Oh gosh...

I am DROWNING in my markings. I have been marking everyday , non-stop whenever I have the time. In total, I had 194 essays to mark in a week!

Next Monday is the start of the mid-year exams so I have to finish everything to ensure that students can get back all their work this week.

It is a rather welcoming thought that exams start next week. One, I do not have to plan lessons or prepare any new work. BUT the marking marathon will start all over again.

I just received my marking load for the MYE. Nothing fantastic to talk about, really  :P

And the house is now in a mess because we doing some mini-renovations to it. So dusty! *cough cough*

At least, I have something to look forward to tomorrow - Romeo and Juliet! I hope it will be a good one.

So all students sitting for the mid year exams very soon, all the best! As for my fellow teachers, well.....  hope the markings won't kill :P



We have been wanting to catch Wicked ever since it touched down on Singapore land. But due to our horribly busy schedules, we only managed to catch it last Sunday at Marina Bay Sands theatre.

WICKED tells the untold story of the Witches of Oz. Long before Dorothy dropped in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. One, born with emerald green skin, is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. WICKED tells the story of how these two unlikely friends grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good.

We caught the 1:30pm show so it was quite a mad rush after the Zuhur prayers. So rushed that I was practically running from the carpark to the theatre in my pretty green skirt! Still a lil upset about that because I love my outfit for that day yet there was no time for a single picture...grrrrr....

But of course, nothing could have spoilt my day because the musical was really awesome to the max! I was already impressed by the stage setting when I stepped into the theatre.

Photo from TravelerFolio

Like other musicals, the stage designs change for every scene and I was really blown away by the whole set. It felt like I was in the World of Oz for the whole 3 - 4 hours. Amazing, amazing, amazing!

We had pretty good seats so I was able to see everything - movement , facial expressions etc - of the actors. They had wonderful vocals on top of the excellent acting skills. The dialogues were so witty and there were many surprises along the way that the audience were kept entertained throughout. Excellent script , that's for sure!

And here you have , the stars of the show....

At this moment, I think they are my favourites of all that I've watched all my life. (yes, a touch contender for Phantom of the Opera...)  And I would love to be in Glinda's role because she got to wear all the pretty dresses - at least 5! :P

This was my favourite scene - when Glinda was trying to give Elphaba  a makeover and giving her advice - her version. It was really cute and hilarious!

Everything was mesmerizing - from the acting, singing,dancing, props , lightings etc! It is definitely worth the money spent.

Wicked is still on till this Sunday so if you have no plans for the weekend, why not try out your luck at getting the tickets? However, do invest in good seats .... because I have heard that those seating at top levels could not really enjoy the show because they , more or less, just saw the tops of the people's heads :P

We are catching Romeo and Juliet next Friday - hopefully it will a great experience as well! :)


Disclaimer: Photography was not allowed so all photos were Google-d :)

Late post on BENDAHARA

[Continued from the 1st post on Bendahara here]

2 weeks have passed since the mega production where my 'kids' had a part to play in.

It was a first time for all of them to be involved in a performance so massive that I am sure it was something they will never forget.

It was definitely a good platform for the students to learn how things work backstage, the numerous rehearsals each performer has to go through before a show, the tears and joy shared with the whole team and sharpening their abilities to handle any last minute changes. All for the audience to enjoy a great performance.

I was already heavily involved in the performing arts since primary school (and all the way to JC - had to stop after that) so I understand how exhilirating and nerve-wrecking it is while waiting for their turn to go on stage. However, they were involved in just 2 scenes of the whole musical so there was a lot of waiting in between.

And kids being kids, they filled up the time monkey-ing around and taking pictures!

After a while, I got their bug and ended up joining them in the camwhoring moments  :P

They had to put up three shows and husby and I went for the last one , which was on Saturday evening. I felt like a mum to all 22 of them because I was just excited to see them perform, and was waiting in anticipation for their appearance on stage.

I have watched Sri Warisan's earlier productions the past years. Both husby and I feel that they have much to improve when it comes to script writing because there have been areas where the dialogues / movements just fell flat. Some parts also seemed draggy, as if there was a lack of ideas for the character. However, I would say this Bendahara production is the best one among all the other productions of theirs.

Their set designs were done by the very well-known Istana Budaya of Malaysia. I like all the designs for the various scenes.

And the students are still talking about the production - and harping on how much they miss the whole experience. Good! More to come, I hope :)

Ok, my outfit may look a bit funny but I actually like it ... haha ! It was meant to be a skirt but being the very petite me , I ended up wearing it as a dress . I had initially wanted to alter the length but I think now I shall keep it as it is.

With Raihanah.
Skirt/tube dress: KL Bazaar
Black turtleneck Inner: H &M
Belt: No idea :P
Bracelets: Cotton On
Flower Brooch: DIVA
Shawl: (UK)
Strappy Wedges: Pretty Fit
Bag: Kate SPade Nylon Mae
We didn't have dinner earlier so by the time everything ended, it was about 11pm and we were super famished. We decided to go to Teh Tarik Cafe Cartell at EAst Coast (24 hrs btw) and I actually ate egg prata at such a late hour! Gosh!

Shall end this post with a photo which husby snapped while the hungry wife smiled ...heheheh....

Watch spree! Wheeeeeee.............

It is no secret how I love shopping with my husband. I doubt there are many who enjoys the same privilege as I do but I declare that my best shopping buddy is my husby! (on hindsight, maybe not a rare thing to see anymore. I know a few guys who love to shop).

I love how we are each other's fashion consultant. At times when I am unsure if the shoes match the bag, or if my shawl goes with the skirt, he is always there to help out. Sometimes, he will make me try all so that he can see which one best fits , instead of just saying if one goes with the other. I have told him time and again how thankful I am to marry him :)

Another similarity besides our love for shoes is our love for watches!

There is a City Chain watch shop in Whitesands which we are really comfortable with. The sales people are very nice and more importantly, not pushy! I hate pushy salesmen/women - feel like kicking them sometimes! ANd this shop is always having some kind of promotion throughout the year , even for the newest models. The shop has been around for many years and we hope it is always there to stay . We have bought quite a number of watches there.

So what did we buy recently?

Or rather, what did he buy?

I like ALL of his choices! Especially the last one! Hehe.... I think he now needs to get just a white-coloured pair of watch because his only white watch from Mondoe is actually turning yellow!

(We went to Mondoe after reading reviews from Xiaxue last year. Perhaps we were the unlucky few but in my honest opinion, Mondoe sucks! I never wear the red one I bought from it anymore! So next look out will be for a red one).

Initially, he wanted to get me this Burberry watch that I have been eyeing. But recently, I made a big purchase so I didn't feel good about buying a $650 watch. Imagine the number of other things I can buy with $650!

But being the compassionate person he is ( heehee...) , he did still get me something. And I really like it :)

Well, the photo doesn't do it justice. This watch is a lovely shade of champagne gold, with a contrasting white rim and off-white face - plus diamantes on the face. Pretty!!!!!

Thank u , darling! Next one a red Gucci? LOL. Fat hope.

Well, do drop by that shop - it is just beside MAcDOnalds- if you ever need to purchase a watch. Highly recommended !

SInce I have just downloaded the photo collage app on my phone, I tried it on his watches...


Now I just cannot wait for my purchase from Reebonz to reach me. Hurry please!

He says the most lovely things...

You know how we always find toddlers cute and wish they will not grow up so fast?

THat applies to how I feel about my nephew. The best time actually was when he was before 3 ... but even now , I do sometimes wish he is always this adorable and cute.

The lil kid had HMFD the past few days and has been staying away from school for a week. I was really busy and did not have time to visit him at all. It was quite torturous actually ... I thought about him all the time and kept wondering how he was doing.

We finally managed to squeeze in some time and saw him on Monday evening. The feeling of joy upon seeing him was made even sweeter when he expressed his joy in seeing me as well! :P

He said something really sweet and heart-melting twice when I was there.

Scene 1
He was lying on his mattress in the living room..

Him: Mak Long, can u lie down beside me?
Me: Why do u want me to do that?
Him: Because..because.. I want to hug u.

He hugged me for a whole 3 minutes , arms around my shoulders while we lay down facing each other. It could have been longer but I needed to help prepare dinner. But sweet, isn't it?

Scene 2
He just finished going to the toilet and asked me to help put on his pants for him (usually he can do it on his own).

While I was putting his pants on him, he patted my head and said,
" Mak Long, Mustaqim rindu mak long tau." (Mak Long, I miss you , you know).

Touching or what????

He is 3 and already is a charmer. Sigh . Melt melt.


He is getting better and back to his chatty self. I like !

Something yellow....

I know I mentioned it before but not sure if it was on twitter or the blog.

I fell in love with this bright yellow bag when we were in KL a few weeks back and until now, I cannot stop thinking abt it .

It is crazy... I saw another orange one, a yellow PVC one .... but my thoughts keeps going back to that same bag.

And just now , husby gave me an ultimatum. I can get either the Burberry watch ($650) or that yellow bag. The ultimatum came today because he knows Reebonz has it (a slightly smaller version though) online now and I have to decide by tomorrow if I wanna get the bag at a good price.

Well, it wasn't a tough decision for me to make. The watch was more of a lustful 'want' and with that kind of price, I could easily get 4 DKNY / GUESS watches which are just as fashionable. But the bag is pure love . Hee hee...

So , yes, I just made the purchase....wee hoo hoo!

I cannot wait... Reebonz, please do not take your own sweet time ok? Must unite me with my love :P