Blueberry Diapercake

Had a last minute project on Sunday.

Why last minute? Because the request came only about 3 hours before it was needed. *Doink*

Luckily I had some spare stuffs over the previous shopping spree and they happened to be in blue - just perfect for a baby boy.

The overall look

    From the side


 The little tag-card to go along with the cake

Ready to go!!!

I have just finished a 3-tiered cake last night . It was quite a challenge towards the end when I had to assemble the top tier. But in the end, it was rather pretty! (Heh...totally self-praise...)

I should be adding the finishing touches tonight and have it delivered on Friday.
Ooohhh.... I have another order coming in , dealing with a green-white theme. A refreshing change!

I love doing this ... if only I can make this my full time job.... Hmmmmm.....