Mac Donalds' Spicy Challenge!

How HOT do you think you can go?

Can you go as hot as this?

  *Pheee Wiiiiit!!!!!*

Or .........

So macho!!!

I doubt anyone can beat the hotnesssssss of my male model. Instead, why not challenge yourself and see how hot you can go with MacDonald's very own Spicy Challenge?

Thank you to Macs and for the exclusive invite to taste their latest creations.

To be honest , I wasn't very sure what I was in for because I have had such a long, tedious week at the workplace that nothing else was on my mind but deadlines after deadlines. I almost didn't want to turn up for the invite due to work commitments but I am really glad I did!

To Janet from, THANK YOU!!!!!

When I reached the Tanjong Pagar outlet, I was pleasantly surprised to see the tables prettily decorated with lots of spices.

These made a unique but really pretty table centrepiece. I should try this for the home some time :P

If there is one thing I can never leave without , it would be chillis! Chilli padi to be exact. I put them everywhere in my dishes, even Maggie Mee. 

We were then briefed on what we were expected to do.

To cater to their consumers' needs, MacDonalds has decided to launch (they just launched, by the way!) their latest 3 Levels of Spicyness.

Each of us blogger was allowed to opt for Level 1 , 2 or 3 .... to test how much spicyness we could stomach. I was really excited because I just loveeeeeeeeeee anything spicy! 

Level ONE: Sizzling Citrus 

At level one on the heat scale of this year’s Spicy Challenge, you will expect to devour the  new Sizzling Citrus. Featuring a chicken patty seasoned to offer a delightful combination of citrus and spice, this is finished to crispy perfection, and topped with green chilli and lime sauce. All the goodness is served on fresh whole leaf lettuce and in between toasted corndust buns.

Level TWO: McSpicy® 

The current McSpicy burger

Level THREE: Flaming Green Curry 

Level three on the Spicy Challenge heat scale is the new Flaming Green Curry. Packing a punch, this burger features a chicken patty seasoned with a mouth-watering mix of spices including chili and capsicum for additional lingering heat. This is served on crisp whole leaf lettuce and topped with lemongrass and coconut sauce, in between fluffy corndust buns. 

Since I usually eat McSpicy with 2 packets of chilli sauce each time (and sometimes, sambal belacan), I was super game to try Level 3!

The cute door gift for the night.

Being in the teaching industry means most of your friends are teachers , in and out of school. Since it was a single-pax invite, it was certainly a good time to make new friends!

I was lucky to be at a table of very friendly young (yeah...I felt a little old..heheh) bloggers and we spent quite some time chatting while waiting for our burgers to be served.

Two of us opted for Level 3 and the other 2 opted for Level 1.

Friendly crew serving us with our much anticipated burgers! Bring it on! 


Check out what to expect ! And I love how they name it the 'Thai Thriller'.

The whole meal with their new Yuzu concoction. I didn't try the drink though because I was already served with SPRITE earlier on and my fellow blogger needed that extra drink . Hehe.

One last look before it goes into my tum-tum.... Honestly, the burger does look extremely appetizing .

Ok...ready..get set....go! (Super tired face, btw. I had a lonnnnnnnngggggg day)

Verdict: I LOVE the Thai Thriller!!!

You can taste the distinct yet, nicely blended lemongrass and capsicum among the other spices put together. The coconut sauce on the lettuce was unique and gave a great aftertaste on your tongue after that. I love Tom Yum soup and this burger has quite a bit of its taste and aroma. If you love Tom Yum, you will love this! This was made better with the tender chicken meat and very fresh and crispy lettuce.

Spicy level:  There were quite a number of bloggers who found this really spicy. Many persevered to finish up , with an extra drink or two. As for me (and those who are used to chillis), the taste was excellent but I could do with something more spicy.

But we all know how MacDonalds is always coming up with something new. They have another surprise for all of us .... Level FOUR by end of April.


I didn't ask for a Level One burger because I was really too full. But I had a small bite from one of the bloggers' burger. It has a citrus scent/aftertaste to it but pretty harmless to me.

There was a fun quick quiz after that. They showed us some spices and we were to guess what they were. I guessed the last one correct and earned myself a MacDonalds notebook :)

New blogger friends! 

If you haven't tried the new burgers yet, wait no more! This weekend is the perfect timing to see how hot you can go!

Thank you again to Macs and for the great night .... and also to my male model, nephew Adam Iman :P

Have a SIZZLING weekend, everyone!


Trudy said...

It feels like a scam to know the truth especially when she calls herself a designer when she is not. It is easy to copy and make slight changes or change skins. Sigh!

dancingfairyqueen said...

It does...I felt exactly like that when I realised I bought a copy. I am smarter now :)