Freelance Designer - for your cards, posters, tags etc!

Sometimes I have lots of ideas in my head.

I want to design , draw, paint..... I want to customise my gifts for people , I want my ideas to materialise....

BUT .... and it is a huge BUT.....

I cannot draw, cannot paint and worst of all, I suck at Photoshop!

Simple editing and all is fine but when I need those talents or skills to cut , crop, move or blend, everything comes to naught. Sad, isn't it? Especially when I really want to get something different from what we get from the shops.

For my brother's recent wedding, I wanted some cards to be placed at each table, together with the centrepiece provided by the wedding vendor. It was to be a simple request for guests to hashtag the photos taken and uploaded on Instagram, to allow us to view the various photos.

The wedding theme was Retro so I wanted something colourful and eye-catching. Unfortunately (though nothing new), it was Term 3 of the school year - the busiest term every time! I had no time to sit and sketch,  much less time to even attempt to lay out my ideas on print. 

Thank goodness I have a very reliable person to turn to! She is the one I go to whenever I need to  get designs / posters done. 

A person who is very easy to work with , it was even easier to let her know what I wanted and let her do the magic. She is very efficient and meticulous in her designs. What makes it even better is that I can tell her, without any apprehension, if I want something changed or adjusted without much of a fuss from her. Perfect customer service! 

Here are some of the designs we had for the centrepieces....

There were about 10 designs altogether but I did not manage to snap photos of all because as the hem... sister of the groom , I was more or less running around like an excited and /or mad woman. Haha! She also did the gift tags for the wedding favours but sorry , no photos of that!

Here are some of her other pieces of work...

You may choose to get this young lady to do the printing for you ... She will source for the best papers suitable for your designs and needs. That's exactly what I did for my brother's wedding  - got her to do the printing and lamination because I simply had no time to do all that ! That comes with an extra minimal fee , of course but hey, so worth the saving of time!

Alternatively, you can just get her to design / realise your ideas and pay for the artwork. It is then yours for keeps :) ...better still, her fees are extremely reasonable and affordable! 

Therefore, if you need any artwork for whatever purposes, small or big , do contact 
Nur Afiqah at

She will be more than glad to show her other works if necessary :)

Worry not!

I am such a worry-wart.

I worry about my markings, my lessons, what clothes to wear, how few clothes I have that are suitable for now.

I worry about not putting on enough weight so I eat and eat... then I worry about putting on too much weight.


Astaghfirullah .

Of course there is one main issue that I am most concerned about at the moment . It makes me happy 90% of the time. The rest of the 10% - I just worry.

I worry if I am careful enough , I worry if I have enough rest, I worry if everything is going well - hehe... that is a lot for 10% , yah?

Other than that , I am very thankful and grateful for how that I have been blessed with .

All I can do now is to increase my prayers to Him and hope that He blesses us and takes care of the little one :)