Singsale anyone?

After I've made my first purchase at, I was told that the online shopping portal has got bad reviews.

My first thought reaction was - Darn it! I had no idea what kinds of problems it would pose but I just wished they would not disappear with my money. Fortunately, I made an extremely small purchase (as I always do when I am unfamiliar with the site), just bought a L'oreal lipstick and lipgloss that amounted to $25. Pretty cheap, I guess.

And so, I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

The wait was so darn long that I completely forgot about it.

The package finally got delivered after 3 and a half weeks. The weird thing was that the package came from Australia and I know I did not order anything from Australia.

As I observed the invoices, stampings etc on the package, I realised that the goods were sent out from Kallang Bahru to AUSTRALIA and then back to Singapore, to me.  How weird is that???

Singsale is an Australian-based company if you do not know yet. I mean I do not mind waiting for packages if they are really from overseas. But I find it really ridiculous that my goods need to travel across the ocean TWICE before reaching me when in actual fact, it is just some MRT stations away. Postage was $7.90 - this could have been way reduced.

But at least, the goods arrived in good condition.... and at a much cheaper price. I ordered something else for the nephew and it took slightly less than 3 weeks.

I guess if you are considering purchasing from, it is not a bogus site (some people think so after waiting for so long). You just have to be patient... VERY PATIENT.......



I am sure that if you had grown up in the eighties (sounds ancient ah....), you would be able to connect with Smurfette, Gargemal and Papa Smurf.

I enjoyed watching the cartoon Smurf when I was young and still believe that it is one of the best cartoons ever. Somehow, the cartoons nowadays do not appeal to me.

So imagine how excited I was when told that the theme for a nephew's party is Smurfs! Woo hoo! I am pretty sure it was the mum who wanted that. Kids nowadays would probably be more inclined towards Superheroes, Ben Ten and the likes.

Welcome into the land where everything is blue and there is only one female!

It was a busy school term so we did not even have time to think of what to wear. I was just ready to ransack my wardrobe although,  I know that I did not have anything of even a close colour.

We did a last minute shopping the night before. I know BOSSINI was carrying a Smurfs line but unfortunately, it was no longer available at most outlets. Until I called up Hougang Mall branch - they still had them but with limited stock. Not exactly very near but zoomed, off we went!

We grabbed quite a lot because everything was just so cute and adorable....

Urgh, I know. No horizontal stripes for me - looked so fat here. Smurfs tees from Bossini, blue cardigan and shirt from Cotton On, his white pants also from Cotton On. My old  (originally) white pair of  pants is now a subtle shade of off-white. :)

One of his sisters and nieces were busy doing the Smurfs hats... very cool effort though it looks like a chef's hat because of its height!

Chef Smurf

Super cute birthday cake...and yummy as well! The top tier is chocolate fudge and bottom tier is oreo cheesecake.

Lolli chocs which are actually brownies coated with chocolate.

We tried out some face painting. Unfortunately , my SIL did not manage to get the right shade of blue . It turned out a bit weird... hahahahaa....  perhaps, we shd have gotten some white to mix it with...

Our adorable niece is very fearful of my husby and we have no idea why. I am quite convinced she is scared of his goatie. Here is a photo of her bawling away when husby carried her...


It was quite a cool theme, for kids and adults alike, in my opinion.

Can I turn back time? I really want a Strawberry Shortcake or Carebears theme  :(

My grey Agnes B

I have been wanting to replace my extremely old grey Calvin Klein bag. The bag is really bought for me back in 1998.

Zip is spoilt and it looks worn and old , although still useable if one is not fussy.

But for me, it is time to let go.

I have been wanting to get a bag from Agnes B. but I didn't want to get any other colours that I do not really need for the moment.

So.... I was extremely happy when my sis managed to get me a canvas grey Agnes B. bag on her trip to Hongkong recently...

I wasn't sure if I would like it at first sight. But after just 2 times of usage, this bag just grows on me! hhahaha.... I like it much now :)

ok...time to put bag shopping on hold for now. ..I think ... I think only , ok?

Because I still need to replace my white Prettyfit (Furla?) and red GUESS(Gucci? yah right!) bag... oh... and I probably need a black handbag , and perhaps a beige crossbody/slingbag.


Hawaiian clothes

I need help again. ...and I know this is a gd place to find out answers.

We are attending a Hawaiian them party this weekend.

Does anyone know where I can get Hawaiian shirts and those flowy dresses?

I know Sentosa souvenir shop probably carries but I dun wanna go soooooo far. Not with my time constraint.

Do drop a comment or email me yah?



I am just gonna ramble because many things have happened and my mind/brain is just full to the brim.

1) I just got a new cousin.  Such a pretty gal with really sexy and rosy lips. I feel very happy for my uncle and wife, a kid after six years of marriage...such people give me hope. Hehe... yeah, we've been trying for a kid for about a year or so :)

2) Today's General Election Day. I am quite a bimbo when it comes to GE, to be honest. Yes , I do follow here and there ...watched the speeches . But I know who I would vote for, anyway.

3) I made a decision some weeks back. I hope it would be a fulfilling adventure, albeit probably more stress.

4) I hate it when people are such 'kaypohs' (busybodies).Well, maybe the intention isn't so but it sure looks like it. So how? Go work on your EQ!

5) I am crazily drowned in stacks of marking for the mid-year exams. I have finished about 140 scripts (EL). I have another abt 260 (EL) and 80 (Math) papers to go.... oh ...I cannot imagine. All my three long weekends are burnt! Totally!

6) We cancelled our Bintan trip on 28 - 29th May :( ....because parents need us more that weekend. So bye bye, Bintan! There will be some other time.

7) I am planning a huge overseas trip for my CCA students (they got SIlver for SYF btw. Fantastic for a first-timer). It is very expensive though and I may wanna just pull out... but the boss seems keen.We shall see.

8) Tomorrow is MOther's Day. And for the first time, I have no plans. And no gifts. Gulp.

9) I just wanted to take a break from markings,hence, this short entry.