Birthday @ Universal Studio and Festive Hotel (Part 2)

[continuation from Part 1]

So, we were at USS. I know there is a small prayer area provided but while planning this whole outing , I thought it would be splendid to book a room at one of the hotels there. At the same time, we can have our own mini celebration in the room. 

I wanted to stay in Hard Rock Hotel but it was fully booked. My next option was the Festive Hotel since I've heard many great reviews about it. 

I confirmed the booking and made a few calls / emails to update them on my mini plan. The staff there were very helpful, I must say, updating me very regularly about the availability of my request. 

Anyway, we checked in at 3pm after explorng USS since 10am. Just a note, if you plan to do the same thing, you may want to come in slightly earlier eg: 2:30pm . Because when we wanted to check in, there was such a lonnnnnnnngggggggggg line - everyone was trying to check in! It was basically time wasted... :(

The lobby of the hotel is extrremely colourful and full of vibrancy. Everything else looks pretty much how a good hotel would be like. The corridors leading towards the rooms are really pretty, with paintings of flowers adorning the walls. Of course, knowing SG, there is no need to doubt the standard of the hotels here. Everything is immaculately designed and every single small detail was covered. 

Our room was right at the end of the very long corridor...still must turn right after that and walked some more!

Finally here- with our shopping loot!

Passage to heaven?

Very pretty, yah? The only thing was I had actually asked for 'Happy Birthday!' instead of this. Now, it felt more like  wedding anniversary celebration. I decided not to make a fuss though because they gave the other extras that were not in our agreement - the many animal-shaped balloons and Gingerbreadman soft toy. :) 

Haha! This was cute! But it did not last long because yours truly had to go to the toilet soon after. LOL. 

How to sleep like that?

One minus point here. Besides the one in the bathroom, this is the only other mirror in the room! I  need  a full length mirror or at least, half body. Grrrrrr.

Complimentary birthday cake. Pretty good and we actually brought it home the next day  since the 2 of us couldn't finish the whole thing :)

I had sent them my birthday message earlier so that they can have it printed on the card and deliver with the cake.  I did not expect the drawings though. Very nice of them

There were not many presents for this year since I've burst my budget on the USS and hotel accommodation. Hehe..... maybe this should be a start to simplify our annual celebrations.

1st one- for those cashless transactions and occasional bus/MRT rides.

  But these are not your usual EZLink cards. Because they are......

CUSTOMIZED! I told him to choose one and I'll take the other one. And he had to choose the one I wanted!

Does it look like him? It is a piece of wood carving.

 We then proceeded back into USS till the nite. Night was spent watching TV and goofying around. I was too tired to go out for dinner (it is called the 'aging syndrome') so we just had take-aways in the hotel room.

We cut the cake only the next morning as that would be his actual birth date.

He would never have too many watches.

We went out pretty early and did some last minute shopping. I know, I know... we were just in Singapore still but really could not help it lah.  We had breakfast at Coffee Bean and also explored the Hershey and Candylicious stores. Woo hooo.... if I had a sweet tooth, I would have bought the whole two stores!


Overall, it was a very enjoyable weekend! I love spending time with my other half and we are hoping to go to USS again. I hope the next time, I can check out Hard Rock Hotel.

We had another celebration at night at our place - a surprise one for my mum (same birthday). Simply family affair but we had a fantastic cake! Next entry!


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