Mr Ahmad Lispa

I know this is probably some old news but I just got my updates a couple of days back. Blame it on my time-management .... I could not even spare some time to read the newspapers..

I am sure almost everyone has heard of the accident involving a bus and a crane along Chai Chee Road. I read the news online . It must have been a really terrifying experience for all those who were involved. I cannot imagine my loved ones and myself (since I take the bus home everyday) getting hurt in such an accident.

My heart went out to the deceased. He was apparently sitting at the rear end of the upper deck...... sleeping perhaps, only never to smell the air again :(

A couple of days back , I was FB-ing when I came across the Facebook Page for Mr Ahmad Lispa , the deceased (see for details). Some very kind and generous soul is going all out to reach to other Singaporeans, in the hope of getting donations for the family that was left behind. You can find out more about donating to them through this page.

I was shocked to find out the deceased is the same person who appeared on RENOVAID episode, whereby renovation companies would volunteer their services to do up the homes of the poorer families. Mr Ahmad looked like a very calm and composed person even though he was burdened with many problems. At the end of the show, his eyes were glistening with tears when he said his thanks , to the people who helped in making their home a much more comfortable place. I remember I cried during that episode.

If you look at the Facebook Profile Pic, you will see him... and I have no idea why... but whenever I see that picture, my heart breaks down again.

I cannot imagine what will happen to his family now.

For your info, they have 5 kids - one in the Institute of Mental Health, one has a low IQ, one is suffering from kidney failure and has to do dialysis treatments at home, and another with also low IQ and suspected / pending kidney failure. That is more than enough for the poor mother who is unemployed.

I have talked to my husby and friends about the accident. I just cannot stop thinking about it.

There was even a comment that perhaps , this is for the better. Maybe God feels he has suffered enough at the age of 50.

I don't know.

I hope God will bless the family and give them the strength to go through this ordeal.

I pray to God that if I or my loved ones have to go , let it be in a peaceful manner.

I pray that if my turn is up, it will not be a burden on my family.

With all the recent flash floods and all, it really shows how unpredictable the future is . We never know what / when things are going to happen. If it comes and destroys, then destruction we have to face.

I hope there won't be anymore such news. It is just too depressing.

May Mr Ahmad be blessed and so are all of us.....

Life is precious. Make good use of it, while we can.