Scholl - For fashion and comfort!

I love shoes.

Oh well, who doesn't? Or rather, which lady doesn't?

My mother is no exception. I remember that when I was young, I loved prancing around in her heels, click-clacking all the way in the corridor. Her heels were never very high though and she always went for very safe colours - I remember they were mostly black, brown , beige and dark blue.

But once she hit her mid-40s, she no longer went for heels, citing leg pain and aches.

Unfortunately, I felt that way earlier - when I reached 28! I am an avid fan of high heels and could be in stilettos for whole consecutive days during my earlier days of work life. That is probably the reason why I felt the effects much much sooner than momma.

I even remember that in 2011, I wore Fitflops all the way while teaching and going out. TSK.

Recently, I did something I thought I never would - I bought shoes from Scholl!

For as long as I know, Scholl shoes look majorly like these ......


My mum loves them! Everytime I offer to buy shoes, we would end up at the Scholl area.
Honestly, they are SUPER comfortable. I have , on a few occasions, just borrowed her sandals to go to the provision shop a couple of blocks away or bring the nephew down to the playground. I do not wonder why she loves the brand so much.
HOWEVER, how to wear such shoes / sandals?!? I would age a few decades the minute I put them on! Hahaha.... not nice! I wouldn't parade them around even if I am paid to do so!
Then, in recent years, Scholl started to revamp their styles and I see something like the following sprouting around like mushrooms...

Not bad, right? These, I wouldn't mind. Not exactly something that I would jump at and buy immediately but they are really okay, in my opinion.

Recently , I went to Isetan to look at Clarks shoes.
Sidetrack: Clarks has been producing cute and quirky heels that are so so comfy that they were the only shoes I considered whenever I was out shopping. Now that age is taking its toll on my feet, thighs etc, comfort ranks high on my priority list!

Then, I saw brightly-coloured heels over in the Scholl section and immediately scurried over. Not bad , not bad....

I am a very quick shopper and I was looking for simple black pumps. It wasn't long before I decided to get these at $125 ( before discount , it was $149).

Love the heels!
I wore these to work recently and also on the first day of Hari Raya. No pain at all! They have all the cushioning and padding the old me need.. Love! They also come in bright red and bright blue!
Scholl doesn't have that many nice designs yet but I shall wait patiently. I am sure it will happen sooner or later.
I am waiting for something yellow as my neon yellow Aldo ones are giving way - they are not that comfortable anyway.
I have my eyes set on these three pairs though ... also from Scholl.

I just bought a pair of red heels (from another brand) so I am hoping these come in other colours as well! Say blue, emerald green or yellow?

For my colour-blocking days

Haiz...if only husby had listened to me and bought a ceiling-high shoe cabinet for the second one. Both our shoe cabinets are bursting at their seams!

And that concludes a part of my aging journey..... :P