Sweetie Pie - Diapercake

I have always wanted to make a diapercake using a tutu skirt.

I just find tutu skirts very cute and girly! I wished my mum had dressed me in one when I was a little kid. But obviously not... I think during my time, only those who went for ballet classes got to enjoy such privilege!

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When I received an order for a diapercake for a girl, I went shopping for the ingredients almost immediately. And I was so happy to find a tutu skirt which was not only of good quality, but also reasonably-priced !

The customer only wanted a one-tier cake though...if not, I would have gone crazy piling up everything princessy and girly onto the cake!

Some of the ingredients

I know I am praising myself but I find the whole ensemble really sweet and pretty! hahhaa..... Now , we've added a nicer gift tag (which includes a picture of the cake , for memories' sake!) and a blank gift card for you to pen down your wishes.

I used to ask customers for their wishes in advance so that I can print them on the card. But some people really take a long time to decide on their wishes. I have other things to do , you know... so maybe , this is a better option ?  :)

You may have realised there is an extra watermark on the photos that says "D'Fine Yourstyle". Well, that's something my sisters-in-law and I have ventured into . I shall blog about it in detail another time.

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Counting down

And the countdown begins!

Countdown to what? The 'O' levels!

Although I took my Os more than a decade ago, I still go into the anxious, and panicky mode every year. One of the job hazards.

The funny thing is the students themselves are still adopting the cool and calm attitude. We just gave out the prelim papers this wk and some were still nonchalant abt the whole thing.

Come on, people! You reap only what u sow!

3 more weeks of intensive lessons and night study sessions. I hope they wake up and panic now!

Too mich of stress and work the past few weeks, I am going to snooze my way through facial later.
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Gosh..how long has it been? Three weeks since my last update, I think.

Well, we have been trying to enjoy our hari raya amidst all the busy work. I hv loads of photos to upload but I hv no idea if I will be able to afford the time to.

Just decided to download blogger app into my phone so that explains why I am now blogging while in the car.

Got to make it short though...niece's birthday party to attend later and perhaps a bit more of raya visiting...shall try to be home early tonight. Adios!
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