G-mask it!

A few months back, I laid my hand on this Samsung Omnia Pro B7320.

Photo is from Google Images

Then , it was still rather expensive but I don't know what attracted me to it. Perhaps, the specifications found on the brochure was the culprit. In addition , I wanted to try out a phone with a keyboard-like keypad. (This was meant to be a phone for contacting students - I send a hell-lot of SMSes each month! Thus, that keypad should come in handy).

But I really didn't like its black exterior. Although I have many black clothes, I have always preferred my accessories to be colourful.

However, I am too lazy to bling / decorate the phone myself. I envy those girls who have the patience and talent to actually sit down and do up their mobile phones. I was almost resigned to my fate until I stumbled upon Gmask online!

I went through the site and was pretty impressed by how the whole thing works.

Extract from the official website :

Gmask Professional Gadget Skin Wrap Service
D.I.Y. Skin on your gadget may not be the most fun thing to do. But believe it or not, once you've engage Gmask Professional Skin Wrap service. You'll be as proud of that achievement as of anything else you've done in your life to protect your gadget. G-mask'skin could last up to 7 years, it is one of the most durable skin ever available. In addition, the skin could cover your gadget's corner, edge, screen or even keypad.

I was happy to find out that there was a Gmask branch in a mall near my place. I went down that very day itself!

There were so many designs to choose from that you don't have to fear of ending up with the same designs as others. And you can Gmask practically almost any gadgets.

I finally decided on a pink / black flower theme, with small butterflies. I also added a tiny bit of blings :P It took them barely 30 mins .

I guess the lady over the counter was telling the truth when she said the skin may outlive the phone. I can be quite rough in handling my gadgets but after four months ,the skin is as good as new although my nephew did try to munch on the phone once!

My family members soon got influenced ......

From left: Mum's, Bro's, Husby's, Mine

You can opt to G-mask the whole phone (front and back) or just the back. I did mine on both sides while the others just requested for a transparent protective covering on the front .

To G-mask a phone is a little on the pricey side but I think it is all worth it .

Especially for 'lazy' people like yours truly  :P

Shopping @ Orchard

It was a public holiday and I've made plans to go out with sister and cousins.

But I had a late night the day before and ended up meeting them late (and wasting $22 on cab fare!Grrrrrr....)

Basically, it was shopping down Orchard Road for my sister and cousins.

AMAZINGLY, I bought NOTHING  throughout my 5 hours there. Not that there wasn't anything that caught my fancy.

Ok, in LV- nothing caught my eye. Some are ok  ( like the checkered Speedy) , but I have never been a fan of LV and some of their designs are really ugly! Cousin and I were giggling over them.  But luckily, the one sis got was fine :)

My sister with her huge-ass pucharse
It was quite a traffic obstruction :)

There were some pretty stuffs in Coach and I like the wristlets the two cuzzies bought . I was browsing through the handbags..  the new collection is rather chic but there was nothing that shouted ," BUY ME! I AM YOUR SOULMATE!" And so I let it go....

However, I found something I really like in Kate Spade ( I am a BIG fan of Kate Spade, btw). Very modern , very chic, very colourful. Very much of my taste. I was considering doing an impulse buy when........ I seemed to see my husby's face in front of me and his voice beckoning,"Are you sure you need a $400 bag when there is rarely a need? Do you? DO YOU?"

So I put it back. LOL. Yes, my husby has that much power over me. Bless him :)

I found two pairs of shoes in Takashimaya that I felt I really should get them (what? shoes again???? But shoes are ok ... Husby would understand...) . Unfortunately, both did not come in my size anymore. Blame myself for having such small feet! By this time, I was convinced that I would go home empty-handed. Even when the rest were grabbing the promotions on perfumes, I remained unmoved.

But that is not so bad lah..... It felt good actually, to think that I could restrain myself from all the goodies ~ I think this was a first!

This is cute! It looks as if they are peddling their wares :P

We had our super late lunch at ION Swensens. Place is cosy , desserts buffet looked tantalizing (but I doubt I would ever go for that), food is alright ... but the service sucks big time! I was in 'awe' at the low level of service ..and mind you , I am one of the nicest and most patient customers around. Hee...

But I did not go home empty-handed afterall. I made a mini-purchase on my way home at The FaceShop.

I have always wanted to try out the white-liner effect.
I know, so s-l-o-w :P

The evening was spent at Manhattan Fish Market for a dinner, followed by a double date with Shrek and Fiona (initial plan with friends was cancelled).

I had a rather well-spent Vesak Day holiday. I hope you guys did too ! :)


What a good way to start the day!

The first thing I saw when I switched on the lappy today (@yahoo) was this headline :

Civil servants to get 0.5 month mid—year bonus plus S$300 in July

We didn't get any last year and although the economy seems to be picking up , I don't dare to place much hope.

Alhamdulillah (thanks to God) , I welcome this with huge, open arms ! :P

Now  let's plan. What are the possible ways to spend the bonus?

1) shoes
2) invest in a bag
3) clothes
4) treat family
5) pay bills
6) save the moolah

Hmmmm..... I have a feeling it is just going to be No 5 and 6.

Really!!!! I can do that . I have done it before ! :P

Anyway, full article here.

MY Precious!

I am sure all of us have a favourite spot in the home. Some may like the kitchen , living room or balcony.

As for me , I think I like all parts of my home - maybe except the guest room because that room can get a tad too hot , especially in the day.

I would say I love my kitchen because I like the design and only I know exactly where almost everything is (although I, myself, may fail to locate things sometimes). That is also where I practise my (very limited) culinary skills.

Next would be my (our) bedroom. The dark wood furnishings, the dim lights.... I can easily fall asleep once I just barely rest my body on the bed. Very cosy , very comfortable.

But the one at the top of my list of my favourite spots in the home has got to be THIS !

Yup, it's our SHOE CABINET!!!!!!

It was love at first sight. And definitely, an impulse buy! We were looking for other furniture when we passed this shop that sold all kinds of shoe cabinets you can think of.

Ok , come .... let's open it a little.

Yeah... you can see that my staple colours are basically black , brown and beige. Once in a while, I do buy something different just to inject some colours into the collection.

No whites? I have ! I have ! I'll show you the other side .....

I just love the cabinet so much that sometimes I would just open it up and admire the insides for a full 10 minutes! :P

But as you can see, this is shared with the other half... haha.. I am blessed to have a partner who loves shoe-shopping as much as I do ! ( oklah... maybe slightly less....slightly only :P )

The cabinet is supposed to be able to store 35 pairs so we agreed that we shall limit the number of pairs of shoes we own . Him - 17, Me - 18.

Obviously, we have failed. Miserably.

We ended up buying another shoe cabinet in white for our more casual footwear , like loafers, sandals, Fitflops etc. This is in the kitchen :P

There are some more shoes and boots in the store room, and a pair or two at the workplace. Ooopsss... this is like an OCD , ain't it?

I always promise to myself - after every shoe spree - that I have to and I shall stop. No more additions.

But we are humans afterall, we only plan. I succumbed to temptation over the weekends :(

We need a third one.

My first ever Clarks sandals. Super comfy!

Very similar to the one I initially wanted. But at least,
in these, my toes can breathe :P

Hmmmm... now , I just have to figure out which shoes to kick out of the cabinet, to make space for these beauties...

Maybe I shall choose his  :P

Darn Starhub !

I have not been able to blog because there has been such a cock-up with the Starhub network.

It is perfectly fine to surf on the home PC but the the wireless network just doesn't work! Which means I am not able to use my laptop as I always do.

And it is just so weird when you try to blog  using a PC that is not yours. Everything , including the keyboard, feels just so different! It just shuts down any mood I might have... :(

We called up Starhub on Monday and Wednesday ...and their answers are still the same ," We will look into the matter - there is something wrong with the wireless port."

You need more than five days to look into the matter ? Sigh. Talk about inefficiency .

(Ok lah ...maybe Singaporeans are super pampered - everything also want to be done fast)

Is anyone else facing the same problem? Should I switch provider? This is the sixth day - I am losing my patience!

I hope to get back into the mood to blog over this weekend - even if it means to type on this hard , black keyboard .

I miss u , my darling lappy......

When will I feel you again........

Are teachers overworked?

- An extract -
(My own comments are below)

Are Singapore teachers overworked?

By Ion Danker – May 16th, 2010

Many people call it one of the most under-appreciated career choices in Singapore today.

In a forum letter in The Straits Times on 15 May 2010, a teacher’s wife, Ms Aishah Quek chronicles her husband’s typical work day. She bemoans her husband’s punishing workload and questions the seeming non-existence of a work-life balance.

A teacher in a local primary school, Ms Quek’s husband wakes up at 5am every weekday, and leaves home by 6am, to reach school in time for morning ‘guard duty’ at 7am. After remedial lessons, co-curricular activities and administrative duties, her husband reaches home at 8pm for dinner, before, surprise, surprise, he starts to work from home.

If these normal working hours are representative of a typical day in the life of a teacher, do teachers; the people who play an integral role in shaping young, impressionable minds, have sufficient time to relax and recharge, before the next day comes around?

A student in the morning session has about 6 hours of lessons per day (from 7.30am to 1pm). But that’s just about the time a teacher’s after-teaching hours begin.

“On a typical day, we mark assignments, conduct remedial lessons and complete many administrative tasks, which often extend long beyond our official working hours,” said John*, 35, a married primary school teacher with a one-year-old son.

Another educator, Seline*, 27, who called it quits after three years, said, “When my husband and I were both teaching, we hardly had any quality time in the evenings because we’d both be busy marking assignments, preparing for the next day’s lessons or just be too tired.”

Added another teacher, Lionel*, “I already feel drained by the time I start marking my students’ work after 5pm. This increases the likelihood of making errors.”

KJ*, 23, a fresh graduate from the National Institute of Education, knows that the teaching road ahead may not be an easy one.

“I believe we just need to find a balance, set our priorities and hope our senior colleagues will share tips with us on how best to handle different situations,” she said.

My informal survey revealed that most teachers joined the profession to pursue their passion to equip the young with knowledge, and invaluable life skills. However, teachers today are feeling the strain.
Are our teachers overworked? How do you think the Ministry of Education can help teachers have a better work-life balance?


Hmmmm.... what is my stand? Do teachers have a work-life balance?

It depends.

In the first few years of my teaching life, I was such a workaholic. I worked from 7am to 6pm, only to continue from 8:30 to midnight , or as far as my eyes and body could take it. I would go out on Saturday afternoons/evenings and when Sunday came, it would be back to work. It was crazy! Amazingly , my parents slowly accepted that was the way of a teacher's life and they had no complaints about it. I wished they had complained and insisted that I spent more time with the family.

So what kept me busy?

Yeah, teaching and preparing lesson materials definitely. But that is not the problem. In fact , I like teaching. I like communicating with the teenaged students (albeit, at times, they really drive me crazy!). I love getting myself involved with CCA , especially since it involves the performing arts. Oh, I don't mind giving remedials either.

But that is not the problem. The issues would be the long meetings, dealing with parents (unreasonable ones or otherwise), organising events (internal and external) and the HUMONGOUS load of admin work!!! The last one really KILLS. Only if one is in a (SG) teacher's shoes, would one be able to empathise.

There was a 'joke' among my friends (who are teachers too) that a teacher is able to apply for any kind of jobs. ... since we deal with so many different jobs at one time. Jack of all trades, master of ......(?).

Perhaps, that's what kills the passion for teaching. We get so weary and tired from doing all the other matters that we have not much time left to  prepare for excellent lesson delivery. For those not in the know, the turnover rate for this occupation here is extremely high! It is no surprise why we always see that 'calling' advertisements on TV (if you know which one I am referring to).

I am surprised that I have lasted this long!

When I got married and we moved into our own flat, it got worse. The added responsibilities of taking care of the household, cooking , cleaning etc etc could drive me crazy! I am glad that the husby shares part of the load - such a blessing :) . But he is busy with his work (yes, teaching too!)  as well that sometimes, I just cannot bear to ask him to help out.

That was when I decided that it is up to me to draw the line. Yes, I am still bogged down with work , I still work at nights and on weekends but when my body says 'No',  I accept it graciously. I don't fight back. I still try my best to meet deadlines, to prepare good lessons, to interact with my students but I try not to be stressed up if I can't. Just can't.

I have my much-needed 5 hours of sleep each night (but that's not enough, is it?) now and I have managed to squeeze in a weekly outing with my parents (no matter how small or near) and some dating time with the other half.

It is still tough but if I want to keep sane, I have to do it. The current school I am in is better than my previous one. At least, this school believes that spending time with one's family is just as important (if not more).

It is not easy to understand the hullaballoo created. But then , teachers are afterall, humans.

Not some superheroes.
Many entered the field with passion but unfortunately, it fizzles out.

Sad, I know.


Hands-on Lessons!

My dear nephew has always been a very observant boy. He can just look at what you are doing and pick it up very soon after. Thus, we must always make sure we do and say the right things in front of him ,although that can be tough at times :P.

Anyway, the other day, when I felt that I had enough of doing work, I called my parents out for tea at the nearby MacDonalds in the neighbourhood. Now, this kiddo gets super excited whenever his 'Macnono' and KFC are being mentioned. He was in a very good mood that day (but he often is lah...) and it made the whole outing much more fun.

After the meal, we decided to just walk around the shops. Nothing exciting, or so I thought.

We walked past this particular shop that was selling household stuffs - buckets, brooms , pails etc . It was a rather big shop such that many items were displayed outside, along the pavement.

My parents were ahead and I was just 'chatting' with nephew as we walked hand-in-hand......when he suddenly stopped beside a row of baskets and pails. He was particularly fascinated with this small yellow pail/basket - the same one that we normally use to keep clothes pegs. He took it out from the stack and happily went forward to my mum , expecting her to pay for it. I was already giggling..... my dad took it out from his hands, only to replace it with a blue one instead! Doink!

See how happy he was! He was definitely
an attention-grabber that day. Tsk tsk....

I thought it would be good if he could put his basket to some use so I decided to bring him into Watson's.

He got into a super-frenzy-and-excited mode - picking out things and putting them into his mini-basket.... but only to find them missing soon after (I secretly put them back on the shelves when he was not looking....hehe...). He must have thought it was magic!

Look at his grumpy face! He was probably
irritated when I interrupted his shopping for a
quick photo  :P

Well, I needed to get some toiletries myself so I told him to help put the stuffs into his mini-basket. I then asked him to go to the cashier to make payment. Oh boy! You should have been there to see him in action! Like the Malays would say ," Macam real ajer....."

Such cheekiness! Such delight!

My mum went into Shop n Save Supermarket after that . And he went berserk for the second time! This boy is currently obsessed with learning the names of all the different fruits so what better way is there than to do it 'live'?

Here are more photos of him in action.


  Among his first few words - BANA-NAAAAHHHH!

His favourite 'A-Papa'! (No matter
how many times we say it is a

This was the only way he could have the
heavy watermelon in his hands.




Impersonating his favourite character
from the nursery rhyme 'Three
Blind Mice'.

I love the last photo - it totally cracks me up! You can even see the eyes smiling, behind those shades.

I think I am very lucky to have such a funny nephew to entertain me every now and then. See you soon, my lah-ling!

(Many thanks to daddy for always managing to capture the moments!)

BB Cream from Missha

I don't put on a primer before I apply my daily make-up , no matter what people say. It suffices to say that I just hate that greasy feeling on my skin , which becomes worse after a few hours. And before you think I'm just a cheapo because they were probably of the cheap brands... they were not!!!

I think my skin was just not compatible with the products I tried. So, I gave up.

Lately, I have heard a lot about the BB (Blemish Balm) cream. But I didn't know there were that many different ones in the market.... I wanted to try but had no idea which brand to get. When my sister said that she would be purchasing some products from komart.sg, I asked her to get me the BB cream.

But then , the sister also has no idea which brand to get! Most of the products on the site are from Korea but that itself consists of more than a few.

In the end, she got for me and herself the one from Missha.

I have tried Missha products before and this one was neither too expensive nor cheap ... It was about $29, so, I thought, why not ?

M Vita B.B Cream - Moisture Type

 essential vitamin complexes derived from
 natural ingredients. Multi-function and easy
 to use, it helps to moisturize, protect,
correct skin tone and block harmful UV
rays. What’s more, the silky texture of this
lightweight cream is quickly absorbed and
leaves skin soft and supple. It can be used
as a makeup base or foundation.

I like colour of the tube. Golden-bronze , whatever you call it .

However, when I first tried it on, I was rather surprised at the opaqueness of the liquid and how the colour simply did not match my skin tone! I expected it to be translucent since I didn't remember it coming in specific skin tones.

See what I mean? I was worried that I would end up
looking like a ghost (reminded of those girls with
too-white foundation on their faces).

But the fear was really unnecessary. I love how the cream blended well and eventually, the skin colour remains the same - only with a much smoother tone and brighter glow! I love!

The instructions say that for enhanced effects, use a foundation or facial powder after applying the cream. But seriously, I thought it was good on its own!

The first day, I just applied loose powder over it. Make-up looked as good, even after many hours without any touch-ups. On the second day, I had to be outdoors so I smacked on my usual two-way cake..... even after being in the hot sun and sweating for 3 hours, I only had to powder the tip of my nose a little!

I think BB cream is such a heaven-sent....who created it , I wonder? Must really thank that person!

If anyone out there is still wondering whether to try out the BB cream, go ahead! And while you are at that , why not try this one?

In addition , komart.sg provides free delivery for purchases above $80. Totally worth it!


That 'it' who could not control its temper

By now, the whole of Singapore would have come across or heard about that unfortunate incident of a gay guy continuously slapping and cursing his own schoolmate , who was a girl, in a lift.

Just because he thought she snitched on him by telling his dance teacher that he skipped practice . A very stupid reason , I must say... it does not justify the physical and emotional hurt caused upon the girl.

I was enraged, naturally, and I just could not continue watching the video which was put on Facebook. I could not imagine it happening to my own daughter (imagine I have one lah....), sister or even my own students.

To think that it was such an old school method ( taking the lift all the way up to perform the deed ) .... and whoever took the video is the most unsympathetic and pathetic idiot, I would say.

This guy definitely has an anger management problem. I mean, some teens, especially at this age, tend to be rather short-tempered and easily provoked.  I do not know what will happen to him , now that I heard (but heard only, not confirmed) that he has already been handed over to the authorities.

Jail? Boys' Home? Community Work?

I hope he will undergo some serious counselling, to knock into his head how cowardly and embarrassing his behaviour was.  Sometimes, all these kids need is one big incident to make them learn their lesson.

And not just him. The videogal and those juveniles who were waiting for the show to end, at the lift lobby, should be dealt with as well.

I am not putting up the video here. The poor victim has had enough of publicity , I feel.

I hope this can act as a deterrance to the rest. THINK before you act!

STOMP article :http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/caught_in_the_act/372388/enraged_youth_assaults_female_schoolmate_with_slap_after.html

NUFFNANG AD! My very first!

I know it is no big deal but I am new here at nuffnang. Naturally, I got pretty excited when I see the Nuffnang ad at my sidebar.

It is an ad for an online shopping mall .... is that cool or what?

Heheh.....I decided to venture into the website myself when I stumbled upon the same ad in another person's blog.

Oh my! It is like heaven for shopaholics :) I am still surfing through the site because there are soooooooo many shops to visit :P

U should sign up too.... how? Just click on the ad !  *winks*

(err...but if it is not there anymore, too bad for you me)

Retail Therapy required

I badly need to go shopping!

I am feeling lerthagic, sleepy, moody at times, happy at other times, hungry all the time......

This is probably a product of stress - therefore, I need to de-stress!

What better way is there than to browse through the racks of clothes, try and buy ...on to the shoes, try and buy.....accessories...shawls....

Oh oh . The list seems to know no end.

But I shall focus and prioritise.

I need pants.

Where can I get nice straight-cut and bottom-flared (something like bell-bottoms but not too flare)  pants?

I find it difficult to get the perfect pants lately.

Any recommendation is greatly appreciated! :)



No one loves a child more than a mother.

That is very apt for my lovely mum. The way she loves us cannot be described in mere words. I will never be able to repay her for all the love and attention she has showered upon us and the sacrifices she has done for the family.  Thank you , mum. You are the pillar that holds the family together :)

Sometimes , I wish I can go back to the time when I was
the ONLY apple of her eye! Hehee......

On Graduation Day - donkey years ago! :P

On my surprise Bday celabration in 2007. With my
favourite people - mum, best friend and the then-fiance.

My greatest joy! (Montel, you are not in this picture
but you know how much I love you!)

Sky Luge @ Sentosa

She is really game for anything!

Thank you for everything,mummy. Love you many many! :)

It's BBQ, not Barbeque!

This has become one of our favourite eating places.

We managed to end work earlier a couple of days back and decided to have an early dinner. In fact, it was very early . I think it was just slightly before 5pm. As it was not the peak hour yet, the place was rather empty - which was good. I hate crowded places :P

We went to the branch in Downtown East. I particularly like this branch because it is just oh-so-colourful. The seats come in four different colours; bright orange, lime green, brown and fuschia pink. Guess which is my favourite?

The pink sofas are really comfortable. I love the contrast against the black padded walls.

So what do they serve here?

Chicken. Yup. It's Korean BBQ Chicken thus practically, all the dishes involve chicken fried, charboiled or grilled - of distinct flavours of Korea. All of the food are also prepared with olive oil so it's a much healthier choice (and if you have read one of my earlier posts, I adore olive oil!).

I like customized bottles of sauces, as compared
to using the generic labels.

His starter - Mushroom Soup. It was not bad. Not too creamy
and there were extra bits of mushroom which made the soup
tastier .

Chilli Wings - these were not necessary actually. But we
had them during our last visit and they were 'slurp-ily'
delicious. We just had to eat them again!

For all the jerks in the world, here's a dish named after
you- JERK BBQ . Lol....  It is one of my favourite dishes
 though :)

But I had the Hot Hot Drums for the day. Spicy yet sweet
at the same time. The fries were good too! I just didn't
 really like the mashed potato - the texture was kinda

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep away from chicken skin! I tend to put them aside whenever I eat chicken.

It looks like an entirely new dish ,eh?

I didn't take anymore pictures because I was too busy enjoying the food and later, too full to do anything.

Everything cost about $55 so I guess, that's pretty reasonable for a meal for two.

They have other branches too :
- Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
- West Coast Plaza
- Northpoint
- Tampines One Mall

If you ever go there, hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

It is that time of the year!!!

Marking Time !!!! It's the Mid-Year Exams period and my subject papers are in.

Oh Gosh... I am still struggling with one pile. And I have another 9 piles , waiting patiently for their turn.

Would anyone like to offer help?

It is no surprise that we will have to sacrifice the weekend (again).


A Sec 1 student wrote this in his essay : " Luckily he saw two policemen a donut."

Now , tell me ... should I laugh or bang my  his head?

Men are ignorant and uncaring - NOT!

3rd May 2010

It was my mum-in-law's birthday. We were shopping for her birthday present in one of the shopping malls. As I was parading with one of the bags that we picked (at the same time, imagining myself very much older but still looking chic :P ) , the husby told me that he ordered a bouquet of flowers to be sent to her sometime in the evening.

I pretended to be offended, that he did not ask for my opinion. I mean , hey , ladies should know better , right?

Wrong. He is actually rather good at choosing flowers (to me, at least) so when he said the bouquet contained red roses and (maybe) white carnations, it sounded pretty to me.

Later at home, while I was doing the laundry, someone rang the doorbell. I knew he opened the door but he dismissed it as some salesman. Obviously, I couldn't care less and just went about doing the household chores.

So imagine my (very pleasant) surprise when he tapped me on the shoulder , whilst I was marking papers, and presented me with this :


Sweet, isn't it? I love lilies.

Apparently, he made orders for two. But , I was pretty stunned for a while. It is not our wedding or engagement anniversary. Definitely not my birthday too.

(Some people say guys do nice things when they have a guilty conscience.... hhhhhmmmmm.... imagination ran wild for half a second.... hehe....)

I cannot remember how many hugs he received in return when he reminded me that 3rd May 2005 was when we first got together, when he first said those three words. :P

Doink! How could I forget?

The bouquet is now sitting pretty on my desk at the workstation. Since I spend most of my day-hours here, I might as well have it around. :) :) :)

So chivalry and romance are dead? I say NOT!

Happy Dating Anniversary , dearie !

That perfect shopping partner :)

A month back , I received an SMS each from ESPRIT and Bodyshop.

"Dear Esprit member, your card expires on 30 April 10. Total purchases to date :$***. To qualify for renewal, ,members need to spend a min. of $600 before the expiry date."


"Dear Body Shop member, you need to spend another $100 for an automatic renewal of your membership which is expiring on 30 April 2010."

The right thing to do is , of course, to just ignore the messages. I mean , if we were to respond to all the adverts/texts that we receive, we will probably be broke in no time at all. I knew I had to replenish some of my shower gels but I doubted that would rake up $100. As for Esprit, I rarely buy things there unless the bags are really nice or I get birthday gifts for friends. Their clothes are just way over-priced, I feel. For example, I saw this really cute shirtdress - simple , very simple. And that costs a whopping $80! (For those who know me, I would not spend THAT Much on a simple dress).

But then , that's where the dearest husby comes in ! :P  We were from my parents' place last Friday when I told him I just wanted to get some stuffs from Bodyshop. I told him about the expiry date of my card and casually asked if he wanted anything. Of course , he joined in the bandwagon :)

My humble loot

With his... Just nice - $103

You know how stores will try to entice customer to reach a
 certain buying value and then you get free gifts? Hehe... I
am a sucker for that . The above were the free gifts...the
 make-up pouch is just in time. My Clinique pouch needs
a replacement badly!

While waiting for his phone to be G-masked, we went into Esprit. I could not really think of anything to buy because I am not interested in bags at the moment ( wahhhhhh!!!! Clap hands for me!) . In the end, the husby bought a bag for himself and a chiffon bohemian top for me !


See? I told you husby is my best shopping partner :) :) :)