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I recently checked my facial package and realised that I have 5 sessions left and hubby has 4 left for his Bio O2 Light Infusion Therapy (1). The last time I renewed my package at Bioskin was in Dec 2008.

[Refer to bottom of post for explanations of the treatments]

Since Dec was my birthday month, I received a few vouchers that I can use , and one of them happened to be discounts if I sign up for any new packages. And it was rather interesting... the longer you have been a customer of Bioskin, the higher your discounts would be. 

I know I have been with Bioskin for very long but I was still surprised that it has been seven years. Even the front-desk people at Bioskin were impressed! ... hahahhaa.... am I among the few? 

But I have said it before that I will never switch loyalty. To me, they are really excellent in terms of before/during/after service  with friendly consultants, effective results and something which I really appreciate - no hard selling of products! I really hate those places whereby they insist that you buy their products!

Anyway, I received the pleasant news that I would be getting a 35% discount on the next package I signed up for. YIppee! 

Since husby is still trying to clear his scars, he also decided to sign up. So here's the deal:

1) 10 sessions of  Bio Derma Peel (2) for him - $1500  (before 35% disc)
2) 30 sessions of  Bio Dermabrasion (3) for us to share - $6k + (before 35% disc)
3) 20 sessions Biotec Eye treatment for me - $2360  (before 20 % disc). Ok , this was a surprise  from him. Apparently, he really wants me to get rid of my dark eye circles. Actually, mine are not that bad and I was really reluctant to go ahead with it because it is so bloody expensive for just a 30-minutes treatment! I think I tried to talk him out of it , in front of the sales consultant, three times before I gave up. 

When a man loves a woman , don't stop him! hahahhahaa....ok , don't puke ! 

With all those discounts , it is eventually rather affordable especially after you divide by the number of sessions. The amout you pay per session is so much less ! Yups, I did my Math before signing the deal :) Cannot waste money anyhow.....

Since we had given them quite a bit of business, naturally we got some back. 

We were allowed to choose any 3 of their products. We chose these...

(From left): Enzyme Scrub - nice pineapple scent and can be used even on your pimple-prone days (I used to always have this in my supply), Acne Puri Serum - an effective acne treament product for threating acne spot immediately ( I know this works because I used it during my pimply years) and for the hubby , we got the Bioskin Clear Radiance - a moisturizing gel for oily and blemish-prone skin (perfect for those with oily T-zone)

It was  New Year's eve so got lucky dip!

This was taken in my own bathroom. It has only been 2 days and I have used that much. What else can I say but I love the raspberry scent!

I would recommend Bioskin for their excellent services and effective results. And take note, there is NO SQUEEZING OF PORES or EXTRACTIONS at all! They use a vacuum-sucking machine to pull out your black/whiteheads.

However, do remember that results vary with individuals!

New year = new skin.... why not?  :)


(1) Bio O2 Light Infusion Therapy
Bio O2 Light Infusion Therapy Face treatment combines the technology of Light and Heat together with 99% pure oxygen pressure combined with special active ingredients to cleanse pores and remove impurities associated with acne outbreaks. Pure oxygen is often dubbed as the elixir of life as it is responsible for the energy of all body and skin cells, as well as cell regeneration. The penetration of products is more effective as it is smaller in molecular size and the compatibility is on par with the skin’s fundamental nature.
The Light and Heat technology is based on positive effects with specific wavelengths as anti-bacteria substance. It is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. It prevents further occurrence of pimples and blackheads, as well as alleviates skin inflammation; it relieves and stimulates the skin at the same time lighten scars caused by pimples.

(2) Bio Derma Peel 
Bio Derma Peel is a specially formulated face peel containing high concentration of salicylic acid that helps exfoliate dead skin cells while stimulating the skin’s natural renewal process. 
Bio Derma Peel is effective for acne skin problems as it kills bacteria that causes acne, reduces inflammation, minimizes sebum secretion that helps to control oily skin, clears, and tightens pores. The exfoliation process also helps to remove the epidermis layer of the skin thus lightening acne scars, pigmentation, age spots and freckles.
Most people will notice a change in skin appearance and texture after 1st treatment. Improvement of skin texture will continue over the course of the treatments, revealing more radiant, fresher and younger skin.

(3) Bio Dermabrasion
Bioskin’s Bio Dermabrasion Face Treatment is a safe and effective skin repair technique without the use of chemicals or laser, which helps to repair skin that has suffered the effects of sun, aging and scarring. It is painless, effortless and instant results can be seen. Clear away the years and reveal flawless, smoother, more radiant skin after your very FIRST treatment at Bioskin. Bio-Dermabrasion Face Treatment’s Dual-Action Process uses both micro diamond resurfacing (abrasion) and vacuum-lift technology to deep clean impurities and stimulates cell renewal. It gently removes old, dry skin cells, drawing younger, healthier-looking cells to the surface, improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and more. 
Bio-Dermabrasion helps to remove the layer of dead cells on our face. It stimulate the body most natural way to repair skin and it is not chemical based.

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