Online shopping is the Best!

I am officially an online shopper.

It is crazy but it SOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!! all started somewhere in end January when I was bored and decided to visit

After that, I was linked to other sites that definitely prove to be very 'dangerous'.

My online loot so far (or at least, what I can remember..):

1)  Marc Jacobs Nylon Tote Bag
2) Marc Jacobs Packable Shopping bag
3) at least 5 syalas / shawls
4) Pants from
5) 6 dresses/tops from

All within a month or two... how not to be broke?

Online shopping is addictive and I make sure I use my debit card for all my purchases, not my credit card. least I know I won't be in debt :) :)

Something shitty happened this morning with one of the school leaders. I was frustrated and when I checked my email, there was a notification from regarding some L'Oreal Cosmetics.

And yeah... u guess it... I bought ! Just something small to cheer myself up. One lipstick and one lipgloss.... with postage, the total price is only $24. That is the price of one lipstick at retail price!

I am happy with myself for saving money.

Anyway , I laid my eyes on this pretty thing. I am still thinking if I should part with my money for this .....

Pink watch from Juicy Couture. USD 212

Should I , should I ?

The Mini-Me

I would not say I have a blessed life .

There were definitely obstacles along the way .

Some are pretty trivial like horrible break-ups, disappoining results... you know, those things you go through in your growing-up years.

I have had serious problems too such as my once-mountainous credit card bills (hehe....I am glad I have since repented) and of course, the most serious one was dealing with my dad's cancer. That was tough. Really tough . Up till now, I still have no idea how my family survived through the whole ordeal.

But what I am going through has got to be the most physically, mentally and emotionally challenging problem I personally have thus far.

As much as I want to share (because one seriously needs to get it out of the system), I cannot.

All I can say is it is painful , it hurts, it 'kills' my drive.

All I can do is cry. And pray. And hope.

Sometimes, I wonder where I get all the strength to go on with life normally, to carry out my career with commitment, to still shower love to everyone whom I care for.

I wonder.

Husby has been my best companion, of course. He picks me up, lifts me up and encourages me to move on. He is the sweetest thing ever.

But that does not change the hurt I go through although he makes it easier.

I always wonder if this is retribution. I wasn't really the best kid a parent could have, neither am I the best in God's eye *shudders*

When I am alone, my imagination can go really far and I would end up scaring myself silly..... as if what I am going through is not scary enough.

I am so small , so petite yet the 'problem' I am shouldering is oh-so-heavy.

I know I cannot and should not give up hope to carry on with life. And I know I would always have Him and husby as my best confidantes.

It is easy to cry and cry but that would never solve it. I know that and I try not to.

Of course the word is 'try'.

Staycation @ Royal Plaza on Scotts

14th March 2011 marked our 3rd year of life together.

What else can I say? I have been truly happy and blessed to lead a life together with the one I love.

3 years seem so fast ....just like the saying "when you are enjoying youself, you feel that time passes by real quickly" !

We did not do much of a celebration this time round as it was back to work by the 15th...such a spolier.

I am not really in the mood for words so pictures will do, ya?

Checked in at Royal Plaza on Scotts

The very familiar lobby

I guess because it was a Sunday , we automatically got upgraded to Premiere room. Yeah!

Free WIFI!

Sexy see-through bathroom :P

Love the blue velvet armchair

In-room Nespresso machine with 3 diff types of coffee to choose from. Plus, everything in the mini bar is actually complimentary.

Silent and empty Orchard Rd @ midnite

Now we know how such things are done just like that *snaps fingers*

Morning breakfast at Carousel! Yummmms!

My extremely simple gift for him - Adidas watch. Too simple ...sigh...

Because he bought me Bobbi Brown make up....

and a bag I've been secretly admiring! :) How not to feel bad, u tell me?

I always love how his bouquets always come at the most unexpected timings.

SImple celebration ... but it was definitely spending quality time together :).

Happy 3rd Anniversary, dearie! May our love last till eternity.

Shopping at Shopbop!


I discovered a few weeks back (ok ok , I know I am slowwww....) and I wish I had discovered it way sooner.

I have online shopped before but it had always been local websites. I have this fear that I would face problems when dealing with international sites.

Fears were totally unnecessary.

It was very easy to shop at and if you hit USD100, it is free shipping! Z.E.R.O DOLLARS. How cool! And it is obviously very easy to hit USD100. Really.

The items are categorized accordingly and you can choose to view by designers. This makes life easy as you do not have to peel your eyes to the monitor to ensure you do not miss out on what you actually want. I think Marc Jacobs has joined my fav Kate Spade on my list of fav brands.  (I do not have many favs though)

 I have been looking for this bag for ages! Found it in Orchard before but not in the colour that I want. It retails for about $350 in local boutiques but look at how much I save! With the free shipping, my new darling only cost me abt $230. Talk about saving money! Who says shopping is a waste of money ? *chuckles*

I got the above and a few other knick-knacks.

I was informed by my cousin that  I must ensure my package did not exceed SGD400 as tax will be imposed in such cases. So as you can see from above, I separated my packages. Hee.... Go die, GST!

One of the best things abt online shopping ( for me, at least.... ) is the fact that I can track my purchases 'flying' to Singapore! Cheap thrill , I know... but nevertheless, a thrill still.....

They promised to deliver within 3 working days. I got mine in 4. But I am not complaining. That is faster than some of the local companies even. 
Next I am going to check out heard so many great reviews about it , it will be a waste not to check it out :) 


Earthquake in Japan

 Honestly, ever since I heard about the Japan earthquake, I have been avoiding the the newspapers and even the TV.

 I just cannot look at the pictures. My stomach wrenches, I would feel like crying and then I start feeling very scared and imagine the worst.

I am so so afraid of losing my loved ones this way.

But yesterday after the 9pm CHinese show, I was not quick enough to switch the channels and the Chinese News showed pictures and video footages of the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami.

My heart really goes out to Japan - victims, survivors and everyone else. I cannot describe how I feel in words....

I hope that my dear friend Rita is safe and will be safe . She just updated on Facebook that she and darling Nadya are safe for now but hubby is away , elsewhere in the area. I know her family is trying to make her come back to Singapore asap.

Rita and family, I pray that you three will be safe and sound ... and hopefully, not affected at all by this sad catastrophe, Insya'Allah...

Leotards anyone?

Need help here ... if any one can offer.

I need to purchase 26 skin-coloured long-sleeved leotards, for secondary school gals.

Does anybody know where I can purchase them for reasonable prices?


Take 5, everyone!

I always get excited whenever I see Halal food outlets. Well, you cannot exactly blame me for that.

Ten years back, halal restaurants were just starting to sprout. Even so, many felt they were still inferior to non-halal ones... already , there were very few to start with.

But now, whenever I go out with non-Muslim friends, food is no longer an issue. There are really many places that Muslims can now eat, without any doubt about the halal factor :) One more good factor about my lovely country!

Hehe... anyway , we were at Novena Square this afternoon. I was really hungry. We didn't feel like splurging at Bali Thai and we didn't see Popeye's in time, and thus, we ended up at TAKE 5!

As lovers of the colour red, we were easily pleased with the layout of the place. I love the polka dots!

Very bright and cheery! Fyi, that girl in blue was having intensive tuition with her mother. Remind me not to do that with my future kid :) Go out means go out - no books!

Very much like a fast-food place

The whole setting is just like another express fast-food place. The only difference is that they do not sell fast food.

The dishes there are mainly rice and noodles versions allthough they do have simple Western food like Paprika fries, chicken cutlet etc.

I was basically the only one eating as husby wasn't hungry yet. I couldn't decide between the Chicken Ham Noodle and the Chicken Hor Fun....

The buzzer that you take to your table and wait for it to buzz - which means food is ready for collection.

Chicken Ham Noodles $5.50-- I was slightly disappointed to see that it was just maggie noodles. But the light, tasty gravy/soup sure made up for it. I really liked the chicken ham , egg and chicken floss which I proceeded to soak in the gravy before consumption. With the mandatory cili padi, I was a satisfied customer. BURP!

DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! Although the ice-kacang was colourful enough and huge ($3.50 - expensive!), it was the most horrible one I have ever tasted. Basically, it was tasteless regardless of the colourful syrups. I could only taste the corn and ice.

The food is , perhaps, slightly overpriced although still lower than some foodcourts.

Perhaps, they needed that price-booster to cover costs.

PLASMA screens ( at least 5 of them) to showcase the menu. The pictures on the screen change every few seconds ... this is definitely high maintenance

Husby wasn't eating so he had all the time in the world to watch his lovely and pretty wife eat away ..... hahaha....I didn't even know he snapped this photo of me until I tried uploading the photos just now!

Almost no make-up simply because we were in a hurry to go out in the morning. But I like that my arms look slimmer here... LOL. 

My take is TAKE 5 is an ok place for you if you just wanna have a quick bite but not for fast food. I definitely need to try out other dishes before I can give a fair verdict.

I am not sure if they have other outlets. It was the first time I came across a branch... well, there's always Google! :P