What? YOu can't speak English?

Whenever a salesperson approaches me and speaks fluent and clear English, I am very appreciative. Although Singaporeans are supposed to be fluent in the language since it is the first language in schools, we are still lacking in the area - I think I still need lots of improvement in my vocabulary. Vocab was always my weakest link in school :(

If a salesperson approaches me and I can barely understand him/her, there is very little chance that I would continue listening. Sometimes, I'll cringe with the incorrect grammar ..especially when they say, "This is definitely more better than the other one"... oh gosh, so wrong!!!

However, I did exactly the oppposite a couple of weeks back.

I was going for facial in Tampines One Mall when a salesgirl from a newly-opened store approached me .It was a  pretty Chinese lady , with an equally sweet smile. She sounded a little foreign (or not...I have no idea. Her sentences were very staccato though) but I have to admit I was taken in by her smile . LOL.

She was demonstrating some facial scrub and mask... and I kept telling myself - do not be taken in ! No no no..... There were quite a few parts of what she said that I did not quite understand because of her pronunciation but she was really patient and the demo was pretty convincing. I was tempted not once but twice!

Mud seaweed and honey mask , and Dead Sea Salt Facial Scrub

Their products are mainly formulated using the nutrients obtained from the Dead Sea (I went there in 1998!)... and I love the mask! It is unlike the usual clay mask whereby everything on ur face turns stiff and you  basically cannot talk. But this mask is different. It does not stiffen and you can continue to talk , eat or even exercise with it. I tried the first two. After removing the mask, the skin felt really refreshed and 'bouncy' - full of vitality ! Poing ! Poing! I even made the husby try to 'bounce' the skin on my cheeks...

A few days later , I went to Missha and was served by a totally foreign-speaking lady . I was wondering why would one hire  a non- English speaking person as their sales rep but she was all smiles (and could be the boss!) so I decided to give it another go.

We were basically speaking our own language - I was speaking English while she was mixing Mandarin and something else. It was just like charades, she tried her best to explain and promote her products using actions as well.

Truthfully, I liked her.

Although 90% of the time I did not understand what she was trying to say , again , the demo she did on my skin and all convinced me to get their latest BB cream and loose powder.

I am not really a fan of loose powder so I am still undecided on where I stand on this one. But I really like the BB cream... much better than the one I previously bought from Missha as well.

I bought this 7-steps nail filer because I was intrigued. Normally, there are only 4 steps... haven't tried it out yet though
And free sheet mask! 

 Hmmmm...therefore , what is the moral of the story?

1) For me, do not be judgemental anymore!  :)

2) Just like music, service knows no language barriers. What matters is the sincerity that comes from the heart....hmmmm....maybe we should learn a thing or two from those foreign talents.


DanielCtw said...

Love your post on this. Seriously English does not mean always 'more better' LOL.

Well, but you've got to appreciate many people around us, who though does not speak good English, but still managed to convey the message somehow. Say, the salesperson who managed to promote to you the BB cream. :D

Ken Wooi said...

well, there are more to it than just words? :)

FairyQueen said...

Daniel> yup, u are right. I used to get really frustrated with such people but I guess, this kinda taught me something. However, I still feel we should not be complacent and continue to strive to be better (not more better ..heheh)

ken> uh huh... words may not mean much at times :)