SYF 2013 - Distinction!

One reason why I have been horribly busy and lack rest is the SYF.

It is our second attempt at SYF and the instructor and I decided last year that we would be trying out Malay Contemporary dance. 

It definitely has been a tough  journey for the students - teaching them the true meanings of commitment , discipline and endurance. It was not easy for the teachers either. There were hiccups along the way and that included handling students breaking down , misunderstandings between them etc. 

But I am really glad that over the 4 years of the dance club, we have managed to instill the right values in almost all of them so problems were minimal.

The last week leading up to the event was really intense and on the day itself, I think everyone's heart could not stop beating fast. There was so much expectation from everyone else but more importantly , every student had their own expectation and I just had to pray and pray that no one would be disappointed and that their hard work would reap results!

They had to report at 7:30 am and gosh , everyone looked so tired! Thus, warm up exercise was intensified so that they would wake up!

What made the whole thing even more nerve-wrecking was that one of the girls had a fall the day before and couldn't  go on her knees. So that very morning itself, my instructor had to change their positions and took her out from some scenes.

Lining up to be made up!

Before the performance.....

Hehe.....they were supposed to have that angsty look for the dance.

Finally going in...... 

After an energetic and impressive performance, it was time to chill!

Results came up 2 days later and omg, I was so nervous for them ..... I couldn't focus on a lot of things because of the anxiety! Hahaha.....

Imagine the joy when our HOD announced they received DISTINCTION (GOLD if referring to previous SYF term) for their performance....priceless. Really priceless. 

These kids really deserve that recognition for all their sweat , hard work and scoldings received for 4 whole months. I hope this will be a great motivation to spur them to put in their best in whatever and anything that they do. 

Till the next SYF in 2015 - it has truly been a wonderful journey :)