Tunrned 27 yesterday. Oh gosh...so old ...approaching the big 30! And yet, amalan belum banyak to secure a place in heaven. MY birthday wish ? Happiness - dunia dan akhirat :)

Just wanna express my gratitude to :
1) Family - for that surprise mini celebration last Thursday. Paiseh betul... so many candles on the cake. What a direct reminder!

2) Ratnah - for dedicating yesterday's blog entry to me. U rawkkk, baby !

3) Friends n Students for their wishes

4) Obviously, to my significant other. 14 hrs of celebration straight!!!! Gosh.... How I wish the day never ended. Truly memorable, truly unforgettable ( u know, I know...) ....heheheh. I love you :)

Much Luv,
Fairy Queen
You know how couples get married and start to plan for their own crib? Along the way, they may decide to get a car... but the crazy us are getting a car, married and flat ALL at the same time ! CAn u imagine what a big damn hole this will burn in our pockets? Ok...I admit, it will definitely be more for him... but urrrrghhhh....money makes the world go round? Money gives me headache ah......the lack of it $$ , that's it.

Just got our cute miut little Suzuki Swift yesterday. Oklah ...must admit I was rather apprehensive initially about his choice of colour. BUt I think the colour kinda grows on me. I like it a lot already :P I retained my old plate number and I think a new car with an old plate looks pretty cool! hehhee...The only downside is I am not allowed to turn it into a toy factory like the old car --- whereby I had so many soft toys or cartoony things inside. LOL.

We went house hunting just now. KInda got good vibes abt one certain flat in Pasir Ris. We shall see how it goes... sellers are getting pretty ridiculous with their demands for the cash money . In fact, there was one agent whom my dad called up, who said that the owner is asking for $100K cash payment...What the hell...The walls are made of gold, is it? I hope things go well and we are able to settle down n decide soon ...

Hmmmm..I am suddenly feeling sleepy. I guess I shd go to bed .GOtta wake up early tmrw for bro's POP...woo hoo!!!!
i was bored ...so I actually edited frenster's profile. haha
I have just finished clearing , perhaps, 2 /5 of the 'rubbish' at my cubicle. Gosh! There was so much to clear away...I used p 4 huge bags ( u know, those big red bags) plus a box .... I have no idea how I stored all those stuffs .... well, at the moment, my table now looks like a table. THe table is NEAT.... hah....I haven't, however :

1) sorted out all those loose documents and worksheets. I need to file them. For now, I just put them in two piles - Eng, Math, others. I would do the filing another day .... cos I know I would prob take another half a day.

2) cleared the drawers. I dun dare to , today, for fear that I would come across some lizards, cobwebs or cockroaches. Yeah. It's THAT bad.

3) cleared the area UNDER the table. That place- I dun even know how to start!!!!! JUst looking at it scares me...that one...raja segala Cicak ada bertapa kat dalam. Hahhaha...... from a rough view, I can see 7 chapteh and 3 basketballs...wat else...they were confiscated during lessons!! I can also see a big radio box ( wonder if there is a radio inside ) , many many files with notes and worksheets, a mat ( HUH???) , empty files, a tripod (what the hell...this belonged to the ex-bf ..which means the tripod has been there for more than 2 yrs !!!!) ...plus many other nonsense

I just cannot imagine how the hell I am gonna pack my table come June next year....Rat n Ida...how the hell did u guys do it ???? Tell meeeeeee.......

I have 3 paper cuts on my right hand and one on my left hand. Sakit nak mampus lah......

On another note, I think my table looks less pink ....hmmmm....could the fiance's wish be coming true? For me to like pink less? But I dun think so lah...I still think it's the sweetest colour that can brighten me up any time, any day....

ok...dun know what else to talk abt. When the mood comes, I'll log in again. Ciao!
I woke up at nine today... that is such a blessing , looking at how my schedule had been the past 2 weeks. Totally no rest!!! So yesterday when my day finally ended at about 4 pm, I decided to go for facial at that oh-so-heavenly branch of Bioskin at Wheelocke Place. I still remember the first them I went there with Rat. We just couldn't find the shop as it was hidden within the mall.... I hope I can still get to go for facial with Rat in future ...hehehe...I definitely shall miss her... :(

Anyway, my house is crowded. Besides my new BIL , my grandma n cousin are staying here too.Grandma is not well and my cousin is here to 'teman' here as the house gets really empty and quiet on weekdays. Bro's home for the weekend so u can go ahead and imagine the crowd. Oh ...I am not complaining.... but I am just trying to get used to it. I am someone who appreciates personal space and quiet moments when I am home ( apa tak...everyday, see so many people at work)... sometimes, it gets a bit tough. Like yesterday. I was darn tired after work ... but we had visitors - aunts and uncles who came over to see my grandma. Close relatives so I couldn't possibly rot in my room.then cousin kept asking me so many questions ... Agian , not her fault. Just that I could really have done with some 'alone' moments in my room...and then just sleep....hehhee....

Fiance is like that too... I think I can imagine how in future, there would be times when we just won't talk even when in the same house..but after some sleep, we would be energetic and chatty again. :-P 3 more months to go... Yes, I wld honestly say I can't wait for that special day . At the same time, I am also nervous. I mean... 27 yrs on my own...within the comforts of my family ... now everything's gonna change - new man , new life, new house ( hopefully), new everything... now u can't blame me if I get a bit nervous or scared ...
It has been rather some time since I last blogged. Come to think of it, I think I always start my entry in the same manner... but truly, I have been busy. Sis' wedding is finally over, followed a whole string of workshops, retreats, courses etc etc. TOday is my first day since the supposed school hols that I should be taking a break....unfortunately, my dear HOD wants the work review in by today ... by hook or by crook... so oh well....

Just read Rat's blog. I am very happy that things seem much brighter for her in the new school. It definitely sounds very positive and I really hope , it remains as such ...
Words can kill.

I just simply hate it when people dun think before they speak .
I don't know how long or short this entry is going to be. My mood can be pretty erratic and it changes just as I type.

The school's extended programme is finally ending. Boy, am I glad! I do think that it is beneficial to some students but I feel that more can be improved to ensure every student benefits from me, including those who are less academically-inclined or less interested in studies. I just feel that there is no point in forcing information down their throats when they probably could benefit from some other forms of programmes.

Away from school stuffs, time really passes very fast. I finally have my own room after almost 27 yrs of my life! Hehee...As much I welcome and embrace this luxurious right, it also dawns upon me that my sis would be 'away' from me in a week's time. We had a lot of memories together , good and bad ones. Even the quarrels are actually worth remembering....hahhaaha...I would definitely not miss her messiness ( not that I am so much better but can do lah....) and her super-difficult-to-wake-up mornings for which I would get the scoldings. But otherwise, SIS, u will be missed. Although u wld just be next door , we know it won't be the same.

On a more cheerful note, I have 4 mths to go before my own wedding. Gosh, there are just too many things to be done and Sometimes , I get a bit nervous thinking abt the limited time that we have.I hope dad hurries up and we can start viewing the flats soon (ok...not really dad's fault. The HDB guy is not very efficient)... I know we want n we need a place of our own. For our own and others' sanity....knowing the kind of mood swings we possess and the kind of mess we create.... :-P we have decided that to save time, we can get the hantaran gifts as and when we are free and do not necessarily have to go together. Personally , I feel that it is quite a cool idea. I love surprises and I know I would be excited to surprise him and be in anticipation for what I would prob receive.LOL.... oklah.... enough of wedding stuffs...

I just Hugged Rat in sch...like 5 mins ago. I miss her lah. Due to our working schedules that clashed, we haven't seen each other and I just miss her kecohness, her nonsense ...oh well..I just miss her presence. I can actually get a little emotional when I think of the fact the she is leaving the school very very soon. I know I sound so emo and all but I am not the type who have a lot of friends. But when I do find one good friend, be rest assured that he / she will be totally appreciated.

OK..... back to work. Still a lot more to go before I can go home (can't wait! I dislike school more and more!)...ciao ...
ALL MARKINGS DONE!!!!!! Yahooooooo........
It was the Graduation Ceremony today.

It brought back such beautiful memories when I had the ceremony with my form class last year.

This, year, although I had no graduation class as my form class, I did feel rather emotional for my 4C. I have taught more than 3/4 of the class since Sec 2 ... and I truly , honestly enjoyed every single moment with them.. I fought for them when I didn't get to teach the class last year, I can never ever stay angry with them for more than a few minutes...and they knew it! Lessons were almost ALWAYS fun with them...and I never dread going for their lessons.

Besides this year's 4C, quite a number of students from the other Sec 4 classes were my form kids when they were in sec 2. That was one of my best form classes ever! I am gonna miss all of them so much.....

At the moment, there is no partuicular class which I feel a lot for ( mebe the current 2C ....it's always e 'C' classes!) but I guess, might as well...so that it would be too difficult to leave come mid 2008.

Anyway, pics would be up on multiply site soon. :-P

I love to store messages that I chanced upon when I visit student's blogs. Since this blog of mine is rather exclusive ( only a few pple know), the only intention of quoting the student's words is so as to remind me that...yes, a teacher does have an impact. HOpe it would motivate me ! :-)

From Lynn Wee (sec 2C):
Miss Haryani, I got closer to you during Mtamorphosis.
you are a great teacher ;D whenever I have questions, I dont mind asking you
cos I know you will help me (: hees, I love your table and I really miss the day when we went to the staffroom and have remedials and I sat under your table. please don't leave!
i need you for maths and many more ! thank you ;DD

Oh yes...I am here to clear some cobwebs which my blog has been collecting over the past few months. It was not that I was lazy to blog ..there were times when the fingers itched to update but then , I somehow could not put down my thoughts in words ... and would then just leave it as that .

Life's been pretty alright , alhamdulillah. Shit happens in school , of course , but I never let school stuffs bother me much anymore. I have learnt to leave sch issues behind once I step out of the school gate. . I honestly think this is a skill which one can only 'master' after a few years. I still remember what a 'wreck' I was in the few initial years in the service, whereby my free time were spent mostly on lesson preps and markings etc etc ... Now I have learnt to let loose a little.

I am home now though , to finish up e EOY markings n oral gradings (pardon the irony but this one no choice ) while my parents are out Hari raya-ing. They are distributing my sis' wedding cards as well. It struck me then that my sis would be getting married in a month's time. Yeah. How would it affect me? OH well...e future BIL would be moving in with my family which means I would / should be confined to my room more often than ever. No more bermudas/ tiny tees in the house, no more lepak-ing and sprawled in front of the TV... no more markings all over the living room. I am considering getting a TV for my own room but on the other hand, the fiance has a full TV set on his own ...then when we get married ( which is not so long from now), we would have two TVs....so like waste money like that....I think I will take quite some time getting used to having another new person in the house. NOt that I am not welcoming him , just that there are going to be a lot of adjustments , I supposed. I am already rather reserved as it is.

House hunting is starting . I can't wait :-p

As the year end approaches, I can't help but feel sad that Rat and Jali are leaving . I really am gonna miss them ever so much... Rat , wait for me ok...six months only....

Anyway, I ahve decided to do something to my multiply site. It is still rather plain but I guess there is where I am gonna store my photos (unless the lazy bug strikes) ....
I am wearing this old Tshirt of mine...I have always liked it becuase it is slightly loose...and I always felt that it was roomy, windy and comfy. BUT NOw it is fitting!!!!!, esp at my tummy and waist area...oh gosh....I'd better start exercising again...darnnn.....

I rotted (hmmm..is there such a word?) my whole Saturday at home!!!!! The fiance is busy this weekend and has no time to spare for me ( sob sob.... but forgiven lah.... i think I took up a lot of his time throughout the week anyway...)... It could have been a fruitful day , finishing off my markings and all....

But what did I do ?

I went for tuition in the morning....reached home, cooked and a bit of housewrk. After which , I sat my butt on the chair and watched a VCD ( a Malay one , some more!), read through my whole CLEO magazine in minute details ( that took up two hours ?), rolled on the bed and ate twisties...and when I decided to do a bit of marking at 5:45 pm, I was sleepy by then!.....so yeah...hopeless me had let a good day pass just like that....

One more day to Monday...I am NOT looking forward to it at all!!!!!!
It was definitely a weekend well-spent.

Dearie and I went to meet up with our deco consultant yesterday and I had a great time pouring out my ideas and fantasies....AT the end of the perhaps 2-hours session, my decor concept was quite clearly metted out and I am just so excited .Hahaha... it's just like weaving ur dreams into reality. WEeare gonna meet up with them again this coming Tuesday night to draw out his plan and concept because he wasn't mentally ready then :) But I think I know roughly what he has in mind so I am now secretly coming up with ideas for him . LOL .

We went for an early dinner and it was really great . He was in a very high mood ... he actually hummed/ sang ( since he didn't know all the lyrics by heart) two of our fav French songs after he had finished eating. Meanwhile, he cut up my steak into small pieces so that it would be easier for me to eat...how sweet right ? I was very touched lah ....

Today I went to Johor with my family ...after so many postponing of the plan. Didn't plan to buy much but I ended up buying quite a lot of things. I went to settle my cards ( don't worry Rat! I am still engaging ur services for 100 pcs), bought my material , ribbons, flowers for my hantaran sets (coincidentally, got brown butterflies!!! tak plan pun!) and my bunga rampai set. Saw this pretty ensemble of flowers for the bunga / pulut pahar but i am still a lil undecided so Left it at that. After that, it was just shopping for the rest of the family. GOsh... my family really had a lot of energy. I was pretty pancit by 5 pm ...and they were going on strong all the way until 8pm!I was pleading in my heart that we would go back asap.... and yeah ...was back home by 9:30...

I am not sure if I wanna go to sch tmrw... wish I dun have to... darn....

Got this from a student's blog :"Ms Denise Chan, Ms Haryani and Mdm Wendy Lee, the greatest drama people ever, thank you for the Starburst experience and being such passionate teachers."

Gosh...I miss Starburst!
Well ...nothing to say but I love u all...especially my ex-form class, 4C'06. You guys are super cool n suweeeeeetttttt okay.... thanks for making my day :)

Happy Teachers' Day to all.
Gosh ...it hd been a month since I last updated the blog. I have been just too busy to even log into blogger.

Starburst went by pretty much successfully. I am not going to write about it because there would be just too manythings and I could go on and on ...since I am still having withdrawal symptoms. Yes! I watched the dvd TWICE last evening although I had watched it b4 in school when I got bored doing work.

Life's pretty much the same. Work is the same. Nothing much to update there.

Life with the fiance? I would say , it has been cool. We managed to recee and decide on the bridal company last Friday and I hope I can settle the catering / decor stuffs with mummy by end of the week. I am pretty much excited about my room decor while brainstorming with mum yesterday. It'll be a surprise :-P.....to sum it up, it kinda hit me that I am getting married like real soon.... hahhaha.... I kow it sounds like very far from now...at 7 mths. But with work and all that, before we know it,the time would come. ..Flat-hunting is gonna start soon too... arrrghhhhhh, where got time to think of work ? hehehhee....

I am gonna miss Rat and Hassan when they move .... gawd....
Happily engaged... :)
The boyfren is sleeping and I think the best fren is too.

I just need to tell someone this so decided to blog it out.

I got accepted into Damai Sec!!!!

Woo hoo....It is a very nice surprise because during the interview ,I didn't think I did great. As in...I got the feeling that they enjoyed interviewing me ( hahahha.......) but there were times when I went blank with their questions and just tried my best to pull through. I did go home, telling myself not to hope for much.

Thus, it is a really wonderful surprise to open up my email and saw the note. I am supposed to respong asap so that they can call my principal and arrange my posting date.

Alhamdullillah..I really thank God for all this. Life seems to move pretty well lately. I hope I would not forget to thank Him daily.

However, I have not gone for the interview at Ngee Ann Sec as yet... I am not sureif I should go. If I go and I don't get accepted, then at least, still have Damai. But If I get acepted into NgeeAnn too, then I would have to make a decision. And I dun really fancy decision makings....

Must go consult my guru....

Totally not prepared for lessons tmrw . Ended drama practice at 7 just now...oh well... nothing new :-P. BUt I am sure I'll come up with something. As always...hahhaha ....
Just two more days before school reopens. And trust me, I am not looking forward to it at all.

There's a passage I received and I have attached it in today's entry. Go on and read it.

Have I ever said that I love my boyfren?

I know this sounds like super bimbotic but I love love love him many many. Hahahaha.....there's always this warning I get from some who say it is not good to declare one's love too openly. But it's not often that I do it lah.... Bing asked me why I love him.... I couldn't really answer her because there are too many reasons to list out .....hahahhaa..... ok...happy mood .

Which , by the way, is gonna be spoilt by the fact that I probably have to present the musical updates at the Staff retreat tmrw...and for a more obvious reason... sch is starting reaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll soon! Shiats.

Read the following extract from Rat's blog about out super exciting Sunday. .. :-)


posted by ratnah @ 8:13 AM

Yes, the title best summed up yesterday. We were speechless. It was unbelieveable, incredible and stupendously WOW!!

What would possibly be a night to remember turned out to be an UNFORGETABLE night indeed, for all concerned, especially for Fairy and moi. Whatever that could go wrong....WENT wrong. What more could 2 'kanchung spiders' teachers like us ask for.

D Day: 17 June 2007, Sunday.
Venue: Open field next to Tampines MRT
Event: Northeast Dance Festival 2007 - Dance competition.

Booboo number 1: How could I forget to buy the orchids for their hair?

Rectification?: Fortunately, the 'throw petals' which I bought from Little India contained some orchids which H could use.

Booboo number 2: The day before, Fairy had smsed me from KL asking me to buy gold crepe paper, those which they use for 'bunga manggars' during the Malay wedding festivity. It was actually a request from the dance instructress. (H, next time sms or call me direct can? Kecian Fairy...jauh2 dari KL smsed and called me). So, I, being the newly-appointed-Malay-dance-inexperienced-teacher-in-charge went to Popular Bookstore to look for the gold paper. I recalled during my bro's wedding, I had helped my mum do up the 'bunga manggars' using this particular gold and shiny-ish wrapping paper of sorts.

H actually meant the ready made frilly shiny-gold paper found in shops selling party stuff. Yeah, so there, I bought the correct shiny-gold paper, only not ready made. We had no time to go and cut them accordingly to size with its frills and all and stick them around the tambourine. (It was supposed to be wrapped around the tambourines we're using to contain the flower petals for the girls to 'throw around' while they dance).

Rectification for booboo number 2: H came up with the brilliant idea to cover the tambourine with 'bengkungs' which were nicely packed in a ziplog bag. She saw the 'bengkungs' while she was doing the girls' hair. (I tell you, H is one versatile woman! Mata kemana2 cari barang and idea to cover those tambourines). So I helped with the 'artistic' part which was to wrap the gold cloth nicely around the tambourine. Done!

Booboo number 3: The bus was booked early-early. In fact, I booked the bus on Friday, 2 days before the actual day. As per normal practice, I filled up the form accordingly, checked and rechecked the time, date and venue and handed the completed form for the office people to fax and confirm the booking. But...sadly, that was not meant to be.

We waited until about 6.15 and still there wasn't even a shadow of the bus' exhaust pipe. I had a funny feeling in my gut and true enough, when I called the bus company, they said they didn't receive any booking at all. Damn!

I called the 'office people', but my call was unanswered. I was pretty sure it was out of guilt.

Rectification for booboo number 3: By then, Fairy had decided not to wait and we sent the girls to take 2 cabs while Fairy drove the intructress, her makeup artist, an ex-student and myself to the venue.

Booboo number 4: We lingered on the field while waiting for our turn. I couldn't believe we did that when we would have all the TIME in the world to do something...which yall will know later.
The organiser informed us that our item would be at 7.50 pm. It would be after River Valley High's performance which was after the arrival of the Guest-of-Honour. So, Fairy and I, like 2 excited teachers that we were (are) plonked ourselves in the middle of the field with the rest of the audience to have a better view and capture the girls' performance on video (courtesy of Azura).
Our turn came, I switched on the vid-cam. The girls had readied themselves at the sides of the stage, waiting for the music and start the dance on cue. When, suddenly, we heard the all too familiar voice of Zubir Abdullah booming over...WHA...WHA!!!! Aaahhhh!!!! My head was spinning and my first instinct was to run to the audio engineers and signalled to them frantically to cut the music coz IT WAS THE WRONG ONE!!!
I so wished that somehow, some sort of miracle would happen at that PRECISE moment, like the CD suddenly containing the CORRECT MUSIC! Or, miracalously, the CORRECT CD was in my handbag. But it wasn't gonna be that simple....

We panicked, yes, we did...Our next instinct was to get hold of the CD ASAP and hoped that they would delay our performance to the last item. Thing is, the CD was in school!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

The taxi queue was longer than an Anaconda (I exaggerate) and I couldn't book the cab coz the line was busy! Fairy and I decided that if she had no time to get the car and I got on the cab sooner than she got to her car, I would go first. However, I had to call Fairy to fetch me as there was no way I'm gonna get a cab and be on time!

So Fairy, drove like an F1 racer. I was all along telling her to calm down, to relax and to take it easy. It was easier said than done. Yes Fairy, I swear I was praying for my life (and yours) as you were driving and beat the ..... *ehem-ehem*.

We had promised Kaiming we would be back by 8.45 tops and so we were (no, Fairy was) really racing against time and those stoopid red lights!!!

Rectification for this really fucked-up nite: The girls danced. Without us around, while Fairy like a speed demon, driving and rushing like hell so that they could dance with the correct music, the real dance for the competition that is. The Thai Dance that they had practised so hard and the last thing we wanted was to break the girls' heart if they fail to dance the dance at all...Our hope dashed when H called and told me that the girls had used the SYF music and improvised the dance, and they were dancing as we spoke. Fairy was devastated and so was I.


Allah is Great, Allah is Almighty, praise be upon Him. When I arrived at the field, holding the no-longer-needed-correct-CD, they were already announcing the consolation prizes and I was pretty sure we'd be in that category what with the big mess-up and all. As I stood there nearly crying, they asked the top 3 contestants to go up the stage and I saw our girls went up. I felt a sense of excitement as I bulldozed my way through the crowd with the vid-cam in my hands. As the girls stood with the other 2 groups, I somehow knew that the girls would clinched the Championship as they were so resplendent and poised in their costume up there.
When they announced the winner, it was pure ECSTACY!

We won...yes we did...against all odds we won. Danced with the wrong song and we won!

H hugged me. I've never felt so close to her like that before. Fairy was just...dumbstrucked. She was speechless. It was ecstatic! It wasn't a grand competition per se, but the girls deserve the win. They were professional and kept their cool under pressure. They were poised and confident. Although we didn't watch their competitive performance, the encore was enough to tell me that they deserve the win.

Well done girls! We couldn't be more proud! We really are!
Many things to be updated. But shall just touch and go on a few... time constraint!

Firstly, I am so glad that Rat is back in sch. I missed her so much lah dey...hehehe.... It's good to have her back and to have someone to go lunch with and all. Ya lah... pathetic me dun have many frens. Acquaintances memang berlambakkkkk..

Went to NYP to check out their auditorium. It's huge, obviously. But wat scares me was the stage and how the hell we're gonna do it up. Normally at such places, set designers would be employed to do up the backdrop and all...but ours would be just DIY. Yeah. Wat's new...given the little budget that we have. .... I am a lil scared because it's like I am heading the musical... and what if it turns out less than expected? Sigh.... it freaks me out big time ah ....I just hope It will all be alright....

Managed to meet up wit the bf ...FINALLY. after 2 weeks... hehehe.... But honestly , I never really felt that apart from him even when we did not meet up. I guess his sms-es and constant reassurances helped. I do feel that , at this moment, our rship is pretty much stable... unlike the fisrt 5 mths ( beofer the break - up ) that we were togther. Then, I had bouts of insecurities and was always wondering abt the many "what-if"s?...I still get a lil cheesed off when mum asks abt when we are getting married and all... saying that I am not getting younger and all. Duhhhh.... i know best how old I am, literally and figuritively...BUt I am happy . Not that we are plannign..we are... but there is really no need to rush , u know. It will happen when the time comes, Insya'Allah. I dun see the point of rushing into one and then every now and then , u face problems becos of personality clashes, overstressed over the rship and all. Seen it happening around me.... So I believe, let nature takes its course. We are happy. And will be even happier when that time finally comes :)

Ok...time for breakfast.... I am on a workout spree... been working out like no one's business...heheh...

There is this Chinese drama at nine pm -- Mars vs Venus. I know alot of my friends and even the bf follow the series. Basically , it is about the differences btwn men and women, marriage, deceit and the works.

I need to pen down my thoughts as I have been quite disturbed by the last two episodes. It clearly showed how manipulative women can be and how determined they are in getting what they want, regardless of the consequences. Tat can actually be an advantage, I suppose, if women play up their assets ( I dun mean physically ) ,however, when it is at the expense of others, they end up portraying themselves as selfish bitches.

The episodes also show how vulnerable men can be when exposed to seductive objects. Really. We all know how weak men are in that area. Dun get me wrong . Sometimes, it is not 100% the men's fault. I have to admit that we women can be just as bad ...just that it totally freaked me out. ..To see how a marriage / relatonship can crumble just like that.

I actually cried during the last part of today's episode because I felt so much for the wife's plight. Perhaps, i could relate to it in one way or another. ...

I have talked to my bf before about how I get cynical about relationships and all because I know that even if we dun want and prevent such things from happening, sometimes, things just happen. Without much rhyme or reason. And when they happen, all we can do is wonder and keep wondering why. I told him too that as much as I want to have someone by my side , I do shudder at the idea of a marriage turning bad. He told me that that is not a healthy thought and we should believe and trust our partners, and God to protect us.

I guess I just get too paranoid sometimes.... even now. I hope God protects me and my loved ones.

Let there just be love...
First n foremost, congrats to my fren Rat for passing her driving... 10 points seh!!! not bad baby.... hahahah....pls get well soon and come back to sch. I got no fren !!!

This made my day at work so much more bearable. Thank u honey.

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Much Loved.