I woke up with the worst headache I have ever had in my whole entire life!

I felt like there were hard, constant throbbings at 3 different points of my head. Nothing I did could alleviate the pain. I tried lying down , sitting up , crouching... whatever I could think of, nothing worked.

It felt slightly more bearable while husby was massaging the head but the minute he stopped, the throbbings continued. OMG. It really felt like the head was going to burst anytime !

I took some painkillers and willed myself to sleep in order to escape the pain (sounds like taking drugs, doesn't it?). It was tough falling asleep but I eventually did, and woke up only at 11am.

I dreaded going to the doctor because the weather was just too hot and I knew it would probably my headache worse. I ended up taking a cab to my family doctor (but it was closed so I went to another one)  just to avoid walking to the bus stop.

I have just woken up from a short nap. The pain is still there but slightly less. Please please go away soon.....I still have a lot of work to clear.

Ok lah ... I need to rest the head again. Bye!


It has always been our 'hobby' to check out new eating places.

Old Town White Coffee is not new though.... we have passed one of the branches so many times whenever we are at Whitesands and just a couple of months ago, husby was lamenting , " I don't understand why it is not Halal."

Well, fret no more because it is HALAL now!

I have been following @HalalSg on Twitter for a month now and I was excited to see on their timeline that OTWC is one of the few places that just received their Halal certifications. One more place for the tummy to indulge...yahoo!!!!

Since the announcement a few weeks back, we have been to the Whitesands outlet twice - once for tea and the other for breakfast, and the East Coast outlet once, for supper.

Plus point : The d├ęcor for both outlets are pretty simple , more of the 'old-school' look. I do like the very quaint and retro interiors - we both are suckers for anything old and retro :) And oh, there's aircon! A very important factor in our decision making ...heehee....

These were some of the dishes we had......

Love the colour of the cup and saucer....Hot dark chocolate. A little bitter but good *slurp*

I think this was his Hokkien mee , with soup.

I wanted the prawn noodles but wrote down my order number wrongly and got Nasi Lemak instead, for dinner! Oh, the FATSSSSSS....... but this was good. The sambal also came with squids (sambal sotong) which is quite rare for a standard  set of this dish outside. 

Sorry, I really cannot remember what this is! Hahahaha..... I think he had this when we had supper at East Coast.

Omega 3 Half-boiled eggs......sounds expensive? Honestly , I do not really care about the quality of eggs that I eat. To me, they all taste good just because they are eggs! Cheapo ones also can!

His Kaya Toast

I love this! The chicken is fine, nothing too fanciful but the breads are so so soft ....because they were freshly steamed! I would have asked for more bread if not for the eggs earlier.


Well, food is alright. Some are much better than the rest , of course. These are hawker fare so to pay so much for something you can get at normal hawker centres is definitely something to ponder over. Our latest breakfast there cost us $29.

But I am not complaining. I love hearing of new Halal places because that'll just be good news for my tum - tum :P

Penang Culture food next !

Mum's Day


What a letdown, #Dollz!

If you know me personally, you would know how much I love the shawls from Sahara Shawl.

I have lost count of how many I have because I just keep buying online since I do not really have the time to go down to their boutique. The shawls are pretty and of good quality, and that includes their line of clothing - always worth the price!

Recently I went to their boutique to get shawls and saw that they are now stocking up clothes from #Dollz collection. #Dollz, from what I gather on the Internet, is a collaboration by Norfasarie,a Suria artiste, and Fatimah Mohsin, a well-known local make-up artist.

I picked a sweet translucent yellow loose-fit blouse and asked for a new piece. The salesgirl said the clothes come in one piece only. Since I was in a hurry (ok, my fault here...), I just went ahead to pay for the blouse and my earlier chosen shawls without checking the blouse, like how I usually do when purchasing clothes. 

Only when I was in the cab to go home later, did I realise that there was a hole near the front pocket. It was quite significant, about 1.5cm in diameter. I thought of just sewing it back myself but my cousin highlighted that the material was quite thin and I might do more damage than good. 

Alright.... I called the boutique and they told me to return it within 7 days. 

I went down 5 days later , thinking that I would replace the blouse with a shawl (of the same price) since I remembered that there was no other tops that I liked. Imagine my surprise when the salesgirl for that day said that she would exchange it with a new piece! Hmmm..... I thought they come in only a piece for each design?

But never mind, I checked the new piece thoroughly and went home. 

I wore the blouse the next day to work.

It was exams day that day and all I did was invigilate in the hall and sit at my cubicle to mark. No stretching of arms , no vigorous movements - really just stood and sat.

Thus, imagine my horror when I met my mum after school and she said there was a gaping hole at the back of my already-very-loose blouse!!! 

See photos!!!

Thank god I had my tudung on .... but every now and then when the wind blew, it was there for all to see! Although I wore an inner tee, it was embarrassing all the same.

I did not know who to blame.... afterall, I checked the blouse before buying. However, mum did say that usually this material is not used to make clothes because it is so thin and will tear easily. Urrrrrgggghhhhh!!!

$39 gone just like that ! 

I am feeling disappointed and pissed off, at the moment. Both at #Dollz for choosing such poor/wrong quality for their clothes and myself for just being ignorant. 


OOTD - Saturday Outing!

It was a busy Saturday. 

I had the Big Spell Finals to attend, sister's Sizzle Faire and then look for a top and shawls at Arab Street. Thus, outfit had to be something presentable yet comfy enough to last me through the whole day and walking outdoors at Arab St.

Plus, a big bag to contain my notebook, camera, umbrella, etc.

Inner tee: Honey & Bee (sadly, it is no longer around)
Halter-neck Striped Peplum top: a small store in Tampines Mall 
Bottom: Black Jeggings from Uniqlo
Watch: GUESS
Shoes: Tory Burch leather Wedges
Bag: Large Quilted Tote from Marc Jacobs
Shawl: Full Bloom Floral from Adlinaanisselections.com
Bracelets: Louvisa