Online shoes shopping !

Ever since I got hold of my yellow MJ bag, I have been searching high and low for yellow shoes.
I wanted to get either a pair of flats or wedges for casual outings and another pair of heels for something more dressy/formal/suitable for work.

Since the trend on colour blocking is still going on, I had thought that I would have no problem finding such bright-coloured shoes.

I was SO WRONG! Nothing I saw was ever suitable. The yellow flats that I did find were more towards the dull shade of yellow - I wanted bright, bright, bright yellow! As for the heels, I did see a few but they were all mighty high , at least 4 inches to balance on.  That would be a piece of cake in my younger years... but sadly, I am getting older and can only tolerate a maximum of 3 inches of heels. The best definitely would be the fun-sized 2-inches kitten heels.

And thus, the online search began. I had no time to go to town and walk around to look for a yellow pair. Besides, my cousin recommended a few online websites that sell shoes AND are reliable. All the sites are based in the USA.

    Limited variety but almost everything on the site is really, really pretty.

    Here are some of my favourites.

But as you can see, all the shoes come with almost impractical heels. How does one even walk in that? Maybe it is manageable if I wear it to a dinner function whereby I can just sit down and not walk. I was out of the site within minutes.

Ooooohhh...... I like this site! Many different designs of all colours that you can possibly imagine.  
The only downside is that some of the shoes are not shipped outside of the USA so you need to read the fine prints on each photo. It was just my bad luck that the ones I picked out are only shipped within USA. Of course, I could use my Vpost US address for this transaction but again , as if it was fated, I could not find any yellow heels that were of manageable height there.

But I still have some favourites there that I will consider in future, in case I decide to go for sky-high heels again. Let me show you!

Ok, the list seems endless! But seriously, aren't they so pretty? I can almost drool at the thought of owning all of them :P

The seemingly-endless search for a pair of yellow heels finally paid off when I saw this pair of pumps on . I have been looking for this Aldo pair in Singapore since I last saw it online but I did not manage to locate it at all! I was pretty sad and was ready to give up... but hey, luck was obviously on my side.

I found the pair.

My cousin was the one who did the ordering for me...thank u , my dear!

And yesterday, the mail man knocked on the door and presented me with the long-awaited (ok, not that long) pair! Yeah!

TADAH!!!!! I like!!!!!

Well, the colour is slightly brighter than I'd like. But no sweat, I am sure it will be gorgeous when being paired up with my sunshine bag!

And I thought that would spell the end of the shoes shopping. Alas, I stumbled upon a pair of pink suede pumps on and ...well, you guessed it alright! I clicked to purchase! I am still waiting for it. I hope the shoes reach me in time for Raya.

I would say shopping for shoes online is rather interesting - all you have to do are to click, view and add to cart. But worry not! I will still contribute to the local shoes industry. Nothing beats trying out and prancing around in heels while checking own feet out in the mirrors :)


Back for 10 mins!

I hereby plead guilty for ignoring my blog and for not even bothering to think about what to blog. 

It has been such an arduous term 3, this year's being one of the toughest with my added workload. Not that I am not enjoying my work. On a sadistic note, I am enjoying what I have been doing but it has been really tiring and draining that I have almost zero energy left by the time it's time for dinner.

It doesn't help that it is the holy month of Ramadhan whereby I should be levelling up my number of deeds. It saddens me to think that we have already passed the mid-month mark of the fasting month yet, I do not feel that I have done enough. Time passes by too quickly that it scares me.

The recent week has been pretty crazy. I have no idea what made the school management decide on this arrangement but we had the EL paper for 'N' Level prelims, common tests for Sec 1 -3 and mock exams for Sec 4E/5NA all on the same day! It was never like this used to be a lil more spread out so that teachers do not get overwhelmed by the huge loads of markings to be done -  all at one go.

I have not been spared , of course.... so this is where I spent the whole of this weekend at...

My messy table

I know, you can hardly see the top of my table . This is just the one at home, mind you ..I have yet to show you my cubicle in the staff room. As you can see, I am doing my marking while surfing the Net as well. I have to do that if I want to get my markings done.

I use the laptop as a motivation. Mark five scripts, go to one website/check facebook/ read a blog for about 5 - 10 minutes. After that , back to the markings ...and I try to increase the number of scripts for each interval. That is the only way to keep me from falling asleep.

I have just finished one pile of 'N' Level essays. I wish it stops there but that's just wishful thinking on my part.

In that bag, there are 2 stacks of Mock Exam papers to be marked and in that folder, are the class testimonials that I have to edit by tonight. Everything else has been left in school because I did not want to be unrealistic by bringing everything back .

Even now, I very much doubt that I can finish whatever I brought home . So much for trying to be realistic!


Alright , my ten minutes is up. Back to work with my best friends for the weekend!

Buddies for the moment :P