Well ...nothing to say but I love u all...especially my ex-form class, 4C'06. You guys are super cool n suweeeeeetttttt okay.... thanks for making my day :)

Happy Teachers' Day to all.
Gosh ...it hd been a month since I last updated the blog. I have been just too busy to even log into blogger.

Starburst went by pretty much successfully. I am not going to write about it because there would be just too manythings and I could go on and on ...since I am still having withdrawal symptoms. Yes! I watched the dvd TWICE last evening although I had watched it b4 in school when I got bored doing work.

Life's pretty much the same. Work is the same. Nothing much to update there.

Life with the fiance? I would say , it has been cool. We managed to recee and decide on the bridal company last Friday and I hope I can settle the catering / decor stuffs with mummy by end of the week. I am pretty much excited about my room decor while brainstorming with mum yesterday. It'll be a surprise :-P.....to sum it up, it kinda hit me that I am getting married like real soon.... hahhaha.... I kow it sounds like very far from now...at 7 mths. But with work and all that, before we know it,the time would come. ..Flat-hunting is gonna start soon too... arrrghhhhhh, where got time to think of work ? hehehhee....

I am gonna miss Rat and Hassan when they move .... gawd....