Oh Oh.....

Ok.... I KNOW I have not been updating ...

I have things to update since I have been around and about, having fun....

and NOW, I am panicking!

School starts next TUesday, this Wednesday is the staff meeting whereby we would know the FINAL (yeah , it is never confirmed even up till now) classes we are teaching, committees we are in and the form classes we will have for 2011.

The bad news is I have not done/finished whatever that I am supposed to. I am not gonna say what though , just in case :P

I kept procastinating and pushing it out of my mind. Now I am panicking .. now I am frantically going through my stuffs ... my aim was to finish all by this Wednesday and I am not budging from the aim.

Gonna burn midnight oil for sure tonight and tomorrow night.... wish me luck!

Orange Truffle Diapercake

Hmmmm.... I seem to be getting orders for baby boys.

What happened to all baby girls out there?

I call this Orange Truffle - a mixture of orange, brown and green.

Almost ready!

I like that teether... very cheery!

The back view

All wrapped up!

For that personal touch
The ingredients

I hope an order for a baby gal will come in soon. I really wanna do a girly one again! :)

For enquiries, do email  D_Fairycakes@yahoo.com.sg  :)

Happy Birthday to Me....

Hahhaa..... just got back from a whole day outing .

I shall update on the birthday celebration when I am back in Singapore....

Going to BIntan tomorrow...must sleep and wake up early to pack!


Contests Crazy

I can't believe what I just did.

You know how magazines always have some kind of contests that require you to sms and stand a chance to win something?

CLEO magazine is one such mag. Usually, I cannot be bothered to enter the contests. It is rather troublesome to key in all the necessary details before sending the SMS-es over.

However, the ones in the December issue sure are very tempting...I want to win ALL the prizes on offer.

So yes, the crazy me had sent about 12 - 15 SMS-es altogther. Thats at 30cents each....

They better make sure I win something ah..... after all the rare effort and money spent.

I hope so :)


We have been toying with the idea actually but never got down to serious business.

It was on Thursday night that we decided to have a JB-cation -- a one night stay in Johor Bahru the next day! We wanted my parents and nephew to join us.... unfortunately , sister wanted her son home by midnite ( so Cinderella.....) thus, we had to make do with them joining us only till then ....

After a few websites visited, we decided on Puteri Pacific Hotel .

As you can see, the hotel was rather impressive when we first stepped in. The lobby was massive, with sparkling floors and very friendly staff. But I wished the swimming pool had undergone some kind of upgrading,

We were early , we reached at 1:30pm when the chec- in time was 3pm. The front desk people promised to get the room ready asap while we went for lunch. Fair enough. We were waiting for my parents and nephew to arrive so the waiting time was justified.

Montel was extremely excited. He got even more excited when he saw hubby with a luggage or trolley-bag, as he prefers to call it, since he had one too!

To my disappointment, the room was still not ready when we returned at 3:30pm {MINUS 1 POINT}. I was quite pissed but you know, not wanting to appear like a 'typical' Singaporean, I maintained my cool :)

Finally, going into the room!

Checking out the room!

I would say everything was in pretty good condition. Very clean , and seriously, the flooring really sparkled! Look at how somebody embraced a new love for the bed!

There was no bathrobes though ... which was a little surprising since it is supposed to be a 4-star hotel. But never mind lah... not important.

We just spent the rest of the afternoon soaking ourselves in the swimming pool. I know MOntel thoroughly enjoyed the activity . So did we, especially with his cute antics!

After that we went to the nearby PLaza Kotaraya before going back to the hotel for dinner. PK is linked to the hotel by an underpass and it takes only about two mins to get across. However, there wasn't much for us to buy ...I did get some brooches though.

View of hotel exterior during the night

We had dinner at Kai Xuan Restaurant and I would say it was a great experience.

We had rice with venison meat, mango prawn , kai lan and roasted duck (ok, I didn't touch this because ducks are just too cute to be eaten. Like rabbits...). The food was quite fantastic , I would say , and the service was just excellent - attentive and personal. And to top it off, the whole meal only cost RM179!!! That is about $77 only.

For such great food and service, it was definitely money well-spent.

Day 2 - After breakfast ,w e walked to City Square Mall. Just a mere five minutes walk.... I am really glad we chose this hotel as it is just very accessible to the malls. I forgot to bring my camera out though. That was such a waste because I wanted to take pictures of so many things along the way :(

The last time I went to City Square Mall was probably 6 years back and it is very much better now. We shopped for quite a bit before checking out.

I felt that another night there would be perfect but since we are going to Bintan next week , I guess that should suffice.

Anyway, if anyone is planning on a JB-cation, I recommend Puteri Pacific Hotel. Really worth the moolah :)

Prawning @ Pasir Ris


I am just like an old computer system - super lagging in updating my blog.

I have had a pretty eventful two weeks that I keep postponing any updates.

Well, there are about another 2 and a half weeks before the school holidays end. So if you are keen to bring your kids/nephews/cousins or just urself and partner for an activity away from the usual busy city life, why not try prawning?

That was exactly what we did at Mainland Tropical Farm in Pasir Ris. We went  with the usual 'gang' (parents + nephews) and my grandpa and cousins.

Almost like what you would expect at a farm....

I didn't know prawning cost a lot .... I thought it would be $20 and you can sit there the whole day. Quite dumb of me, on hindsight.

I think it was $15 for one hour, $25 for two hours and $32 for 3 hours. We went for the 3 hours slot as dad claimed you need that much time to be satisfied... Ok lor..... so we got 4 rods and soon started our expedition!

Although the bait was just chicken meat (provided), I didn't dare to touch it! I kept thinking they were worms...

This was nephew's 2nd time at prawning and also the second time that he broke the rod! $15 gone! Dad was 'scolding' him.Look at his 'pitiful' face... he was so quiet after that...hahah

But seriously, I think he did it on purpose. So that he could play with the rod at comfort level! Tsk tsk...

Mommy was the first one to catch a prawnie!

After that , it was waiting time......

Very cute, right????? The rod that doesn't touch water... but he looks like such a pro....

Husby and I realised that this was not really our cup of tea... so we brought Mustaqim around the place and had fun in our own way....

The old-fashioned swing.....

Feeding the ducks......

And the fishes.....

That took up about 45 mins ...he got so tired that he decided to get his daily fix of Youtube videos....

Anyway, husby and I managed to catch 3 prawns before we got bored again. LOL. I seriously think we suffer from ADHD and cannot possibly just sit down and wait. We just had to move around....

And fortunately, there is a fish spa just next to the prawning pond! We decided to soak our feet in for 30 mins... anything to beat the boredom!!!

Washing feet...

Look at them!!!! Gnawing away at the skin of his right calf which is healing from a surgery. THe fishes take their job very seriously!

But somebody was scared.....hahhaa... that was the nearest he got to the fishes!

About an hour after that, it was finally time to go home. Everyone managed to catch some prawns but our basket had the most !!! Eight HUGE juicy ones!

We had a lot to thank my mum for ... she caught the rest for us! She asked for commission but obviously I ignored her ....LOL.....

They looked good even before being cooked!

You can actually start BBQ-ing your prawns immediately for consumption. EVerything is provided. But make sure no meat is involved at all :)

However, we decided to just grill them at home...


And that was our simple dinner that night. Just steaming rice, juicy prawns and Chilli sauce. Licked clean in ten minutes!

Overall, it was an okay experience. I think the presence of family made it memorable :)

It is definitely an alternative to the city's hustle and bustle ...

Where to go.....

We're going to Bintan again next week.

Heh....the previous experience was pretty great that we cannot help but want to repeat the experience.

Our initial plan to go to Japan has been shelved while we decide to save the money and bonus , whatever that's left. Heehee..... I do wish to go to HongKong again , but this time, with the whole family....

Hmmmmm...probably will target that for next year...bring parents means pay for parents also :P

Anyway, we are wondering between 2 options for this weekend :

1) A staycation at either Hyatt Hotel or  Royal PLaza on Scotts.
We can catch the first movie after breakfast, shop and eat to our hearts' content and explore Sin City like a tourist.

2) A weekend stay in JB.
Cheap food , cheap movie tickets, cheaper shopping ... very tempting, u know! Only thing is I do not know which hotel is good to book.

So.... SG or JB?

Discounts Month!

Besides shopping for shoes, I love toiletries shopping.

I don't know why but it feels very fun to do it.

Most of the time, I do my toiletries shopping in December.... simply because it is my ..eh hem... birthday month and I get significant discounts/privileges at Body Shop and Watsons.

We just came back from one such trip with our loot....

But being the forgetful me who often refuse to list down what I need, I have definitely forgotten quite a few things. Fret not, I have the rest of the December to shop....

And I love free gifts!

I just received SMSes from Esprit, Lee Hwa and Mini Toons about birthday discounts as well. I MUST remind myself that I do not need to make use of them , if I have no use for it....

It is just their way of making more money , right ? NO?

Lotus Desaru Resort

We had our very first family getaway with my in-laws last weekend. It wasn't full attendance though , since some had other commitments.

Destination was Desaru since most of us had never been there before ....

The traffic at the checkpoint was quite alright although a bit slow. But somewhere further down towards Mersing/ Desaru , we were caught in a horrible , horrible traffic jam! It really looked as if we were going to spend the next few hours with all the other cars. Darn.

Check in time was supposed to be 3pm , which we obviously missed. It was about six in the evening when we finally reached the place .....

The resort is really huge! I was pretty surprised as I didn't expect it to look like a whole housing estate. The rooms went by blocks so there were Blocks A to P, plus their clubhouse, waterpark, 3 swimming pools, lobby, restaurants etc etc .... There is also a buggy service in case one is too lazy to walk from their block to other facilities.

Oh, and very pretty colours ! It reminds me of some cartoon / Alice in Wonderland colours....

His family was in the blue block while we were in purple! Favourite Colour!!!!!

A peek into our 1-bedroom suite... 

This is the 2nd floor... a bedroom with no door! :P

View from the balcony... it was a rather pretty scene, I must say... 

Check out the next couple of pictures to see what the coconut does!

Dinner and breakfast were at Teratai Coffee House. This was taken on Saturday night... the place was damn packed! It was almost impossible to move..... However, Sunday night was much better. I guess the locals have gone back in time for work next MOnday.

Random photos.....

Yeah... besides pink, I adore purple.....

Basically , we just lazed around most of the times. Swimming, went to the beach , played pool and....EAT! We really ATE a lot!!!!! 

It was just a weekend get-away so we were back in Singapore by Monday night. Back to reality!