That Hongkong trip.....

My little cute nephew is away in HongKong with his mummy and daddy at the moment.

He just flew off on Wednesday and I am already missing him!

Well, I do meet him very often , you know.... I always make it  a point to bring him out once or twice  a week, go over to my parents' house in the afternoon if I have the time (even if it is just for a short while) to play/study with the very least,the adorable boy will talk to me on the phone. :) Very very adorable.

I am sure he is having fun , especially when visiting Disneyland. He can meet his favourite Mickey , Donald, Chipmunk , Buzz Light Year , Goofy .... and all the others.

I went to Hong Kong in 2005 , while nursing a broken heart (yes, husby! Your fault! hahahhah....) .

I sure wanna go again because I didn't really go to all the touristy places.

And I wish our local trains are just as cute as the Disney MTR ....

Those were the 'slim' days... sighhhhh.....

And of course, my ever favourite duck....

Montel will be home in 3 days' time. I can't wait to huggggggg him!

Party TIme!

Not really the let-your-hair-down kind of party.... I'll be attending hubby's nephew's birthday party later.

Basically, lots of kids and noise ...hehhee... I welcome that. At least, I'll enjoy their kind of noise to a large extent. :)

Last year's theme was PIRATES and we were all decked out in black and white.

Guess what the theme for today is???

MY favourite blue characters - the SMURFS!

We haven't had much time so last night we did some last minute shopping.... nothing fantastic though. Husby couldn't get his Gargamel outfit in time so no Gargamel this year. We shall be pleasant  cute Smurfs yah?

THere will be blue face paint but I wonder if everyone is up for that. I am not so sure for myself.....

Can't wait for later. Hope it will be fun!


3 more days!

Yup, I have been really busy and that explains the temporary hiatus from blogging.

One of the reasons is definitely the preparations for the upcoming SYF! Oh gosh ...

This is the first time the dance club is entering SYF since we just started last year. There are a lot of hopes but I must also remember not to add too much pressure on them . After all, this is their first time :)

I did take some photos during the rehearsals at UCC. They are not of good quality though because I spent most of my time video-taping them .

I hope that the hard work will pay off this coming Tuesday. Wish us good luck!

There goes my Juicy....

Oh well....

I cannot buy that Juicy Couture watch after all.

After browsing again , I realise it is a bangle-type of watch , not the bracelet-type.

This means that the size/circumference cannot be adjusted. I have TINY wrists (hehehe....), and I know there is no way I can fit into the standard size for a watch.

OH well..... I guess I just to continue searching for the baby pink watch that I need want.

Anyway, I had a good Saturday. Spent the whole morning at home with husby, talking about anything and everything under the sun. I love chatting with my best friend :)

After lunch and some necessary errands, I did some mini shopping. I bought 2 shawls and 2 flower brooches, while he bought me this really cute polka-dotted peach dress. Hehe.... I hope I do not look overaged in that!

So now , it is back to work...A very busy week ahead, again!