Oh yeah...

The blog seems really dead by now. But I would not close it down for the mere reason that I just like to browse through the previous entries every now and then.

So what's up ? A lot of things. NOt really at the moment . But there have been a lot of things happening since my last entry. Just to update a lil (for whoever it is who reads this almost-extinct blg of mine)...

1) I have transferred to a new school.
2) I am still trying to get used to the whole new environment of new colleagues, new system , different breed of students etc etc .
3) My (Our) new house is almost ready ...I am so bloody excited with the whole transformation after the renovation. Hahaha.... It definitely looks very different from the previous interior design.
4) We are so looking forward to settling down in e new place. I'll probably start packing this weekend so that we can start moving our stuffs next week... We hope to fully move in by end of the month.

OK ..I 'd better get bck to work... must finish as much as possible before I go off.