Coping with the loss..

Today marks exactly a week since the dreaded incident - you would have guessed what had happened with my previous post.

I am feeling slightly better now although the emotional scar would always be there.

But just this one week makes me realise - ok , it should not be "realise", to remember again - how important it is to have a good support system.

My family was obviously there for me; something that is expected but never to be taken for granted. And I am so thankful for that. Some of my relatives who matter were equally concerned as well and took their time to text or call me a few times to check on my well-being.

But I was very surprised at how the support from friends actually made a whole of difference. I am not a very sociable person. I do get along well with almost everyone I know at the workplace and anywhere else however, I can be pretty private about my affairs. I rarely share things unless I am really close and comfortable with that person. To a certain extent, I have believed before that I could survive without friends. Just my family, husby and darling best friend should suffice.

So, to have so many people fussing and showing concern over me was a touching moment, indeed. I did not respond much to most of them because  I really needed that time to myself - either to cry, pray or just stare into space (this happened a lot of times!) . And yet, they continued to ask how I was, asking  me to rest , giving me positive encouragement etc with utmost sincerity. I am so touched, my dearest friends and/or colleagues.

Despite what happened, I am thankful to God for showing me that there is a lot of love around and I should never give up on life.

I am also grateful that I am blessed with my beloved husby. He took leave and had been with me the whole week, spending every waking moment with me - just so that I have someone to share my sad moments . I know that he himself is sad but yet, he has been so strong and supportive in helping me bounce back to life.

This tough period has taught me to really appreciate what we already have. As for what we do not have or yearn for, work for it but know that HE always knows what's best for us.

I pray for the greatest blessings for my family and friends, husby and myself :)

Farewell , My Angel ....

My Little Angel,

It seems like it was just yesterday that
your presence brought us joy and hope.

But fate deems otherwise.

It breaks my heart each time I think about
how we could have met,
could have held hands,
could have been best friends.

Never did I imagine that you would be
with us for only two months,
before He calls u back.

Cruel as it may seem, I'm sure He knows
what's best for you. For us.

I know you are in good hands.
I look forward to seeing you when the time
comes for me to join you in His paradise.

In shaa Allah.

You will always be in my prayers.

I love you and will always miss you, my little angel.....

Manage Your Hair!

I have always had a problem with my hair. I was never satisfied with its condition.

My mum used to make me cut my hair all the time when I was in primary school that I eventually lost my natural curls. When I stepped into secondary school, I decided to keep my hair long. Yes, my curls came back but they were frizzy and I even had split ends when I was in sec 4!

Weirdly, I actually enjoyed looking at my split ends... I thought it was really fascinating that my hair seemed to have a behaviour of its own. But of course, that was a sign of unhealthy hair.

As I grew older and better managed my hair, the split ends were gone but not the frizziness or dryness :(  Thank god I put on the tudung ...  I spend so much money whenever I go to the salon for some hair treatments. At least, since I do not have to show off my hair so much, I could also cut down on the salon visits. 

But that mindset changed when I got married. Husby loved the hair whenever it is fresh from the salon. I tried ways and means to ensure that the locks stay shiny and bouncy. After trying out many hair products, I settled on the range from Essential. That made the hair much tamer and manageable ... and there were even many occasions where I just loved to flip flip my hair and feel it bounce off the shoulder. Haha!

I chose the Orange range that basically focuses on taming and softening dry or frizzy hair. After the shampoo (1) and conditioner (2) , I'll use the treamement cream(3) that is supposed to combat all those dryness. Once a week, I 'll replace (3) with (4) - a hair mask that contains honey and shea butter for that extra softness and bounce. (5) is the leave-on conditioner that comes last.
So far , so good. I have been a loyal user for a couple of years now although sometimes, I wish , my hair is just a little bit more bouncy and smooth.

Until recently, I made an amazing discovery (oh well, at least to me, it was amazing!).

                                                          This is what I am talking about.....

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse® Multi-Usage Dry Oil

The NUXE Amazing Dry Oil has a super-activated formula that combines 30% of precious plant oils and vitamin E to nourish, repair and soften face, body and hair in a single gesture.

What is so special about this cute little bottle of dry oil? Well, it contains a unique cocktail of 6 precious plant oils (borage, St Johnswort, sweet almond, camellia, hazelnut, macadamia) and infused with Vitamin E (for the best in reparative moisture) that even works with stretch marks! I do not have any at the moment (hopefully, never!) but at least , there is one here that I can turn to :P

I use this when the hair is partially dried (naturally , not with hairdryer). Just put a small amount on your palm and apply to your hair. It is apparently safe for the scalp as well but I was a little cautious and avoided the scalp. When I first tried it, I did not have much expectations as you know how it is with products that promise you beyond their means.

I was pleasantly surprised though! The hair remains soft and silky and even has a light fragrance to it. Nothing to strong to take - I even went to my husby and insisted that he smelled my hair. LOL. I wash my hair on alternate days and it is really good to know that the effects last throughout.

You can also use this for your face and body. It will leave your face and body soft and velvety and your hair will become supple, glossy and full of volume. I tried it on my knees because the skin there is slightly drier and it turned smooth within minutes. I like it!

This is definitely for keeps :) Do try it out if you have issue with dry , limp hair or simply dry skin!