And I did it again...

It has been such a tiring week.

I crashed into slumberland extremely early for 3 days. One of them was as early as 8pm! All the way till the next morning!

Gosh , I can't believe myself.

Unfortunately , the week is not over.  I have a LONNNNGGGGGGGGG  day with the students tomorrow. From 10 am all the way till 12 midnight. There goes my weekend :(

But I did not want to be too depressed so I decided to cheer myself up with these......

I know , I know! I have no more space in my shoe cabinet...... But these pretty heels from Charles n Keith were on sale. The former was even on 50% discount!

The minute I got home, I stared at the cabinet to see which of my older pairs of shoes are to be thrown away, in order to make space for the new members. It was a rather easy decision actually! So now, my new heels have a place to call home :)

I was actually rushing to meet my dad when I walked past BYSI. I saw this translucent dark blue frock , with whimsical lace. PRETTY! I just quickly went in , roughly gauged my size and paid for it. No time to try!

Tried it at home, after arranging the shoes.  Nice! I like BYSI . I do not buy often from there but whenever I do, I really like my purchases.

Ok, I have a huge mountain of clothes to fold and I'd better get down to it asap.