A naughty dream is a bad dream

I had this 'stupid' dream two nights back and it bugs me, man!

I was at a function and there was this handsome , fair-skinned guy ... think he was of a Chinese-Indian parentage.

A friend in the dream liked him and made me be the middleman. So there I was, trying to find every opportunity available to get him to talk to my friend before dinner started. Things were calm but going pretty well.

Then it was dinner time and some strangers decided to join our table. In the slight chaos, I ended up sandwiched between my friend and the handsome guy. It was rather squeezy so we were all seated in close proximity, almost shoulder-to-shoulder.

Suddenly that shuai-ge leaned over and put his hand on my lap . (I am shocked). But in my dream , I wasn't shocked but I actually responded and held his hand! Basically there was mild flirting between us throughout the dinner - friend was oblivious to it though.

Worse, I was married and my husband was supposed to be fetching me after the dinner.

OMG. When I woke up, I felt super guilty. Stupid lah ... I know it was just a dream.

Ever since I got together with the other half, I have never thought about other guys. Only in the past year or so , there will be another male occasionally on my mind - and that is my darling nephew. So, this 'naughty' dream has thrown me off balance and made me feel like I've sinned.

Oh gosh.

I know I will get over it and husby will probably just laugh it off if I tell him . DOINK.

Ok, no more such dreams nightmares , I hope.


Anonymous said...

haha! it's just a dream after all >_<

FairyQueen said...

Anonymous> LOL! I Know! Got over it already :P