All 3 in 1 !

There has been little time to blog or even update photos.

Hence, this post is going to be of pictures of my latest creations of diapercakes.

They are really adorable and make unique gifts. You should really consider this for any of your friends who are going to or have already given birth.

You can customise the colours to your preferences and I will try to work around your budget. I assure you , your gift will be treasured :)

First one is 'The Lil Lion'.

A very sweet one which I called "Innocence".

and last but not least a very cheerful
'Sunny Day!'

Cute, aren't they? You do not see the diapers because they are all hidden inside. Just a rough estimate - a single tier will contain about 17 diapers, two tiers will be 25 and 3 tiers about 60 diapers. And they come with all the other goodies :)

It is all very time-consuming but I really enjoy making all these. It beats marking, hands down, anytime! Hehehe....

So, drop me an email at or visit our Facebook page @ D'Fine Yourstyle (on my sidebar). Here, we also take orders for oreo chocopops, chocolate pralines and other chocolaty stuff for almost any occasions! Take a look , ok ?

Busy Sunday today so tata for now!


I know , I know!

I have not been regularly updating the blog. So many ongoings but there was absolutely no time to spare blogging *super guilty face*.

BUT the O levels are tomorrow which means my job is finally over for the year (at least, towards the students). No more markings, consultation hours, remedials.....YEAH! There will still be work , of course (and I have the school trip to look forward to!) but at least, we have a lot more air to breathe!

Just like night , we made in to town and I FINALLY stepped into H & M. Super slow, right? It is more of the winter season items so didn't really buy much  - a turtleneck top for me and husby bought a hat and leather bracelet. But I did manage to get hold of some items at Honey and Bee :) That's one of my fav stores!

Anyway, it is gonna be a stay-at-home day today .. I have tons of housework to do! Just finished with the laundry and sorting out the bedsheets and curtains.

Agenda for today:
1) Laundry (done)
2) Iron bedsheets / pillow cases etc
3) Get the husby to make the bed and change the sheets
4) Hang laundry
5) Sweep the floor
6) Cook lunch
7) Fold the clothes
8) Bake a diapercake (3 pending sets of photos to be uploaded)
9) Figure out what to do next

Phew! THat's quite a list ... I think I will be tired out and just sleep for point no 9)....hahha! Oh, wait... I want to read! Yes, I have a new book and I think that's what I will do :)

So , have a great Sunday , everyone! I know I will like mine although it doesn't sound exciting at all  :)

Always make sure u smell nice!

I cannot stand body odour.

Unless one is suffering from some kind of illnesses that causes one to smell, I simply cannot understand why some people are oblivious that their odours can 'kill' .

I am sure many of us have had that unfortunate encounters ...where we have to hold our breath , just to be polite and not faint of overbearing body smell.

One just has to smell clean. A deodorant or perfume scent would be a bonus, of course! And I simply cannot resist any perfume sale!

So when I realised that Tins and Bottles @ Century Square is having a pre-renovation sale , I wasted no time ....

Well, I still had to practise some self-restraint and thus, purchase was limited.

But if u live in the east and are thinking of replenishing your perfume supply, this may be a gd time.

The SK II facial essence of 215ml was going for $159. Over the counter of 150ml is abt $130. I got that Bliss by Ferragamo 100ml for $59 and VS body mist for just $16! A pretty good deal, in my opinion!Husby could not decide what else he wanted we settled for that fav Boss scent.

Their renovation starts next week so grab some while u can! ;)

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I am depressed!

It is one of those days that I get into a super depressing mode. To make it worse, today is Monday. And, I am wearing all black.

Most of the times, I cannot really put a finger to why I am depressed.

Sometimes, it is just that time of the month. Here are some reasons that may cause me to go into a totally depressed mode:

1) That time of the month when I get bloated and feeling all crampy + pimples.
Oh gosh ! I can tolerate the former but not the pimples. They make me feel really ugly...

2) When things do not go my way
I am someone who have very few wishes in life. I aim high and work for it ... but u know, there are things that you cannot really work for . Thus , at times, I really wish hard for a certain something and even though I know it may be impossible to achieve, I still get pulled down when it hits me in the face that the answer is 'no'.

3) When I feel I have not been spending quality time with the spouse.
During our busy days, it is sometimes tough to have quality time with each other. There was once when it lasted a week - besides dinner time , we would be busy rushing through our work that we just have to bring home. I get really depressed when that happens. Thank god it does not happen often!

4) When prayers go unanswered.
Well, being a normal human, I do get frustrated and irritated when things do not change no matter how much faith I put in my prayers. But I know this is just the devils doing their work. There are many reasons why prayers go unanswered. Most times, it lies within ourselves. A common cliche is " God makes you wait for better things" . Honestly, I believe so much in that although sometimes, I can really kick myself in the head for thinking otherwise . Astaghfirullah.

5) When someone angers me at work.
Ok , this is more of an anger management issue rather than depression issue. A bit out of the topic ... heh...

I have been trying my best to control my feelings and emotions when 'depression' seems to strike. I definitely have never gone into any real depression (that's a very serious case!) but feeling as if the whole world is unfair is quite enough to irritate me and make me sad.

Quoting a friend recently, " Perhaps, you need to cleanse the soul."

Yeah , I agree. I have not been doing much religiously except for the mandatory requirements. It is time to increase that . .. InsyaAllah (if God permits), that will help to calm me down and makes it easier whenever I float into this mode again.

What would you do when you are depressed? Eat chocolates, go on a shopping spree (oooh...I love this!), have a movie marathon, go to the beach.... which one?