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Now, when will you see me.....



and almost.....


Give it a guess!  Come on!

Oh well... if you are my avid reader or my close friends, you know that one of the many things that will send me into a mad, frenzy state of excitement will be anything to do with shopping! Better still, online shopping! :P

I love online shopping. I don't need to move from my comfortable and cosy home...neither do I have to jostle with  the crowds just to be able to get my hands on the good offers in the stores. That's because u can get good..or even, better offers online! Not joking, ok!  

I have recently tried out this particular online site that has gotten many good reviews when I was introduced to yet another one that is really appealing to existing online shoppers or those who just started / wanna try out shopping on the Net. Fuss free and easy!

Hop on to iPrice Shop Singapore (iprice.sg)! 

iPrice Shop Singapore provides product information on many well-known brands and also carry online coupons codes for major web-stores such as Zalora, Qoo10 & many, many more.
You can find famous labels from all around the world like Nike, Victoria's Secret , Kate Spade,Converse.... whatever you can think of!

For your own convenience & savings, they also have a coupon page especially for you to get your discount codes. At iprice.sg/coupons/, you will find  the best coupons, discounts and voucher codes you can find in Singapore. There is no more need to scour around for the best deals in town!

You can see (from the above screenshot) how easy it is to 'Get The Code'. Once you have it (eg:FALLCHIC10), just copy & paste the code given onto the website of your choice and voila! You are entitled to the discount given! Easy peasy....

In addition,they have a 'search' button for you to search for any coupon for a specific brand or just use it to browse through any desired item if you are unsure of which brand to look out for.

As I browsed through iPrice.sg/shop, I got even more excited to see my favourite brands or stores available.

Here are the ones that I immediately went to check out!


TORY BURCH BAGS AND WALLETS @ http://iprice.sg/products/tory-burch/

and of course, my all-time favourite.....

KATE SPADE BAGS AND WALLETS @ http://iprice.sg/products/kate-spade/

iPrice coupons are not limited to Singapore. Consumers will have easy access to coupons available in other countries as well - Malaysia, Philippines and India, just to name a few. 

Best of all, no membership is required at all to enjoy the perks iPrice has to offer!Thus,do check them out to improve your online shopping experience with iPrice Coupons - Asia's best source for discounts, coupons and voucher codes.

Meanwhile, excuse me while I go have my lunch and check out the deals for Qoo10!
 :) :) :) 

Happy Shopping, everyone!