Tunrned 27 yesterday. Oh gosh...so old ...approaching the big 30! And yet, amalan belum banyak to secure a place in heaven. MY birthday wish ? Happiness - dunia dan akhirat :)

Just wanna express my gratitude to :
1) Family - for that surprise mini celebration last Thursday. Paiseh betul... so many candles on the cake. What a direct reminder!

2) Ratnah - for dedicating yesterday's blog entry to me. U rawkkk, baby !

3) Friends n Students for their wishes

4) Obviously, to my significant other. 14 hrs of celebration straight!!!! Gosh.... How I wish the day never ended. Truly memorable, truly unforgettable ( u know, I know...) ....heheheh. I love you :)

Much Luv,
Fairy Queen
You know how couples get married and start to plan for their own crib? Along the way, they may decide to get a car... but the crazy us are getting a car, married and flat ALL at the same time ! CAn u imagine what a big damn hole this will burn in our pockets? Ok...I admit, it will definitely be more for him... but urrrrghhhh....money makes the world go round? Money gives me headache ah......the lack of it $$ , that's it.

Just got our cute miut little Suzuki Swift yesterday. Oklah ...must admit I was rather apprehensive initially about his choice of colour. BUt I think the colour kinda grows on me. I like it a lot already :P I retained my old plate number and I think a new car with an old plate looks pretty cool! hehhee...The only downside is I am not allowed to turn it into a toy factory like the old car --- whereby I had so many soft toys or cartoony things inside. LOL.

We went house hunting just now. KInda got good vibes abt one certain flat in Pasir Ris. We shall see how it goes... sellers are getting pretty ridiculous with their demands for the cash money . In fact, there was one agent whom my dad called up, who said that the owner is asking for $100K cash payment...What the hell...The walls are made of gold, is it? I hope things go well and we are able to settle down n decide soon ...

Hmmmm..I am suddenly feeling sleepy. I guess I shd go to bed .GOtta wake up early tmrw for bro's POP...woo hoo!!!!
i was bored ...so I actually edited frenster's profile. haha
I have just finished clearing , perhaps, 2 /5 of the 'rubbish' at my cubicle. Gosh! There was so much to clear away...I used p 4 huge bags ( u know, those big red bags) plus a box .... I have no idea how I stored all those stuffs .... well, at the moment, my table now looks like a table. THe table is NEAT.... hah....I haven't, however :

1) sorted out all those loose documents and worksheets. I need to file them. For now, I just put them in two piles - Eng, Math, others. I would do the filing another day .... cos I know I would prob take another half a day.

2) cleared the drawers. I dun dare to , today, for fear that I would come across some lizards, cobwebs or cockroaches. Yeah. It's THAT bad.

3) cleared the area UNDER the table. That place- I dun even know how to start!!!!! JUst looking at it scares me...that one...raja segala Cicak ada bertapa kat dalam. Hahhaha...... from a rough view, I can see 7 chapteh and 3 basketballs...wat else...they were confiscated during lessons!! I can also see a big radio box ( wonder if there is a radio inside ) , many many files with notes and worksheets, a mat ( HUH???) , empty files, a tripod (what the hell...this belonged to the ex-bf ..which means the tripod has been there for more than 2 yrs !!!!) ...plus many other nonsense

I just cannot imagine how the hell I am gonna pack my table come June next year....Rat n Ida...how the hell did u guys do it ???? Tell meeeeeee.......

I have 3 paper cuts on my right hand and one on my left hand. Sakit nak mampus lah......

On another note, I think my table looks less pink ....hmmmm....could the fiance's wish be coming true? For me to like pink less? But I dun think so lah...I still think it's the sweetest colour that can brighten me up any time, any day....

ok...dun know what else to talk abt. When the mood comes, I'll log in again. Ciao!
I woke up at nine today... that is such a blessing , looking at how my schedule had been the past 2 weeks. Totally no rest!!! So yesterday when my day finally ended at about 4 pm, I decided to go for facial at that oh-so-heavenly branch of Bioskin at Wheelocke Place. I still remember the first them I went there with Rat. We just couldn't find the shop as it was hidden within the mall.... I hope I can still get to go for facial with Rat in future ...hehehe...I definitely shall miss her... :(

Anyway, my house is crowded. Besides my new BIL , my grandma n cousin are staying here too.Grandma is not well and my cousin is here to 'teman' here as the house gets really empty and quiet on weekdays. Bro's home for the weekend so u can go ahead and imagine the crowd. Oh ...I am not complaining.... but I am just trying to get used to it. I am someone who appreciates personal space and quiet moments when I am home ( apa tak...everyday, see so many people at work)... sometimes, it gets a bit tough. Like yesterday. I was darn tired after work ... but we had visitors - aunts and uncles who came over to see my grandma. Close relatives so I couldn't possibly rot in my room.then cousin kept asking me so many questions ... Agian , not her fault. Just that I could really have done with some 'alone' moments in my room...and then just sleep....hehhee....

Fiance is like that too... I think I can imagine how in future, there would be times when we just won't talk even when in the same house..but after some sleep, we would be energetic and chatty again. :-P 3 more months to go... Yes, I wld honestly say I can't wait for that special day . At the same time, I am also nervous. I mean... 27 yrs on my own...within the comforts of my family ... now everything's gonna change - new man , new life, new house ( hopefully), new everything... now u can't blame me if I get a bit nervous or scared ...