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Why keep good things to yourself?

Haven't we always been taught to share and care?

SO, I am sharing with you an online shopping site that you should visit NOW.

It is

What is that?

Well, if you are familiar with the shopping scene in US, this site is actually from Saks Fifth Avenue - where they sell LOADS of pretty and wonderful things. 

I haven't exactly bought much stuff there except for my Clarins products but let me tell you - I saved  A LOT when I did the recent buy.

Most of the products that are from US or Europe are much cheaper than if you get them in Singapore. (Those from Japan eg , SK II and Shishedo , on this site, are ridiculously more expensive so get them locally!) 

One example is my CLARINS UV PLUS Day Screen High Protection. It costs $74 at CLARINS counters in Singapore and $72 at my favourite Century Square Tins & Bottles. But through this website, it only cost me USD 38 = SGD 49.40 !!!! If that is not called wise shopping, then I don't know what is!

Do you notice the Intensive Serum for USD 69 (SGD 89.70) ? Here, it is about $138!

But then you may question - with the shipping cost and all, it will probably amount to the same thing , won't it?

No, you still save because currently, they are offering a flat EXPRESS shipping rate of USD 19.99 for international orders of at least USD99.That means it doesn't matter how heavy your items are , it will still be USD19.99. You just need to enter the promotion code : ROW12 when you check out your cart. However, codes may change so always double check on the homepage.

But it was a nice surprise for me though because I was only charged USD 14 for freight :)

You do not have to worry about any breakages of your items. Everything was well-packed and bubble wrapped. Plus, delivery is done through DHL so you know your items are safe :)

They have, of course, other things on their site besides beauty products. Such as these, that set me drooling biigggggg time :P ....

Okay, I'd better stop before I go cross-eyed and get frustrated with the prices. LOL.

NOTE 1 : Although you can view the prices in SGD, do remember to convert to USD when checking out. Somehow, it is cheaper.

I am not sure how long this offer of flat shipping will last so hurry , if u want to benefit from it.

NOTE 2: Any overseas purchase beyond SGD 400 (including shipping) will be taxed once they reach Singapore.Thus, do split your orders if you intend to spend more than that. is also having a promotion - Designer discount up to 40% and FREE international shipping! Shall check that out for my make up items !

Happy shopping, people!