Ronald Macdonald

Are you afraid of Ronald Macdonald?

We were sending my sister off at the airport last Saturday. She was going for training in Germany .

How nice is that? I know I will never get such opportunity *jealous face*

Anyway after we waved the thousands of goodbyes, it was a trip to Macdonalds for supper snack.

Nephew has always been a lil afraid of Ronald Macdonald. Perhaps the red hair and weird looking eyes were too much for him. BUt he was such a brave boy that night!

Must be the presence of the pretty girl -- must act macho!

 Brave boy even sitting on Ronald's lap!

Now that's the reason why he probably acted 
macho! :P Btw, that is his aunt. Yes, AUNTIE.

He continued showing off his bravery by singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes..." and pointing at the respective areas on Ronald's body. It was really cute ... I was too busy laughing to take a video of it... 

It was a bit tough to get them to take a picture together though ... both were still active despite it being a late hour already. 


FINALLY! Look at Mustaqims pouting lips. Sexy yah? But move your vision to Athirah's right hand , and you'll see a pacifier. Haha... yeah, she pulled out his pacifier just in time when I snapped the pic. Very clever girl!

They really remind me of my uncle and I . My youngest uncle is only a year older than me . We grew up together and were very loyal playmates. Athirah and Mustaqim are only a few months apart.... I think that's why they can click (and forever kissing each other!)..

Kids.... they really brighten up my days...