Customised Wardrobe Part 1 : Down with the old!

Five years ago when we moved into our current place, I brought along my then-already-3-yrs old cupboard. They looked pretty new and dad had given it a new coat of paint. Although we had our own customised wardrobe in the master bedroom, we felt that we needed some extra space.

And boy , did we need that!

I've always thought that it was big enough but you should have seen how cramped it was inside! Bedsheets, curtains, shawls, bags, traditional clothes, towels, praying attires etc etc. All squeezed into this 4-door cupboard , without much of a space to breathe. [All our work / going-out clothes and accessories are in our master bedroom.]

The left side is something like an L-shaped cupboard which allowed a little more space.

But a year or so ago, this COURTS cupboard started to fall apart. Shelves gave way and the clothes railing could no longer bear the weight of our baju kurongs etc. What we did then was to shift most of the clothes into IKeA boxes and only left a few on the rail. Each time the shelves gave way, I would put them back and arrange my shawls all over again.What a horrendous chore!

Finally, last week ,we decided enough is enough. We are going to have a customised wardrobe in the guest room , after much procastination.

We got a contact from a colleague of mine and after some market research and quotations, we finally decided on this recommendation as the price was the most affordable :)

We contacted Mr David Seah from MU Design Associates. He came to our place to look at our room , draw out our ideas and gave some of his own in return.

I am always particular about who we deal with - I must be able to communicate with that person and he must somehow be able to 'read my mind'. Make sense, no? Thus, Mr Seah gave me good vibes as he understood what we wanted and able to draw it out for us to visualise.

He came on Thursday night and said that they would demolish our current cupboard on Saturday morning.

What?!?! So fast??? That would mean I have to clear the cupboard in just one night...

Therefore, that was our Friday night project.... EMPTY the wardrobe!

The bottom area was mainly used to store bedsheets and curtains. I swear that they take up so much space! I must get rid of some soon...let go of the older ones.  Second shelf from the bottom (on the left) are some bags.

My poor bags having almost no ventilation as they are stacked up like that :( ...Patience babies...ur new home is coming soon!

Like a Tsunami-hit zone! Having nowhere else , we dumped as much as we could on the 3-seater sofa while the rest went on the floor.

Still not enough space..we had to spill over to the study room. Oh Gosh! 

On Saturday morning, Mr Seah and his workers came over to demolish the old cupboard and take measurements for the new ones....ooohh....exciting!

That's Mr Seah in grey. Look at the amount of dust on  the floor!

We haven't seen this side of the wall for a long, long time.  Soon, it will be time to say goodbye again.

For one whole week, I had to endure this eyesore in the guest room. It just looks super messy with everything on the sofa and the floor.

But hey , good things come to those who wait. Our new wardrobe will finally be installed tomorrow morning. I cannot wait to organise my stuff etc !

Look out for my update soon!

Oh, wanna guess the colours of the wardrobe?

Let the hair down!

And so it was Teachers' Day yet again.

Teachers' Day used to fall on 1Sept but it has been changed to the first Friday of September. This is one of the best decisions ever made because that will mean that in the last week of school (before the September hols), there will only be 3 working days!  Thurs - celebration , Fri - actual Teachers' Day so it is a school holiday, followed by the weekend, and then it's Sept hols!

Most teachers would still have to work during the Sept hols but it is , at least, a break from preparing everyday lessons!

There was the usual celebration that Thursday morning, with my form class  and then with the rest of the school in the hall. I love the cake that my students cute! And it was surprisingly really good as well!

My Lovable Form Class 3A1

It's not the size that matters..... heheheh.....



That very same night, we had a dinner function at Crowne Plaza (the one linked to Changi Airport Terminal 3).  The theme for the function was 'A Night at the Movies' and we were supposed to dress according to any characters shown on the big screen before.

My table decided to be Team Hogwarts!

It was pretty fun to see teachers dress up. We also had Princess Aurora. Viking and Minions!
It was a good night spent after all the hard work in crazy Term 3!


Home Cleaning Services

One thing I have to admit is that the husband and I are definitely not neat freaks.

Yes, we love having our home looking nice and cosy but we are not like those who are very particular about every single corner of the house (sometimes I wish one of us is like that!).

We are also , honestly, very busy people. Our workload often spill into the nights and weekends. During peak periods, we can go without much of a social life as we persevere to finish our job , which fortunately or unfortunately, is also our greatest passion.

Thus, we have toyed with the idea of a part-time maid more than a few times. Both of us are violently against the idea of having a full-time maid staying with us so a part-time one is the next best thing.

After months, or probably years, of toying with that idea, I finally succumbed a few months back because  I could not take it anymore! Honestly , no energy left to do those tiring house chores ! (simple ones are still ok...)

So I went online and decided on Domestic One Home Services.

Initially, I wanted to go for the fortnightly services. That would mean paying $288 for agent fee and then $15 per hour for a minimum of 4 hrs per session - sounds very reasonable. However, husby reminded me that this superbly busy period will cease towards end of school semester and we may not need such a frequent home cleaning service. Finally , I decided to just opt for an ad-hoc service.

It was $110 for a 4-hr session. I was satisfied with how the housekeeper cleaned my house so a month later, I called again.

This time round, I was informed the price had been increased to $120 . So expensive lah...but no choice , it is something we really need at this moment. This time round, it was a younger lady but she was just as efficient as the first one. I have to say I am happy with the services of  Domestic One.

The third time, I decided to try out , just because they are way cheaper - $80 for 4 hours. I was a little skeptical - what if the housekeeper was not as good as the first two?  But to my pleasant surprise, she was great as well! They all have their own strengths and weaknesses but as long as my house is really clean after that , I am happy!

However, the boss of pinkmaids is this really rude man. I do not want to go into details but omg , I really could not believe that anyone in the service industry could be so so rude! I may not return to them just because I do not want to experience the same rudeness again. A pity , isn't it? You have a great staff working for you but you lose customers just because you are short-tempered like that . Geez.....

I'll probably call back Domestic One for the next round of house cleaning .... just hope they won't increase their prices again!

Just a little peek into my humble home....

Lots of red and black!