When a kid parties.....

It is no secret how much I adore my little nephew who is, by the way, not so little anymore.

Even when I am busy, I try my best to bring him out or , at the very least, give him a call after work. He is really smart for a boy his age and that makes him even more fun to hang out with. Sometimes, I do not feel like I am talking to a  boy going on 3, but instead, a much older one. His wit and maturity are definitely beyond his age.

I love the way he giggles, smiles, talks rubbish , jokes and everything else. A couple of months back , we were all gathered for his cousin's 3rd birthday. And boy, he really enjoyed himself! You could see he was having the time of his life!

He joined in all of our games and was a good sport , to top it all off!

Watch this for his really funny antics at his first try of the musical chairs! (haven't tried to download it yet ...)


And now, just a galore of photos! Photos were taken at Aleena's third birthday party :)


Birthday Gal! So cute!

MAternal Family. I am always very happy with them around :)

The only excited one singing birthday song...

See what I mean?


Running around during musical chairs

Super excited... genuine and priceless expression

Doing the Limbo Rock with me! Haahaha.... but it was extremely easy for him , obviously!

The dance game was the one whereby you dance and dance, and when the music stops, you have to keep still. He couldn't keep still because all he wanted to do was dance! Not a future clubber, I hope! LOL

His mum got excited as well :P

In the end, it was like a dance-off with his granduncle.

By this time, most of us could not control our laughter anymore...he was just so funny and entertaining!

 Ever since then , the nephew really enjoys attending birthday parties. And he cannot wait for his own - he keeps reminding me to go over to his house on November 4, because there will be a Toy Story birthday cake and goodie bags with Thomas & Friends stationery !! Is that cute or what?



Ken Wooi said...

little kids are always fun.. just wish that they dont grow up :)

FairyQueen said...

ken> I agree! Sometimes I wish they wld just remain as they are. :)