Should not have bothered


So disappointed.

What's up , u may ask? Well,  a couple of weeks back , I received an invitation from a friend for her bday party yesterday. The theme was cartoon / fairytale character and we were expected to dress up for it .

Now, I always get excited for themed / costume party and would definitely put in the effort to dress up. However, it had been really busy the past few weeks and what to wear to the party was the last thing on my mind.

But my friend kept reminding me every few days or so , that I MUST dress up ! Because she said that her guests had always been the 'sporting' ones. I just obliged each time she talked to me ... again , just pushing the thought to the back of my mind.

However, on Friday , the husby and I managed to end work slightly earlier we thought that we should just go to a costume shop and get something from there.

Thus, we ended up at Masquerade at Arab St ... I got excited naturally. Haha! There were so many costumes to choose from that I forgot that my main aim was just to grab and go .

After a few tries and discussion , it was down to two - Peter Pan and Tinkerbell or Shrek and Princess Fiona. CUte, ain't it? I've always have a slight inclination to want to be different ; I guessed Tinkerbell would not be anything new. Therefore, we decided to go with the Anti-Hero and his fair lady. .. :P ...Super excited , I tell you! Because I got to wear a wig (orange hair, pigtailed) and tiara... and husby's Shrek costume was just outrageous! LOL...

Yesterday evening came and we were on the way to the party when we decided we should take a quiet peep and see if others dressed up. I mean , I wouldn't want to be in the limelight , ALL by ourselves, in case others did  not . We kept the costumes in the car and proceeded to the function room. our disappointment , I only saw a Pocahontas ( she was pretty in the whole outfit ..but is that according to the theme?) and a few bunny / Shrek/ Mickey Mouse headbands. That was it.

Oh man... we have bloody wasted our time and money , renting those costumes. I was rather bored too at the party although the host tried her best , I guess. We decided to go off earlier and headed for my grandpa's place.

Oh well.... lessons learnt:

1) Not everyone is as fun and 'game' like my mum's family.
2) Next time , seriously , DON'T BOTHER at all!

I am still sad about not being able to be Princess Fiona but I shall end my post with happy thoughts and fun pictures at niece's birthday party last year :)


Back to work tomorrow! Definitely not looking forward to it!

Second Post for the Year

YUp! THis is my second post . I am thinking of seriously reviving the bLog . It is not that I have much time on my hand but I miss blogging. Heh.

I had a great aftenoon today. I have been working my butts off the past months and am in need of some 'me' time. I haven't even had time to visit the gym . Obviously , I can feel all the flabs forming. Oh gosh!

Oh yes, I went for my facial treatment today. I don't like to recommend things to people because I always fear that they may not have the same sentiments of the products or services recommended by me. However, I urge ladies (and men!) out there to give Bioskin a shot , if you are thinking of starting / changing ur facial packages.

I have tried treaments at other locations; FIL, Vanilla, Mary Chia...but I Swear that Bioskin is the best! I have been with them since 2003, when I just entered the working force. I don't think I would ever switch loyalty. Heh...yeay, I find them THAT good. Painless yet effective ...and my whole TEN fingers UP for their services. The only thing they might want to improve is to ensure that all their front-desk consultants speak good English. Most are alright actually ... but I did encounter one whereby I could hardly understand what she was saying....

Again, as always, I digress.

So, do check them out ! Visit for a breakdown of their available services...
I have been busy since the new year started. I was not looking forward to the new year... because that means getting to know new students , missing my previous lovable form class and ...the fact that I am older.

The past month had definitely been one of the busiest and I have no idea why. The school introduced many new initiatives - too many in my opinion. Not that they are not necessary, but all of them came at one time. It was hellish trying to remember , what's more, trying to cope with all the demands. I am still trying to balance work , family , health .. among many other things.

I did not make any resolutions because they are pretty pointless - I somehow just never got around to fulfilling them. However, I like to make goals . It feels good to tick them off as I achieve them.

I have some in mind .... only a few. Difficult goals to achieve for the moment but I really hope and pray I can. And I have one wish .

A wish I want more than anything else.

I want a complete family.

I really hope that is not too much to ask for. With God's will, I hope that will happen.