that. 

But you will see my closed-up face here because I just have to share something I discovered recently (It has been in the market for some time but I just managed to try it).

I have a 5-step beauty regime each morning before I put on my make-up. Make up to work has always been concealer, 2-way cake foundation, loose powder, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss.

On days when I have slightly more time, I'll add on eyeshadow and blusher. However, that does not happen often because I often do not like how my face looks like after half a day with all that. They usually turn up slightly cakey by 12 noon, and colours do not stay on as strong as I want them to although most of my products are from MAC or Benefit , which are relatively good. It could, of course, just be my skin condition that does not allow my make up to have the finish that I hope for.

But I've found the magic potion.......

Smoothing Primer from SEPHORA

Why I did not try this out earlier despite its good reviews , I cannot fathom.

I never bothered to put on a face primer before make-up; I thought that my moisturiser and sunscreen would suffice. But this is a god-send! Now I always ensure I put it on as the last stage of my regime before making my face up.

(I am currently having my post-pimples period and this period is soooooo irritating... because I should not be putting on too much make up so as to let my skin breathe and not clog the pores further but at the same time, I need to cover the blemishes up!)

This Smoothing Primer from Sephora is the perfect make up base (for me, at least). It has a thick gel-like texture when pressed out from the bottle but penetrates almost immediately into your skin such that you will not get any sticky feeling - very light and smooth! I also use it on the areas under my eyes. 

Effect: Foundation glides on smoothly and remains so for many hours later. I only used the foundation sparingly  so yeah for that! If you are like me whose cheeks are slightly reddish due to post-pimples period, the primer eliminates that almost totally. I've put on blusher ever since I started using it as it doesn't cause my skin to break out (I always get breakouts with blusher so I tend to avoid putting on blusher). This is really much better than the BB creams I've tried before. It delivers its promise of being mattifying and make up really lasts longer !

Size: It comes only in this small size which is another PLUS because I can easily slot it into my make up pouch. Since I would need to wash off  all my make up when I do my prayers outside during the day, I can easily have this around when I need to re-make up:) 100 points for being travel-friendly!

Price: $20. Initially , I thought that's a little pricey for something so small but you really need only a tiny bit each time so I figure the $20 will last you for quite a while.

Here's a pic I took at 7:15am - at the workplace ! :P

You probably can spot 2 or 3 pimples as I do not like too much concealer but I am happy that at least, everything else looks smooth. ERrr....the one in the middle of my forehead is a mole , not a pimple. Just Fyi :P

5.5 hours later , after much talking and running around in mostly warm , outdoor weather...

No touch up of make up here... You would probably notice the pimples are slightly more obvious here but hey, this is WAY better than how it would have turned out before my discovery :)

I couldn't experiment and find out how it would be like hours later because it was soon time for my prayers...and that means, all would be cleaned off . For now, this is excellent enough for me.

Weirdly , I found out that the lighting at my desk is excellent for phototaking. I took the next one using my Galaxy Note 3 (which is fantastic for taking photos!) and without any filter, just like the previous 2.

Wah Wah Wah! How come skin looks flawless? 

I couldn't believe it so I checked that there really wasn't any filter applied and snapped another.

Ok, now I believe there is some magic light around my desk. Must take more photos here  in future! HAhah..

This has been a rather give-me-a weird-feeling kind of blog post because I am really not used to seeing myself in photos like that. 

Back to the main purpose ....if you are on the lookout for a primer or hoping to have a smooth finish for your dolling up, you may want to consider this primer from Sephora. 

Hope it will work just as great on you!