Watch spree! I like!

 It is weird how we are similar in so many ways.

Besides our love for shoes, we just realised that we share something else in common - love for watches!

I never thought this would be our latest 'obsession'.... lately we have been collecting watches of different colours and patterns.... yes, just to match the clothes / shoes!

After our Swatch  and his Kenneth Cole purchases earlier this yr, we seem to be getting hooked. We just kept looking out for watches of various colours to go with the outfits.

Two days back , before catching a movie at The Cathay , we went to PLaza Singapura. I remembered reading online about a watch shop called MONFAE. It apparently sells very nice watches at really low prices.

However , we were rather disappointed. It was a very small store with very limited choices - although I have to admit their designs are pretty nice... oh , and cheap for sure! We bought one each :)

I am showing this photo because I think the girl is beautiful . Look at her gorgeous eyes!

Finally, a white one for him!

I got this pretty red one... with cute stars all over. Love at first sight. Cheap love too - $50 !

 I saw another watch shop on our way to the escalator and yeah , u guessed it .. we went right in!

I know it looks nothing like it but I call this PUMA one his Ben 10 watch... :P

Us being us, we both wore our new watches the very next day....

Green man driving....

I like how the watch matched my red Clarks wedges.... sigh.....

 If you know me or have been reading my blog, you would know that we are such impulse buyers. We don't think, we just buy! (but no... we are NOT rich. Sometimes, I do regret buying ...especially when it leaves me broke. )

We went into this shop , in Whitesands,  called MEGA WATCHES or something like that ...after browsing around, he was torn between a black Adidas and a yellow one...

Spain-inspired watch ! He likes the black one just as much...hmmmm....maybe a fairygodmother overheard him and would surprise him with it someday....

 I wanted to get this particular blue Casio watch .... The sales assistant had already stamped my guarantee card for it when husby reminded me that I have not even worn the blue watch brother gave me for my birthday. I actually forgot all about that! Reminder came at the right time....

DKNY watch was a birthday gift. I like this a lot. Come to think of it, all my
 3 DKNY watches were gifts from others..hehe...

So what did I end up buying? Well, I finally decided on this grey / translucent Baby-G. I was torn between this and a solid black one ... but I thought I should try to be a lil different.

And there you have it, the latest additions to our watch collections! Maybe one day , if I have the mood, I shall take pictures of the whole collections.

So now it is time to stop spending and start saving!

Reebonz purchases thus far....

The first time I knew about Reebonz was through Xiaxue's adverd.

After that , I often browsed through the items. True, their prices are pretty good but there were also a lot of negative reviews , especially about their frequent system breakdowns.

I was once trying to get this Fendi bag but after countless times of failed transaction , I didn't bother to try out. Not until recently.

I didn't buy anything big though ... I always start small when I am not sure if the company is reliable or not.

My first purchase was a Marc by Marc Jacobs small tote bag and a Marc Jacobs keyring for my pretty colleague who loves anything from MJ.

Yeah.... I know it is huge. She likes it though because it stands out and definitely, easy to find :)

I like the 'BookMarc'.
Reebonz really offers a lot of things...lately , I have even been surfing through household wares and 3D puzzles. Haha....

Anyway , I told husby about one of their sale events - Kenneth Cole watches. He was interested in buying on but took too long to decide. By the time he wanted to get one, the event was over - their events often last an avg of two days.

But hey , luck was on his side! A few days later , the Kenneth Cole event was launched again. This time round, there was no waiting time!

Service was fast ... he received the parcel only after 2 days. This definitely beats shopping on international sites!

We didn't expect the ribbon and all... nice touch :)

I like! I wished I had gotten the red version.

Overall, our first experience with Reebonz was a pleasant one. I have been visiting their site every now and then. Whether we come back or not, that would depend on their prices ....hhehehe.... as consumers, we go wherever there is a better deal :)

2nd in command, Mommy!

I have not been updating on my diapercakes because I have been lazy .

Hehe. Yeah , no other reasons.

I miss putting my creative juices into practice though and I hope to do so very very soon.

Just some photos of the one I did for my cousin's handsome son :)

All the ingredients , plus abt 23 M-sized diapers

I love those shoes! A bit on the pricey side but I like its 'grunge' look.

Ready to go!

Hands and fingers are so itchy to make another one! :P

I would never take a Chrysler 300C cab again!

I have taken cabs from my workplace to the nearest MRT station many many times.

Regardless of which cab (companies) I happened to flag down , the fares were always almost the same - about $4.20 - $4.50. ... Mercedes, Maxi Cab , normal cabs ..... all those would cost about the same (initial fare $2.50 - $2.80).

A few days back, I was again waiting for a cab when a black taxi stopped in front me. I didn't notice anything unusual about that taxi except for its colour. Thinking that it didn't mean a thing, I went in.

To my absolute horror a few minutes later, I noticed that the flag-down price started at $5!!! Five dollars is a lot, especially when my usual fare is less than that. I asked the driver what company the cab was under and he said SMRT.

Hmmmm..... I had no one to blame but my ignorant self for not knowing this particular SMRT (they have other models) taxis charge so high!

Sorry for the blur picture, I was trying to read the fine prints. So it stated that the initial fare of $5 is inclusive of the first 1km, subsequently , passengers are charged at $0.30 for every 365 metres, or something like that. I forgot the exact figure for the every 30cents.

Well, I thought, then maybe it would not be so bad since fare was inclusive of the first kilometre and the journey was really a very short one. 

I kept looking at the meter throughout my journey and when I finally reached the MRT station, my final fare was $7.90!!!

Super crazy lah! 

THere is no way I am ever going to take this particular type again. I think this is daylight robbery !

I told my dad about it and he said it is the Chrysler 300C model and that whenever they are in a taxi queue, people would always skip and refuse to board them .

See? People know and I didn't ... so blame myself again! But hey , now I know and I would never ever be tricked again! 

Once painfully bitten , twice extremely shy. 

Trying out the kaftans....

Once in a while , I reminisce about the pre-marriage times when I could eat to my heart's content yet barely put on any weight. Those were really memorable days , and very much-missed.

Last weekend when I had to go for a wedding, I realised I had limited choices of baju kurung or kebaya to wear.

I could still fit in them but they are definitely not as comfortable or roomy as before.


I wouldn't say I am heavy-weight but an addition of 2 or 3 kilos since marriage obviously has an impact on the fitting of those clothes.

So when my parents mentioned they were going to Joo Chiat on MOnday, I immediately volunteered to follow! There would be some weddings to go to in the next few months so I'd better prepare early :)

Found this shop called MODA by Yasmin. 

Except for the obvious kebaya, the other two are called kaftans- to be worn loose with a tighter-fitted inner tube / tee.

I couldn't decide between thetwo kaftans so I got both. That took me a long time to decide though.

However, I chose other colours. For the middle design, I went for baby pink and the right one was maroon , both with silver trimmings. Sounds nice, yah? :P

What I liked about this newly-discovered place is that if you do not like any of the colours in the shop, you can choose from their colour chart for your favourite ....and they really have a lot of colours , at least forty!

 Since I am not tall, I had to do some adjustments to my baby pink one, and the lady was really nice and patient with me. I even wanted to bring the crystal 'centrepiece' slightly higher up the chest (yes, u can sort of customize it!) ... the best thing is these are all done at no extra cost! HOw cool is that!

And because I bought 2 more shawls and mum bought a square scarf , we got further discounts! Love discounts!

We have to come back another day though because we happened to like colours not available in the shop currently. Hehe....but it is alright to wait for good things :)

I hope they will turn out fine! And then I can stop feeling fat when I go for weddings.....

Our Sunnies!

One  common habit that we both share is our impulsiveness when it comes to shopping.

It has been proven time and again that when we see something we like, it doesn't take us long to decide to make a purchase. This happened frequently while planning our wedding 3 years back and it still sticks to us till now. You can say this is one of the things that binds us together :)

Last Saturday, while he was having his haircut at KIMAGE in Rivervale, I was loitering around on my own at Compass Point. I walked past a couple of opticians and thought of buying him a pair of sunglasses to replace his broken one. So I texted him to meet me there instead of just picking me up from the taxi stand. 

I brought him to The Men's Lens and we were looking at some of the Oakley shades on display. His eye caught the sight of this transparent frame with mirror-like lenses. We went in and he tried on a few pairs. Very easily , he stuck to the first choice.


This was on the next day. One thing  I like about this pair is the fact that the lenses are really like a mirror. Imagine how useful that is to me!

I was trying to capture a proper full shot of him but I failed. He was hurrying to the car  .. :(
But him being him , one was not enough. He decided to get another Oakley pair .... which , of course, he paid for it himself. My budget was only for a pair ! :P
His second pair of Oakley shades.

Again, me being me , I couldn't possibly just sit and watch him try pair after pair ...without doing so myself. I have been looking for red shades for quite some time. I tried on a few brands- Coach , Anna Sui, Elle.... and I finally settled on ......

Anna Sui PAPERBAG! LOL...I really love Anna Sui but the shades they had were all of their signature colour- purple. I wanted red. But the lady at the shop was very nice to give me this bag, knowing how much I love Anna Sui and butterflies!

What I really finally got was......

from Marc Jacobs!

I know it looks purplish here but under light /sunlight, both frames and lenses actually appear red.

Anyway , we are both extremely happy with our purchases .... I think it was one of the most satisfying impulse puchases ever ! (The other one was our shoe cabinet)

Now, we just have to make sure we go out on sunny days... heehee... it shouldn't be much of a problem now that the weather is getting hotter by the day!

Playing with Make-Up

I just had to try out the make up bought .

What better way is there than to wear them to a wedding?

I didn't know we had a wedding to attend today and this was all a bit of a rush.

Please don't die of shock ..... I know there's way a lot of room for improvement for my make-up skills but for 15mins, I thought this was ok to go! :P

On the eyes:
1) L'oreal Concealer
2) M.A.C StudioFix
3) Laneige Eyeshadows
4) Rhomlon ($7.90 from Chamelon!) Liquid Eyeliner
5) Maybelline Volume Express Mascara
6) Maybelline Unstoppable Pencil Eyeliner

I know I look a bit retarded here (which is why I cropped the photo...) , I just wanted to capture the colours on the eyelids. Hehe......
 On the rest of the face:
7) M.A.C blusher
8) Canmake Undereye Highlighter 
9) Z.A Collagen Lipstick

Just couldn't capture the best lightings since I was stuck in the car when snapping this...thus, u can't really see the colours. I know I look chubby.... :(

I am never good at camwhoring... I just don't know how to smile when there is no one to smile with. This explains my absolutely limited self-portraits.

It is quite fun to play dolling up ... one of my wishes was to be a make-up artist (DON'T LAUGH!). But a wish remains a wish for now...

A lady and her make-up.....

I seldom buy cosmetics because somehow, my shadows , blushers etc last for several several months. The only thing I would need to replenish are my 2-way-cake powder and liquid eyeliner.

But recently , the faithful Clinique eyeshadow palette and Victoria Secret blusher that I started using more than a year back (I am not one who consider their shelf-lives...hehe....) have shown huge signs of the need to be replaced.

So that's just what I did.

Fyi, I am not loyal to any particular brand.If I like the colour and it is affordable for the pocket, I would give it a shot.

My first purchase was the L'oreal eyeshadow palette in dusty pink/purple shades and Maybelline AngelFit Blusher in Watermelon.

 I have tried out the eyeshadows ...I would say they are alright . Colours stay on for quite some time but I would prefer if they were smoother and easier to pick up with the brushes. Mirror inside in teeny-weeny so for touch-ups outside, u gotta find a restroom or anywhere with mirrors.

I have not opened the packaging for the blusher though.. but it does promise radiant pearls  that diffuse light naturally. I like the sound of that as I have always preferred slightly sparkly blushers on the cheeks to muted ones... it brightens up the face!

Browns have always been and will always be my favourite shades. They are very easy to wear with anything and everything and look natural, thus, I use these colours pretty often. I was looking at DIOR and CHANEL pallettes but they are a bit too expensive for my comfort level - $90 for the former, $85 for the latter. ..
Walked around a bit more and finally settled on a $43 pallette from LANEIGE.

I tried this out yesterday. OOOOOOOooooohhhhhhh....... worth the money! The textures are smooth and colours easily glide on your eyelids. It is quite pigmented so just a bit on the brush will be more than enough...and I didn't have to touch up even after many hours! The colours are numbered so newbies would have no problem figuring out which colours come first. And yes, it comes with a mirror! :P

Although I swear by ZA two-way-cake as one of the best foundations in the market, I used to love M.A.C StudioFix. I have not used it for about 3 years now and decided to re-ignite my love for M.A.C... so here goes!

 (Psssttt...can u spot my pink-cased Galaxy S?)

Collect 6 MAC boxes and you will get one free lipstick!

 I opted for the Lightening and SPF-loaded foundation instead of the usual one. It costs a bit more but I trust M.A.C :) ..and for this one, you can purchase the refills for $60 each.

When I am surrounded by make-up , I lose myself occassionally. I forgot that I had bought the Maybelline blusher so I went ahead purchasing another one. Tsk..... But this one is really good, in my opinion. As advised by the promoter, just swipe your brush slightly over the blusher as the intensity of the colour is pretty great. That means, no need to top for the next ten years! hahhaa..... thing I love about buying new products is that they always give you free samples. I think this is a good way of making customers return, if they like what they try out. 

LANEIGE eye-gel and sunblock samples.

However, I am very much a heartlander and I'll never give up on my ZA foundation....although ZA could consider reducing the price  :P

SG is selling for $23.50 but look how much cheaper it is across the causeway! And this was before the 30% discount. I should have stocked it up!

And to end off my cosmetic shopping, I decided to try out these two....

I have not tried them out yet but I hope there will be no regrets :P 

I bought something else from M.A.C but I shall try it out first before I blog about it.


So this is how the rich live life.....

We went down to Marina Square this afternoon to look for a housewarming gift for my sister.

After walking down the lane of shops selling home decor and furnishings, we stepped into this particular shop that seemed to be selling pretty unique stuffs.

But oh my... at exorbitant prices to boot!

Look at those chandeliers! Nothing was below $1.5k
 As we browsed around, there were some that caught my eyes and I started pretending to be able to afford all.... Hehhee... Here are pictures of some of the things I like.

Pewter-silver carpet at abt $1000 for that size. Oklah... not so bad. Shall consider :P

This wall clock caught my eye immediately. Was suggesting to husby to get it for ourselves but he was not convinced if it will fit into our home concept. Never mind, too ex anyway . $700+

Decorative pieces for the coffee table @ $739 for both. I wonder if that includes the fake cherries?

I like this table lamp! You cannot really see it but there are a lot of blings in the middle of this masterpiece. $2646

Isn't this gorgeous?I can really imagine it near the corner of my TV console. $3531 . * faints *

LOve this!!!! The whole stem is actually made of crystals...imagine when it is being lighted up? I cannot remember the exact price but it was about $9k? *faints again*

This whole dinner table set costs a whopping $32 000!!! Wahhh.... I can renovate my whole house again with that money...

Guess what this beautiful $3000+ carriage is for? To store bottles! Cannot be wine bottles since those would be too big. Evian ? Haha.....

Seriously, I am sure this is nothing to the rich. They probably come in and buy 10 pieces in a blink.

As for me, I am satisfied with just admiring them..LOL..

We finally did settle on something from the shop ... a rather worthy buy. But cannot put the picture up yet in case my sister drops by :)

I hope she likes our choice...if she doesn't, she can always pass it back to us because we love it too!


Lunch at POPEYE's

After three days of  not controlling my food intake, one would expect me to be more relaxed and eat healthier food.

But no...I had to have another unhealthy meal for lunch... Couldn't take it lah! I was so craving for fried chicken, would you believe that?

 I had to make a new pair of glasses. Since I needed it them urgently, I opted for the 'express lenses'. While waiting, we made a delightful stop at POPEYE'S! YUmmmmsssssssssssss.....

Husby loves their buttermilk biscuit. But I AM IN LOVE with the mashed potato. I have no idea what herbs they put inside to make the sauce that goes with it but it is really delicious!!

I took a very long time just to finish a regular. Savour every moment...

Now...I am feeling rather bloated. Serve myself right for being such a glutton.

Dang it.

I'm back!

Home Sweet Home!

It has never been sweeter. Sure, I had fun.... but I couldn't stand the long journeys in the car.

Usually, it doesn't take that long to reach Alor Gajah or wherever else that we would want to head to but probably because it was the CNY hols, everywhere was packed ! We got caught in a few traffic jams along the way... butt pain!

But it was a good break, with even better company. I need to rush to prepare for work tomorrow so gotta keep the post short and sweet. Will update soon!


With all the news on flooding in Malaysia, I was a little worried.

But dad has checked with his friend over there and things seem we are setting off in 5 hours!

Yes, in the wee hours of the morning just to try to beat any traffic jam at the Causeway. Hopefully, there will not be any.

I will be back by Sunday .... before that , here's wishing all my Chinese friends and fellow bloggers a very Happy New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!