P/S: Amazingly, my friends have been going to Butter Studio ever since I posted my review and photos on Instagram! It feels so good to share ! :P


Two weeks back, I took the nephew out.

I was not very sure where to take him though ... all I knew was that it had to be somewhere air-conditioned because the weather was freaking hot.

I did some googling job and found out that there's a new games arcade at Changi Airport Terminal 3 so that was where we ended up at.

I have always loved going to the airport.. I do not exactly know why. Perhaps it is because there are  many eateries there plus the fact that every single spot in the airport is extremely clean. I am sure many would agree if I say that we can even sleep in the toilets! :P No wonder Changi Airport is number one in the world.

Anyway, as we were walking around at the second basement looking for the arcade Zone X, I happened to notice a cupcake cafĂ© somewhere in a corner. I got more excited when I saw a Halal sign near the signboard!

There are many shops selling cupcakes in Singapore but not many are Halal - certified. Those that are, are usually home-based businesses. It is only natural then I got a teeny weeny bit excited... hehe...

Since all of us had not had any lunch yet , we decided to give BUTTER STUDIO a shot.

(I made a silly mistake of telling my mum it is called Butter Factory - the club. Oops)

The bottom left is the one nephew picked - just because of the rainbow design!

I was busy checking out the flavours of the day when the little boy brought my attention to the cute toppers available for the cupcakes.

These are edible toppers that you can purchase for a dollar each with any cupcake bought. I asked the nephew what he wanted and he immediately responded, " I'll go with my favourite giraffe!"

30 secs later, he asked, " Can I eat the giraffe?"

Heh... yes, all toppers are edible. They have quite a variety for selection , I would have chosen Cinderella but I did not get it eventually.

I decided on Marshmallow Chocolate, mum & dad shared their best-seller Red Velvet Cupcake while the boy went for something with a rainbow jelly on top. I think he did not even bother finding out the flavour (I think it was vanilla) - all he wanted was the colourful rainbow!

So these were ours!

The cupcakes are very reasonably-priced indeed. I cannot remember the exact figure but it was less than $4. I paid about $12.50 for the above three cupcakes + giraffe topper + a lemonade.

The first thing nephew did was to eat his giraffe. It was cute to see the excitement in his eyes as he ate up the limbs one by one. ...


I am no expert at cupcakes but it is difficult to like one, especially when most cupcakes I have tasted were rather dry and one has to depend on the topping / frosting to save the day. I did not have much of an expectation for this one although my choc marshmallow looked extremely tantalising in real life!

Fortunately it was! I love the marshmallows with the choc sauce and the cupcake was moist and chocolatey - just like how I'd liked mine to be :)  I had a couple of bites into the red velvet, it was good .

I did not get the chance to savour nephew's cupcake at all because someone was really hungry and finished everything up in a jiffy!

Well, I cannot say the cupcakes are the best around since I am no expert in this area. But they are definitely good enough for me to want to go there again.

I hope I can catch the husby to go on a cupcake afternoon date with me this weekend.

Since it is the haze period and being in the airport is being indoors, Butter Studio may be a good place for tea and some chit-chat session.

Location is at Changi Airport Terminal 3 ... just walked down the aisle, it is after the kopitiam. :)

The Bride who takes it off....

I love going for weddings, particularly those of my own Malay / Muslim community. They are rich in culture and often , very colourful and light-hearted.
I always look forward to the decorations, food, favours, colour scheme and of course, the bride. I enjoy taking the time to analyse everything and giving my two cents' worth to none other than my own husband.
Haha...I mean, who else will listen to my nonsense?
Most of the time, I am not so critical. Afterall, how extravagant the wedding is or how sumptuous the food spread is depends very much on the budget of the bride/groom. It has always been taught in our religion to give and spend only what you can afford - to always avoid unnecessary wastage and the act of showing off.
However, there are two types of brides that are kinda disturbing, in my humble opinion.
1) The bride who wears a hijab only during the solemnization.
True, Islam enforces us to cover our aurat (and that includes the hair) but I find it disturbing when a bride looks so decent and angelic during solemnization , only to bare it all during the lunch and / or dinner reception.
I am not an angel and there is very much in myself to improve. I also do not look down on anyone who does not don the hijab in their everyday lives (as much as it is compulsory, it is your own call...). However, I feel that it is a mockery of the religion when you cover up only during solemnization but ended up in tube dresses / gowns and translucent / skin-baring costumes immediately after that.
BUT this is not the worst! I mean , everyone goes through a learning phase and perhaps, no one else in the family feels the same way that I do and there is no one to tell her that it should not be done that way.
The one that takes the cake is this ....
2) The bride who usually dons the hijab but takes it all off during the wedding weekend.
Oh wow... hypocrite much?
I have seen some acquaintances (thank God they are not my own friends!) who don the hijab on a regular basis and then shocked the hell out of me when they went 'free hair' during their weddings.
Some went on to post up their photos on social platforms with their cleavages pouring out, shoulders bared and hair in all kinds of styles.
The next day when they went on their honeymoons, the hijab was suddenly back on. There are a couple of acquaintances I know who wore hijab on their honeymoon flights but when they touched down on foreign land , it came off again.
Seriously, what were they thinking?
Again , I stress that I do not judge people who do not put on the 'tudung' because ultimately, it comes from your heart, your faith .
But when you have decided to start wearing it yet, treat it like just any piece of cloth without understanding the real reason behind the act , then why bother?
Worse, when you take it on and off as and when you like it, aren't you mocking your own religion? Don't you feel any guilt? Embarrassment towards society and worse, your God?
I feel more angst towards Bride Type #2 than Type #1, anytime.
I pray that none of my loved ones will go that way. We are all probably still in the learning process of becoming better Muslims , albeit at different phases and stages. But this is something basic that I hope none of us will be guilty of, InsyaAllah.