Tunrned 27 yesterday. Oh gosh...so old ...approaching the big 30! And yet, amalan belum banyak to secure a place in heaven. MY birthday wish ? Happiness - dunia dan akhirat :)

Just wanna express my gratitude to :
1) Family - for that surprise mini celebration last Thursday. Paiseh betul... so many candles on the cake. What a direct reminder!

2) Ratnah - for dedicating yesterday's blog entry to me. U rawkkk, baby !

3) Friends n Students for their wishes

4) Obviously, to my significant other. 14 hrs of celebration straight!!!! Gosh.... How I wish the day never ended. Truly memorable, truly unforgettable ( u know, I know...) ....heheheh. I love you :)

Much Luv,
Fairy Queen