Online shopping gives me the rush!

I am quite an avid online shopper. Do not leave me alone with the INternet and my cards - that is literally calling for a disaster! But you cannot blame me though. I am at / doing work almost all the time, how to go real-life shopping like that? I remember early this year, husby and I would go shopping every weekend. It all stopped when things get busier and madder at the workplace. Now all I can do is surf and click if I need to fulfil my desires :)

HOwever, I haven't been shopping online for quite a while ...but last weekend, I could not stop myself anymore! Hahha... I had to buy something even if it is just going to be a teeny weeny bit. Cold turkey was unsuccessful , for sure!

I love that exhilarating feeling I get when I open the letter box and see my packages inside. Just 2 days back , my husby returned home with these...

Only 2 packages but enough to put a smile on my face :)

The pink package is from this UK store called Pearl-Daisy. They sell really pretty things for Muslimahs (Muslim women) and the owner even has many many youtube videos on how to don the shawls fashionably and also make-up tutorials. I love her videos but I doubt I will try much of the styles shown. I prefer the simple ways to go to work time!

This turqouise shawl is one of my favourites from Pearl-Daisy. I bought them in 4 different colours!

In the recent package, I also received a membership card . I am not sure if that entitles me to any discounts / privileges since nothing about that was written on the card...will have to check out the site.

I know I have a long way to be the best Muslimah but I need to start somewhere , right? I am trying to cut down on my fitted tops / dresses that highlights the body contours (this is tough for me though because I just love love fashion and fashionable things look much better when fitted ...) ... But who says one cannot be fashionable and modest at the same time?

Hehehe... or maybe I am just finding excuses to shop! Anyway , I saw this vest dress on pearl-daisy and bought it without thinking!

I think 'layering' and accessories will make this look chic too! (Photo is from

And I love the beadings!

But online shopping is never complete without a stop at my favourite site! Somehow , there is always something to buy at this site. I am sure many ladies/ gals out there are familiar with this site... almost everything is pretty or cute! If you like dresses (short or long), this is definitely  a place to venture into!

I only bought 2 items this time because I must save money for Hari Raya.... :(

Yes , yes! Leopard prints! hahahha....I hope I will wear it out . Too cute!

And I think I am addicted to Fitflops. Since my first pair that I bought at a local store, I had bought another pair from an online seller in FB. A gorgeous black one.

And yesterday , the third pair came in the mail! Woo Hoo!

I love this! I think I prefer this to the already-pretty black pair!

They are comfortable and good for the back. After all the heels for 5 days in a row, my feet and back definitely welcome the comfort in these Fitflops. I have already set my eyes on the next 2 pairs.....

Very pretty, right? After I get these 2 designs, then I think I will stop. The only BIG problem is I have no more space in my shoe cabinet (which can actually store 38 pairs of shoes...heehee) so now all my three pairs of FITFLOPS are neatly arranged in the house, by the door. They are the first who will greet my guests . LOL.

No more personal shopping for the next month. Whatever that needs to be bought from now till the next pay-check has to be for the home .. afterall, we only do up the house once a year during Hari Raya. Other times, we are just plain lazy!

 To Geylang later!