I have always ignored all those Taggings before. I never bothered to do because one, I don't see why I should tell people what I wear to sleep at night or who was the last person I hugged.

Two, lazy lor. Plain laziness.

However, I thought this travel tag is pretty cool! I have always liked reading about people's travel stories so yeah to Dyan for tagging me ! Hahah!

What made you start traveling?

It should be "Who" made me start travelling. Haahaha... the answer would definitely be my parents as they always tried to bring us kids out of the countries during the school hols even if it was just to a nearby country.

However, now with the husby with me, we feel we NEED to travel - get some fresh air and basically , escape from reality. We kinda work around the clock so it is really a heaven-sent to be able to wake up in an unfamiliar surrounding in another country without caring what time it is and if we need to attend the morning flag-raising ceremony , :P

Where was your first plane ride to?

It was actually just a 45-min ride to Kuala Lumpur. I think I was 10 and my parents just wanted to let us get a feel of being in an aeroplane. We were not rich so that was all that was affordable at that time. We went on SQ and I remember how my sister and I were in awe of the really pretty stewardesses at that time. The standard has obviously dropped , in my opinion. Heh.

Where have you travelled to that you would love to visit again?
Definitely Makkah / Madinah and Jerusalem. 
Makkah &  Madinah solely because these are the places where I felt the highest level of peace and tranquility that no other place can match , I am sure. Each time we went, I never felt like coming back. I remember saying to myself that I didn't mind dying was that wonderful.

We went to Jerusalem in 1998 , amidst all the chaos and shootings then. As scary as it was (and probably still is), I want to go there again now that I am more aware of the political and social issues engulfing the area.

What are 3 of your must have travel items?

Phone charger (I have no idea how to survive without this!) , toiletries (I must have my everyday facial products and make up items) and camera, of course!

Window, isle or middle seat?

Window ,for sure!  In the past, I used to take turns with my sister. For example, I got the window seat to the destination and she got it on the way back to Singapore, and vice versa. Now I don't care lah.... I insist on window seat whenever I travel with the other half. He sleeps most of the time anyway so it probably doesn't matter as much to him .

What place is on your ‘places to visit next’ list?
I have been longing to go to Makkah again. It was on our list for 2014 but with the baby, it definitely has to be postponed. So yes, InsyaAllah , I hope to make it there with my two darlings end of next year... and then I wanna go to New York in 2016 and also, do a Europe tour in 2017. Pretty ambitious, if you ask me. Must save up!!!!!

Where would you travel just for the weather?


I have only been to Sydney and Gold Coast and both times, we went during Winter (I cannot stand heat). The weather was soooooo lovely but lots of sunshine! Perfecto! (Except the time when we went up to the Blue Mountains - I think I might have turned blue due to the cold)

Do you have an interesting ‘I’m lost’ story?

Not really .... unless you count my visit to Vietnam when I was 'lost' for food. It was a very impromptu decision and we just followed a package from one of those tour groups in Chinatown. I ended up having almost NOTHING to eat over there! 

We were, obviously, not brought to any halal food places. I tried sourcing for cup noodles and biscuits in their malls and provision shops but practically everything had lard or pork in them! Stress, ok??? I ended up eating just lots and lots of bread at the hotel's breakfast buffet and whipped potato from KFC for dinner all four days. The minute we landed in Changi Airport, I demanded that the husby (then-boyfriend) bring me to Popeye's! I so needed meat, I tell you!

Where would you travel to just to eat the food?

KL ! So many halal places.... whenever we go there, we will try to cover as many restaurants as possible. 

Is there a place you would never go again?

Vietnam. Nothing much there except for the historical tunnel, Mekong River etc which I have already covered. Besides the lack of food for me, I couldn't stand the weather there too . It was just too hot and humid , much worse than Singapore! And don't get me started on the traffic and noise pollution! 

If you could take one person with you to travel who would it be?
The husband lah ..who else???

How do you pass the time on the airplane?

I love to read on the is not often that I get to do uninterrupted reading so I definitely appreciate this chance to drown myself in a book. If I get tired, I'll watch some movies (rare though) or talk to the husband. The latter does not happen often though because he always uses this time to catch up on his sleep :) 

Are there other people whom you think would do this?
This tag? I am not sure ...hmmmm....
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