Pink Garden - Diapercake

Yesterday was officially the last day of school for the secondary school kids.

But I cannot say YIPPEE yet..... because the O levels are still going on and I am down for invigilation. Very boring to stand around, you know! And we still have those workshops and meetings to attend. I would say holidays for the teachers would start only in December.

I am not gonna talk about my holiday plans yet .

Actually , I just finished 'baking' a cake ... gosh, it has been quite some time since the last order.

I named the cake "Pink Garden" since it is (obviously) in pink and designs are mainly of butterflies and flowers. I LIKE!!!!

Ingredients in 'Pink Garden':
23 M Size Diapers
1 Carters Bib
1 Carters Romper
1 pair of socks
1 FOX baby jacket (This is so pretty!!! I wished I had taken a photo of it laid out)
1 pink hairband
1 pair of shoes


I love baking this one because it is so diabetically sweet and is in my favourite colour to boot! I kept telling husby , " Sweet, isn't it? Sweet, right?" LOL.....

Hope the mummy will love this gift as much I loved baking it.

Seriously, this beats many other gifts  for newborns and even toddlers! If you do have an occasion for this, do drop an email to we do towel cakes as well (so can give to adults)!

Till then. Adios!

Power Shopping

Since there is a thing called Power Nap, there should also be a term known as POWER SHOPPING.

Because I did just that.

It was really a quick one. 45 mins flat.

See, touch , buy. See , try , buy.

All because we didn't have much time to spare and it was such an impulse decision to drop by the mall. I didn't buy much though but enough to satisfy my hunger shopping pangs :)

Power shopping includes.........................

 It just so happened that both shopping bags 
that day were pink! LOVED! I just threw in 
my COACH wristlet to join in the party :)

 Something for a casual day . It is supposed 
to be a top / short dress but being the
petite me, I obviously have to alter the
length.I shall send it to my favourite tailor. 
She is known as 'Mummy'.... heeeheee  

 Sheer Romance was having a sale for all 
its nighties. 40% off! Obviously, must grab!
This was love at first sight. The black
flowers against the dusty pink 
background makes it a really pretty shawl.
  I am trying to be a little more ladylike 
here. I am more of a jeans-and-tops 
person. It is very rare for one to 
catch me in a dress or skirt. Hehe....
so I shall go slow....
 I love this grey long dress. But again , 
alteration is the magic word!

What I love most about the dress is the back...

Yup, that's about all that I bought. Totally energized me after that. LOL

Husby only bought one item but as always, his one item costs more than my many items combined. Guys' stuffs are so bloody expensive!

NIKE windbreaker

We had a quick lunch after that (Power lunch?) at Swensons. We could never miss our staples there....

They should come up with a "power" term for various activities - Power Run , Power Dinner, Power Gym, Power Fight..... what else?

Marianah's Wedding

I love weddings!

Especially that of close friends or members of the family....

It was definitely good timing (for us, at least) for my aunt (hehe... she's younger than me by 3 months actually) to get married. We are done with markings and most admin work so were able to fully enjoy ourselves on the 2 days.

It was unfortunate though, that I forgot to bring my camera battery for the solemnization... so no photos for that :(

Just some photos for the day... more at FB .

 The reception table

 Pretty dais

 One of the many Gantries

The cool groom

The stunning bride

 Just married

 The silat

 This is what happens whenever
there is ice-cream....

 His sexy pout.......

To Marianah and Leoaidil, 

Congratulations... You guys are perfect for each other! May you find eternal bliss in this sacred marriage. 



P/S: Dearie, shall we do it again ? :P

Qualities of A Guy (to look out for)...

What makes one so sure that the significant other is the perfect one?
I guess (unless you are really lucky), there can never be a 100% certainty if that is really the one before one decides to get married. I was very sure I wanted to be with him but I was not 100% sure it was going to be easy or it was to be a happily-ever-after kind of story.

To make it slightly more complicated, he was on the rather religious side  so during our dating period, there was not much of intimacy. No holding hands (my friends are still amazed by this), no cuddling , limited expressions of love... but what touched me was that whatever he did, I could feel that it was with much sincerity and honesty. I was not sure if he would love me fully for what I am but he said he did. And since he was always so sincere, I took it all in :)

No regrets.

I think everyone should have some guidelines in finding that perfect partner (ok , he may not be perfect but perfect for you lah...)... I am going to say this from a lady's point of view but I guess, it can work both ways.



Of course that occasional 'lies' like for the purpose of surprising you on birthdays / anniversaries should be acceptable ... or even small things like saying "No , you are not fat" just to please you. I also believe that it is alright to keep some matters to yourself , for example, you feel down but you don't show it to protect the other party's interest.But other than that , honest to the core. Husby is. He  is honest about where he goes, what he does... and if he is going out with colleagues (with females around) or he is giving some female colleagues a lift home from a course, he would always call me first.

Not that I mind lah... I am not so narrow-minded but I appreciate what he does.



Ok, this is very important! I think it is very crucial to have a partner who supports you in whatever you do (as long as it is legal and not immoral). He loves his mum a lot but being an older person , there are definitely times when we feel her thoughts are rather out-dated or impractical. But husby never let himself get caught in between. If he feels I am right, he will talk to his mum and try , as patiently as he could, to let her understand our situation. If he thinks I need advice or reprimanding, he does not hesitate to do so.

Maybe it is just in the Malay community (others too?), but mothers always seem to be very protective over sons. But I am glad husby manages to keep everything well. I love my mum-in-law :)


OMG. Yes, Husby is sooooooooo fun! I am quite crazy and will do quirky things at times. I used to fear that once we are married, I will feel restricted and all.... but no! I think he is crazier than me . He is the person I have the most fun with ! Life with him is madness! I LIKE!



Oh gosh... this is so him. Husby LOVES to work. He is such a workaholic that it drives me crazy sometimes. But well, at least that shows he is a responsible guy.



Whatever happens, a guy should never use violence to express his anger. Unless, of course, he catches you sleeping around or cheating on him...then you deserve a big , tight slap! Hehe.... Husby seldom gets angry with me but if he does, the most that happens is that he will raise his voice. And I get scared already... Hahaha.... Anyway, I've warned him before. If he ever dares to kick me or something, I'll kick him back 20 times fold!



Whether you suddenly develop stretch marks, grow fat or lose all your money, his love doesn't fade. I have not grown super fat yet (I hope never!) but I know that I can give him lots of shit. Especially with my spending habits.... :P ... but yeah, I know that he loves me far beyond all that ...and I am not sure if I am able to give him all the love and care he deserves ( I do get lazy sometimes ... and insist on not cooking). Tsk Tsk.

I guess, if your boyfriend has all the above qualities, he would make a good husband material. Or , if you are like me, who could only find out after marriage, well... at least, you can be sure your husband is for keeps!

I have only been married for 2 years plus and some may feel that it is too short a time to conclude anything... but I know that I am very happy and I've made the right choice in accepting him as the perfect one for me.

I pray that will be for eternity.

                                                                 ------THE END-------

P/S: In case I get accused of plagiarizing, I did get the idea to write the above from a Yahoo article I read online. :)

For the Rest of My Life

This has got to be one of the most love beautiful songs I've ever heard.

It's different, honest and really touches the heart.

Now, how to hint to husby to sing it to me?


FACEBOOK addict - are you one?

I've wondered, more than a couple of times, if I am addicted to Facebook.

You see, the first thing I do when I reach my work cubicle each morning is to log on to my FB account. I call that warming up.

After working for a few hours, I would sneak in a few minutes of FB. I call that relaxing. This happens every few hours (oops!)

Once I am home in the evening, after I am done with my bath and prayers, I say Hello to FB again.

Is that addiction or what? Even as I am writing this, one of the tabs is channelled to FB page... LOL.

Just so happened , there is an article online which helps you figure out if you are, indeed, addicted to Facebook. I guess I should take the test...

12 signs of Facebook Addiction

1) Can't go for more than a few minutes without telling the world (or, at least, their long-suffering circle of friends) exactly what's happening in their life. 
NOT GUILTY. Sometimes, I change my FB status only after four days. I'd rather just text husby to vent out feelings.

2) You'd forget your friends' birthdays if it wasn't for Facebook reminders.
GUILTY.  This is embarrassing but yes, I think it happened thrice ...and one of them is even a close friend. TSk TSk...

3) You speak to your best friend more often on Facebook than in real life.
Previously you'd pick up your phone if you wanted to tell your friends something, or maybe drop them a text message to meet for a chat.
PART GUILTY. I do not chat with best friend through Facebook because she rarely logs in. But yes, I do use FB as a medium to exchange news with my friends and ex-colleagues...instead of meeting up for tea or something, like we used to...

4) Broadcasting your emotional status ... can be lamenting and whining about break-ups or being mushy-gushy with the other half.
NOT GUILTY. To me, either one is a very private affair ...there is no need for the whole world to know. My brother and his gf are currently guilty of that ...aiyo......

5) You check Facebook from your phone on holiday
NOT GUILTY. Most of the holidays I've had, I always seem to be having loads of fun. Anyway, it is too costly!

6) You've taken out a loan to cover your Farmville/Fish World/Mafia habit
NOT GUILTY.  Muaahahaha.... I have NEVER even tried those games. Never will.

7) Your mood depends on how many 'friends' you've added to your account
NOT GUILTY.   Most of the time, I don't add friends - only if those people matter or we are / have been close before.

8) Creating a separate account for your pet / baby / plant etc.
NOT GUILTY. That sounds like a lot of work, I can't be bothered.

9) When you are out, you wonder what is happening on Facebook. 
NOT GUILTY. When I am out, I focused on my activities.. heh...

10)  You haven't seen your significant other for quite some time.
NOT GUILTY. I see him everyday! :P

11) You update you FB status even in the loo
Let me see.....hhhmhmmmmm.... NOT GUILTY.

12) You cam-whore to put it up as your profile picture (eg: using mirror to assist)
Confirm NOT GUILTY. In fact , it is difficult to find a photo of me alone. Most of my photos are taken with other people... I find it difficult to pose and smile , all on my own.

So there? I scored 1 and 1/2 GUILTY out of 12!


Are you? *winks*

Oily food!

This has got to be one of the oiliest and most MSG- saturated SOTO AYAM / MEE SOTO you can find. 

We went for breakfast at  Afghanistan restaurant in Tampines yesterday morning. Well, this is not really a favourite place of mine as I do not particular like the food sold there. But husby wanted to eat the Gado-Gado and there did not seem to be any other place selling that. 

I have eaten the Mee Soto / Soto Ayam (they use the same soup) and never liked the fact that I can really taste the MSG in the soup. Yesterday was again a no-choice situation for me because we were in a hurry and that was the fastest we could get....

Goodness gracious! The soup was salty and super oily... and I avoided the soup as much as I could. If only I could squeeze it out of the rice cubes and chicken slices that had already been pre-soaked in it. 

See? That's what I mean. What happened to the almost-clear yellow-based Soto soup? Clear but full of spices... but the above was definitely not good for the stomach. 

I know that Malay dishes are mostly rather fattening and unhealthy but I think this is quite absurd. Maybe next time I should feedback to the makcik selling it , yah?


Sister is in Germany now ....ooohhhh... How I wish I am in her place!

She just updated us that she went out shopping for our bags. Heehee... yeah , those European brands are cheaper definitely when you purchase over there as compared to SG. I wonder what she gets for herself ...

Sadly though , the Longchamps rucksack I wanted is not available in the store... or rather, the colour that I prefer...

 Really wanted this beige one...It was love 
at first sight when I was surfing through 
the website! 

Now I have to give her alternative colours. She said the RED one is pretty but it is pretty tough to match RED with clothes since I want the rucksack to be a versatile one.... 

So, I settled for the following colours...

I hope that great news awaits me and that the store has the medium-sized shoulder bag in shocking pink. It's pretty tough to get that , even in SG. Brother is coming back soon from the US... I hope he doesn't forget my teeny weeny Kate Spade request :)

Ok...I must stop this shopping craze before it goes out of hand.

Back to the papers!

What does this mean?


Someone left me a comment on one of the posts in a language I don't comprehend... Korean? Japanese?

菊花賞 2010 has left a new comment on your post "MENDAK......":

第71回 菊花賞 2010 今年の波乱を大予想!出走馬の厳選された情報だけを公開…気になるアノ馬の仕上がり具合とは?さらにオッズやデータを分析し、必勝買い目を導き出す!

So can someone help to translate? Is it just a spam?


Husby collected the 75 cupcakes he ordered for his graduating students.

He really loves this class , as much as I love my 4E2 last year. He has been making personalised bookmarks for them. Hehe.... I am reminded how much effort I put in in the give-away souvenirs for my 4E2 last year.

Anyway, he actually ordered two extra cupcakes for us. Yeah! A nice surprise in the morning.

I am really hungry at the moment but I cannot bear to eat it!

Ronald Macdonald

Are you afraid of Ronald Macdonald?

We were sending my sister off at the airport last Saturday. She was going for training in Germany .

How nice is that? I know I will never get such opportunity *jealous face*

Anyway after we waved the thousands of goodbyes, it was a trip to Macdonalds for supper snack.

Nephew has always been a lil afraid of Ronald Macdonald. Perhaps the red hair and weird looking eyes were too much for him. BUt he was such a brave boy that night!

Must be the presence of the pretty girl -- must act macho!

 Brave boy even sitting on Ronald's lap!

Now that's the reason why he probably acted 
macho! :P Btw, that is his aunt. Yes, AUNTIE.

He continued showing off his bravery by singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes..." and pointing at the respective areas on Ronald's body. It was really cute ... I was too busy laughing to take a video of it... 

It was a bit tough to get them to take a picture together though ... both were still active despite it being a late hour already. 


FINALLY! Look at Mustaqims pouting lips. Sexy yah? But move your vision to Athirah's right hand , and you'll see a pacifier. Haha... yeah, she pulled out his pacifier just in time when I snapped the pic. Very clever girl!

They really remind me of my uncle and I . My youngest uncle is only a year older than me . We grew up together and were very loyal playmates. Athirah and Mustaqim are only a few months apart.... I think that's why they can click (and forever kissing each other!)..

Kids.... they really brighten up my days... 


Idiotic Lexus driver

It was another encounter with an idiotic Lexus driver.

I never had a good impression of Lexus drivers - especially BLACK LEXUS. Don't blame me for being judgemental ... blame those uncivilised owners. They drive likethey own the roads....They are worse than the WHITE MERCEDES.

Yesterday, we were at the huge carpark at Tanjong Katong carpark . This carpark is always full especially on weekends so we were quite prepared to go a few rounds before finding a lot.

Luckily for us, a car on the right was moving out. Husby quickly put on the hazard lights and the minute the car moved out, he angled our car and started reversing. ANY STUPID FOOL could see that we were moving into that lot.

So imagine our shock when a BLACK LEXUS just zoomed in (from the left) and park his ugly , monstrous car there! I was stunned... that was sheer rudeness! It was not even a case of " Ooops, I didn't know you were parking there!".... RUDE RUDE RUDE. We did not drive off yet and we stared at the big ass. But the no-brain coward just kept looking down, before coming out from the ugly machine.

My husby wound down the window and shouted at him," Thank you, Sir..for being SO RUDE!" ... a few people were walking around and they all stared at him. And guess what? That monkey actually looked at us, SMILED, and waved his hand. BLOODY HELL!!!

We were in a rush to a fren's kid's birthday party so we quickly found another lot...I even forgot to take a photo of his car.

Now, I am normally a very patient driver and seldom get angry on the road. But I was so pissed off that I swore a few times. Why can't people be gracious and courteous? It is such a bad reflection upon drivers in our society !

I swore that if he happened to be a guest at the party, I was going to go up to him and give him a piece of my mind. 'Unfortunately' , he wasn't and could not experience my flying kick.

He really was such an ass.



I have never kept it a secret that my other half is as vain as I am , and loves shoes like I do!

It is no wonder that it's the only thing he approves of me buying every now and then.... :)

Thus, it was such a joy to find another person to share with me the joy of buying shoes. Actually, she is not such a shoe-freak like me but I truly hope she will be converted ! Haha..... I mean , it is really fun to go shoe shopping with another female. Girl-bonding , u know ...

That's Sharifa and I during the
National Day celebrations.

The intention was just for her to get a pair of heels. I was just supposed to be a companion. We first went to my favourite store, Charles n Keith.

I saw the pair I've wanted for a long time at 40% discount!!! O.M.G.... but the new-prudent me had to fight much of the temptation. Just because I know FOR SURE I would not be wearing them often. Purple heels are not easy to match.

And so, the fren settled on a pair of white sandals as she could not find a suitable pair of heels. I thought that would be the end of the shopping trip until I remembered that I wanted to check out the shoes at Pazzion.

I've heard so much about it but never had the chance to look at I dragged my dear Sharifah there.

We literally went crazy , I think.

Pazzion shoes are really unique in designs and very eye-catching. Yet , they are not outlandish but very subtly highlight the little details. When Sharifah tried on the third pair, I asked her which pair she was getting.

Apparently, ALL THREE! (She was in a peachy mood that day... You'll soon understand..)


I love the patterns on the heel! It just jazzes
up an otherwise simple pumps :) Prettaye!

A versatile pair. Looks good with dress , skirt or jeans.
The ribbon at the back adds on to the girlish factor.

 SWEEEEETTTTTTTTTT!!!!! This was the 
pair that first caught my eyes .
I don't think I can carry this off though, 
becauseI am not ladylike and sweet
like that. She wore it with a skirt 
the other day... Angelic :) Even the
students noticed the shoes!

Woo hoo! I've found another shoe-mate ! Hehe..... How could I resist the beautiful sight, right? I decided to get a pair myself. That was tough though, because I liked so many of them. But I had a budget and I had to stick to it. Come , see my new loves!

 I've been wanting to get a pair of brown 
gladiators  but there was never a perfect one
... until I saw these! With added height, some
more! love love!

The lady who attended to us (I think her name was Jackie?) was really patient and attentive to our shopping needs. She was with us throughout, patiently waiting while we pranced about whilst trying on the shoes. It was such great joy when she said we could apply for the VIP card since we have bought 4 pairs. That means discounts in future! I Like!

I thought that would be the end but my new-formed fashionista friend had set her eyes on yet another pair.

A pair of gorgeous silver ballet pumps.... sigh.....

I believe PAZZION is going to be my favourite store.

Some facts to know about PAZZION

1. ALL the shoes are made of leather. Some may be purely leather while others may be a mixture (eg: leather with PVC)
2. New designs are added every two weeks.
3. VIP membership gives you a 10% for every purchase and 20% during your birthday month.
4. Price range - $60 and above.
5. Many are designed with crystals.

Oh ... and I like their paper bag!

I believe packaging is very important if 
one wants to make an impression.

You can drop by their Facebook link @ Pazzion.

You can view photos of their shoes but obviously, that's not enough! You've got to come down , touch and try the shoes on yourselves. So far, mine has been really comfortable :) No regrets.

I shall be very nice and list down all the branches.

1. Tampines Mall
2. Marina Square
3. Bugis Junction
4.Wisma Atria
5. Junction 8
6. The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands

If you decide to pay PAZZION a visit, all I could say is "Happy Shoe-Shopping" !