I don't know how long or short this entry is going to be. My mood can be pretty erratic and it changes just as I type.

The school's extended programme is finally ending. Boy, am I glad! I do think that it is beneficial to some students but I feel that more can be improved to ensure every student benefits from me, including those who are less academically-inclined or less interested in studies. I just feel that there is no point in forcing information down their throats when they probably could benefit from some other forms of programmes.

Away from school stuffs, time really passes very fast. I finally have my own room after almost 27 yrs of my life! Hehee...As much I welcome and embrace this luxurious right, it also dawns upon me that my sis would be 'away' from me in a week's time. We had a lot of memories together , good and bad ones. Even the quarrels are actually worth remembering....hahhaaha...I would definitely not miss her messiness ( not that I am so much better but can do lah....) and her super-difficult-to-wake-up mornings for which I would get the scoldings. But otherwise, SIS, u will be missed. Although u wld just be next door , we know it won't be the same.

On a more cheerful note, I have 4 mths to go before my own wedding. Gosh, there are just too many things to be done and Sometimes , I get a bit nervous thinking abt the limited time that we have.I hope dad hurries up and we can start viewing the flats soon (ok...not really dad's fault. The HDB guy is not very efficient)... I know we want n we need a place of our own. For our own and others' sanity....knowing the kind of mood swings we possess and the kind of mess we create.... :-P we have decided that to save time, we can get the hantaran gifts as and when we are free and do not necessarily have to go together. Personally , I feel that it is quite a cool idea. I love surprises and I know I would be excited to surprise him and be in anticipation for what I would prob receive.LOL.... oklah.... enough of wedding stuffs...

I just Hugged Rat in sch...like 5 mins ago. I miss her lah. Due to our working schedules that clashed, we haven't seen each other and I just miss her kecohness, her nonsense ...oh well..I just miss her presence. I can actually get a little emotional when I think of the fact the she is leaving the school very very soon. I know I sound so emo and all but I am not the type who have a lot of friends. But when I do find one good friend, be rest assured that he / she will be totally appreciated.

OK..... back to work. Still a lot more to go before I can go home (can't wait! I dislike school more and more!)...ciao ...