And he left .....

HUsby has left me alone before when he went on his school trips/ camps. But those had always been just 2 days (for the Batam CIP trips) and 3 days for school camps.

Even during the school camps, he would arrange with his colleagues such that he would still be able to come back for at least a night.

Today morning, he left for KL with the boys for a whole FOUR days. KL is very far, u knowwwww....... and one SMS will cost $0.60 each  :(

But I know he wants to go for this tennis camp and he should really enjoy it I shall not be a sour grape or a pitiful left-behind wife.


I must tell myself that I have to make use of this 'opportunity' to complete a lot of the undone work since there should not be any 'distractions. Sigh.

Oh well, back to my independent self for the next four days!