You know how couples get married and start to plan for their own crib? Along the way, they may decide to get a car... but the crazy us are getting a car, married and flat ALL at the same time ! CAn u imagine what a big damn hole this will burn in our pockets? Ok...I admit, it will definitely be more for him... but makes the world go round? Money gives me headache ah......the lack of it $$ , that's it.

Just got our cute miut little Suzuki Swift yesterday. Oklah ...must admit I was rather apprehensive initially about his choice of colour. BUt I think the colour kinda grows on me. I like it a lot already :P I retained my old plate number and I think a new car with an old plate looks pretty cool! hehhee...The only downside is I am not allowed to turn it into a toy factory like the old car --- whereby I had so many soft toys or cartoony things inside. LOL.

We went house hunting just now. KInda got good vibes abt one certain flat in Pasir Ris. We shall see how it goes... sellers are getting pretty ridiculous with their demands for the cash money . In fact, there was one agent whom my dad called up, who said that the owner is asking for $100K cash payment...What the hell...The walls are made of gold, is it? I hope things go well and we are able to settle down n decide soon ...

Hmmmm..I am suddenly feeling sleepy. I guess I shd go to bed .GOtta wake up early tmrw for bro's POP...woo hoo!!!!