Singsale anyone?

After I've made my first purchase at, I was told that the online shopping portal has got bad reviews.

My first thought reaction was - Darn it! I had no idea what kinds of problems it would pose but I just wished they would not disappear with my money. Fortunately, I made an extremely small purchase (as I always do when I am unfamiliar with the site), just bought a L'oreal lipstick and lipgloss that amounted to $25. Pretty cheap, I guess.

And so, I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

The wait was so darn long that I completely forgot about it.

The package finally got delivered after 3 and a half weeks. The weird thing was that the package came from Australia and I know I did not order anything from Australia.

As I observed the invoices, stampings etc on the package, I realised that the goods were sent out from Kallang Bahru to AUSTRALIA and then back to Singapore, to me.  How weird is that???

Singsale is an Australian-based company if you do not know yet. I mean I do not mind waiting for packages if they are really from overseas. But I find it really ridiculous that my goods need to travel across the ocean TWICE before reaching me when in actual fact, it is just some MRT stations away. Postage was $7.90 - this could have been way reduced.

But at least, the goods arrived in good condition.... and at a much cheaper price. I ordered something else for the nephew and it took slightly less than 3 weeks.

I guess if you are considering purchasing from, it is not a bogus site (some people think so after waiting for so long). You just have to be patient... VERY PATIENT.......



FairyQueen said...

ph1l1p> What is the 'huh' for???

Eileen said...

hi there.
your review of the site made me less worried. I recently purchased a few items from singsale and searched for reviews only after I made my purchases! argh! I was indeed shocked to learn that there were so many bad reviews!
I am keeping my fingers crossed as to when my purchases will arrive. wish me luck! :)

FairyQueen said...

Hi Eileen!
I am quite sure ur items will arrive. It is just a matter of when.I hope they don't take too long , it can get frustrating. Gd luck , babe!

Anonymous said...

I really wish I'd done my homework and research reviews on Singsale before purchasing from them. It has been 21 days since I last placed my order and no news on my item. Worse, all my emails to them don't help at all - all I get in return are template replies stating "as you know, we quote 14 - 28 days delivery..." blah blah blah.

Quite unacceptable that they can't even tell me what's happening with my item. Not even an ESTIMATED delivery date.

This is my first and last purchase from them. Buyer beware!!

FairyQueen said...

Anonymous> Oh my! I hope u get ur items soon. I tried them out thrice before I gave up. I received all my items eventually but the long wait was such an agony :( Boo them!

HL said...

I ordered 3 blushers from singsale and its been 1mth+ and last few days finally been changed to dispatched. but sadly till now i still cannot track the tracking number at speedpost... i am totally feel sad for this situation . i wont plan to introduce to others.

FQ said...

Hi HL!

I have even stopped going to their site. You are right. I wouldn't recommend them either


HL said...

Hi FQ,

Finally received my package yesterday. and the singsales send out my package on 1st dec and speedpost delivered it only by yst. Poor service by them. I wont recommend it anymore..

FairyQueen said...

HL> yeah , like I said. They are a genuine site. But service sucks , unfortunately :(

Anonymous said...

Hi FQ,

BEtter beware.

I m very disappointed with their service and they still deem themselves as reliable.

I can say anyone including me who have choose to buy from SingSale and being stupid. Not stupid as in mentally but stupid that we make the wrong choice of online shopping site to purchase.

Anyway I still have a few order awaiting for them to deliver to me and every order I made are all unpleasant.

Here are a few experience on each of my order.

Order 1:
Order more than a month ago. And no moment on the tracking on singsale site. Finally decide to email them as there is no contact (after around 3-4 weeks of waiting). SIngSale reply with a very CS answer by repeating what you might already find and know from the website and stop. Finally tracking status changes. Order process and send(which is on monday 30 July 20012) and thought everything is okay. until Tuesday (31 July) email send saying because of their inventory error one of my product unable to order (and I only know that in 1 month time from the date I order. Wonder within 1 month, what have singSale been doing). And instead of refunding me back to my card, they choose to email me and refund me as credit(which I don't think I will dare to order from SingSale anymore. I reply their email and it return with an error msg saying email cannot be used. I have no choice by go back to SIngSale site and requested it to be refund to my card as from yesterday (31 July) and ask them to reply me asap and also provide my number for them to call me and till now I have no reply.

Order 2:
Same issue order over 3-4 week see no status change write in via SingSale site and got reply back to wait for 1 more week. and after 1 more week pass they send me telling me to wait 1 more week again (very standard CS reply again) Finally I cannot take it I send again and they mention items is missing in delivery. and they need to do an investigation which need to take 2 week time. and I give them a week more And as my credit card payment date is coming, I request again after a few day and this time they mention the delivery is on its way. And I wait again and end of the week I email again and this tiem they say its lost in mail again. and finally they say will refund to my card. As you can see how piss a person can get when I need to go through so much and getting such unpleasant experience.

Order 3:
Order 5 items and when delivery in a months time after few email send. Finally arrive and when open found out that out of 5 items, 2 items isn't what I order. I tot SingSale mention (on website and also via email) their HQ will do a QC before sending out the items to customer. Then how come my items can be wrong. That is what I was thinking.

I immediately email them and ask them and check whether can I do a exchange for the correct order. and you know what... they just send me an instruct to return the parcel and that is it. No reason or anything to tell the customer what they will do next. It make me feel as if they don't care at all. and I send them and asked them again and again and they reply saying they are unable to do an exchange and end of end. Till now I still have no solution on this and I demand a number to call and check (no respond on that. even I send email requesting and requesting and requesting. And now I have ask them to call em instead and till today no1 reply me.

With all this I hope and seriously advise anyone who really thinking of purchasing form SingaSale to ban SingSale or not you might end up like me feel so disgusted and piss.

FairyQueen said...

Hi Anonymous.

Oh dear ! That must have been really agonising for you. I did get whatever I ordered but I agree with you - I will never order from their site again. They took way too long and have very poor customer service.

I really hope that you get your money back :(

Anonymous said...

Omg, juz read all post about unhappiness with singsale. I made a puchase on 8 Sept & on 25 Sept, status is still despatched. Hope that I will receive my item soon.

FairyQueen said...

Anonymous> did you read reviews only after u purchase? I think many of us did that same mistake. I hope they don't take too long with your ordr :)

dai said...

Singsale always got problem, short shipped, items damaged, items not available then they wont inform you you'll know only after you receive the items. Recently I ordered 6 items but they refunded me 5pcs of my order means they only send one. So funny right? You will wait very long for about max of 2months then you will receive the items only 1pc. Anyways I suggest this site for singapore they offered free shipping too.. cheaper and faster delivery you will receive your items max of 4 days. And there's no comment page for you to post. Because they know that they are lousy and a lot of people will comment

Yvonne said...

I read Singsale reviews here that quality, customer service and delivery were ok. Has anyone tried Singsale recently since the comments here are from 2 years ago?

charlie said...

Wah.. u so lucky.. I waited almost 3months still not receive my shoe till now...

dancingfairyqueen said...

I really hope you get yours. I have heard of people who gave up waiting after six months. One more site you should never patronise is Brandsfever. Read the review here

dancingfairyqueen said...

You may want to try reading more reviews, then make a judgement call. As for me , once bitten , twice shy... never ever :P

Noriza said...

I am dying to try Singsale after seeing some good sales there but it seems like it is getting bad reviews here?? I checked out Singsale reviews on and they seemed positive. Should I buy from singsale or not?