Siam Kitchen - More than just Thai !

Food - the way to anyone's heart!

We were at Parkway Parade last weekend and we were very stuck at what to eat for lunch.

We actually went from basement all the way up to the fifth floor but Banquet was packed with the lunch hour crowd. Round and round we went ...and the choices were narrowed down to Pastamania and Siam Kitchen.

I was secretly hoping for the latter as my tongue badly wanted to taste something spicy and sour... thus , I gleefully agreed when he wanted to go Thai that afternoon! :)

We have been to Siam Kitchen a few times. I wouldn't say the food is fantastic but they are pretty alright . I already know what I wanted to eat before we were even ushered to our seats.... hehe....

Hungry, so we devoured this the minute it landed on the table!

One thing I really favour at this place is their chilli mix. It is sweet yet spicy enough for me to long for the taste again. As you know, I cannot live without chillies!

So what did we have for lunch?

I must have the Tom Yam Kung . Not the best tom yam soup that I have ever tasted but it was good enough : )

My favourite Phad Thai Glass Noodles - specifically with no bean sprouts! Yeah, I don't like bean sprouts and without them , I can totally finish my food and lick the plate clean.

His beef noodles. Ok, I am biased against beef noodles - I cannot stand the smell! But he likes it so I guess, it's ok.

His order again - some skinny fried wings . Very skinny. But very crispy and yummy :) Too bad I was too full to eat more than one.

Spicy and sour food goes very well with cold drinks ... Orange juice and Rose + lime Juice (Sirap limau).

The past visits to Siam Kitchen always ended with me having a bloated tummy because I get really full after each meal. That day was no exception.

I would say this place is really not bad.... even the service was pretty prompt. :)


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